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March 2005 Due Dates - Week of July 5

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Just thought I'd start this weeks thread!

How was everyone's weekend? Ours was pretty good, we spent yesterday evening with my parents, doing a cook out and some fireworks. It was fun, but I think next year will be more fun.

Today the sleepies have set in. I am SO TIRED. Dh is off work today, so I even got to sleep until 10:30, but it's already 1, and I'm ready for a nap!!!

What are your plans for this week?

ETA : does anyone want to name our weekly thread? On one of my boards we have a weekly thread with no set topics, we call it The Vortex (because once you start posting there you can't seem to stop, it generates something like 500 posts a week)

But anyway, was just wondering if anyone had a cute name or two and we can vote on it!

K, that was it.
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We had a busy weekend. I cant wait until friday when escrow closes soI can be done with moving and packing Alls I want to do is sleep too, but with my 2 yo and 5 yo and escrow closing getting closer it aint happening. I soooooo hope the nausea doesnt kick in next week like it has my last 2 pregnancies.
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May I join? I just found out today that I'm pregnant with my second, I'm estimating that I'm due 3/15. Wow. We tried exactly ONCE (both last time and this!) so I am in a little bit of shock.

This will be a VBAC so I have some worries and issues with that. If anyone else is going through the same thing I would love to talk about it. Waffling about having an HBAC, but I SO DO NOT want to be in a labor & delivery ward in NYC. I'm also a labor support doula and cbe so I know that scene here, and it ain't pretty.
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Welcome CityGirl!

I'm planning a VBAC as well but we just moved to a very isolated area -- over an hour from a decent hospital, 45 minutes from a mediocre one. I think my dream of an HBAC is over -- I don't think my husband would agree. Of course, my fantasy of an unassisted birth is that much more likely now. LOL.

DoulaMommy -- I like the idea of a thread name. I just don't have any good ones. OK. I will dedicate a one-minute brainstorm. Look out:

Ass over tea kettle during the week of ....

OK, I did a free thought kind of thing, came up with a whole lot of garbage I erased.

I'm working on a report and need to get back to it. My husband has my son on an all-day outing, so this is my chance.
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Originally Posted by Gale Force
Welcome CityGirl!

I'm planning a VBAC as well but we just moved to a very isolated area -- over an hour from a decent hospital, 45 minutes from a mediocre one. I think my dream of an HBAC is over -- I don't think my husband would agree. Of course, my fantasy of an unassisted birth is that much more likely now. LOL.
Wow--so what are you going to do? The decent hospital an hour away?

There are some VBAC-"friendly" hospitals in the city, but I just flat out don't want to birth in a hospital room. If one of the birthing centers would take me I'd probably do that, but no VBACs for birth centers . Sigh.

I do love the homebirth midwife options I have here, but I dont' so much love the idea of birthing in my teeny, tiny apartment with mediocre soundproofing and a tiny tub.
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Hey ladies! We had a really nice 4th. Our little base here had a pretty good festival, I was really impressed with the fireworks display considering how small we are here. It was very nice. The kids loved the fireworks! DS (almost 2) kept saying "WOW! Where'd it go? THere it is! WOW!" LOL Every time there was a little break between bursts! LOL There was even a little parade! It poored throughout the parade but at least it wasn't roasting! We were all totally wiped out. It was wonderful to be able to just walk home and not have to battle traffic as is usually the case.

My folks arrive for Koen's Birthday visit first thing Wed morning. So tomorrow is mass clean day. lol Gosh I hope I can pull together enough energy to get eveything done! I hate waiting until the last minute but I've been so wiped out... lol they'll understand when they get here. Can't wait to see their reaction! I'm an only child so they have no clue what it's like to raise a 'large' family. LOL I get the feeling they might be a bit ovewhelmed with 3 grandbabies... But they sure LOVE to spoil the 2 grandbabies they've got already! I know they'll be thrilled. Please note the " " on that large cause any family with more than 1 child is large to them! :LOL Fortunately dh is off tomorrow! Puttin that man to work!

I really need to get these orders processed and get to sleep... can I just go to sleep now? lol

Welcome CityGirl and congrats!

Doula- glad you had a good weekend and I hear ya on the sleepies! I'm glad you got to sleep in! The creative part of my brain is officially on vacation, but I like the idea of a name... lol I know, lotta help I am!

Heather- Hope this next week goes by quick for you! Just think, less then a week and it'll be done!

GaleForce- Good luck with your report. I actually signed up for another course but am already dreading it... I've been taking classes at the uof phoenix online. THey're accelerated courses that only last 5 weeks... 5 very intense weeks on top of caring for a 3 and almost 2 yr old and oh yeah, running my business... and now I'm knocked out exhausted cause I'm knocked up! LMBO Maybe I'll post pone that class... lol

Ok, must stop rambling... must work.... zzzzzzzzz
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CityGirl- Don't know what you can do about the lack of sound proofing but there are big tubs/pools you can rent for just such occasions.
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Welcome CityGirl!My friend did a VBAC in Seattle a few years ago and then had an unassisted birth last year.She did wonderfully,both waterbirths.She said there was a great website for VBAC's and a lot of cities usually have support groups of some sort.

I'm still feeling tired and yucky.But no puking.We are going to Big Sur tomorrow to go camping.We will be back next week.Next Thurs is my U/S so i am excited about that!

Thread names~Pooh's Corner
Cloud Nine

That's all for now,see you next week!
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I'm only 6 weeks,and i was nearly flat bellied before this pregnancy!
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My plans for this week are to return home (after a full month abroad), tell dh I'm preggo, do some laundry (you can't imagine how I'm looking forward to that), and eat some American food! I'm really not the biggest flag waiver, but if I heard the national anthem right now I'd probably break down in tears!!

Ravenmoon - not fair. But - and I really hate to say this - it does make me feel a little better. I'm so afraid that dh, after not seeing me for a month, will immediately know when he picks me up at the airport. That or he'll start making jokes that I should really lay off the bratwurst.
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ravenmoon - maybe not "fair" but absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!! I love beautiful belly pics!!! thanks for sharing.......
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Wow Ravenmoon, with those beta levels and that belly, I'd really be thinking multiples!
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I second that fiercelove! Preggo bellies are so beautiful! lol Maybe I better go take a better look in the mirror, not fat, pregnant. LOL

My appointment with the perinatalogist has been scheduled for the 15th. Evidently they only do clinics there twice a week and that was the soonest. The peri said it would be fine to wait another week to start the lovenox, as long as I'm on aspirin so I'm gonna relax about it as best I can. :-) My folks don't leave till the 14th so this next week should fly!
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Alright! Well ok, so I tried to pass off naming the thread to someone else. My brains creativity center has been shut down for 2 weeks now. I am helping to organize a birth network, and well, it sucked me dry, and because of the pregnancy, I can't seem to make it back up again! lol I'll work on some names...

Raven : LOVE the belly shot! I'm actually a bit jealous. My jeans and other buttoned pants don't fit as nicely as they used to (I'd lost about 30-40 lbs in the last year, so some stuff was loose on me) and now they are a bit tight. Looks great! I can't wait until I can post a belly shot, and it not look like flab!

Finn- where are ya'll stationed? I wish we'd had fireworks on base the 2 years we were there. But we did have a kick ass air show! Ds was about 6 months old, slept through most of it, including the jets. Amazing.

City- Can you make your apartment seem more spacious by moving furniture around? If you can do that, then you may feel comfortable birthing there. Screw the neighbors! lol My house isn't all that big, and yet somehow we're pulling this homebirth off (keeping my fingers crossed) we have 2 full bathrooms, but my kids bathroom is like twice the size of mine and dh's, so if I use the tub, I'll have to use that one.

Well, I like the name Encore, but if we use that we should wait until there are no more March EDD's incase it's someone's first. Not that we'll make everyone happy with a name, but hey! We'll figure something out.

I feel so bad for my son. He was probably awake at 7 am, and I didn't hear him. Dh ususally shuts the door to our room, and I still hear Jack by 7:30. I may stay in bed until 8:30, but hey at leats I can hear that he's playing and doesn't need me right. Well, now dh shuts the door and I hear NOTHING, I finally wake up and it's 10 minutes to NOON!! OMG my poor baby. SO I take caution getting out of bed, eat a cracker, drink some water, rise slowly, go pee.....go in Jack's room. Child has played so hard, he's asleep again. So I let him sleep for another 20 mintues, because we have to go grocery shopping later, and I want him to wake up and eat something, which can take him nearly an hour!

I guess dh needs to leave the door open. POOR BABY! I always feel so bad about that, I've totally thrown off his day, and I don't want him to think I didn't want to get him out. Hopefully tomorrow I'll hear him, and I'll set my alarm (music) to turn on at 8 or so. He'll be ok, right?
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Doula- We're stationed at Naval Surface Warfare Command and Space Comm Dahlgren, VA. Sheesh, long enough name for such a tiny base! :LOL We're about an hour and half south of DC. Don't beat yourself up about your cutie playing in his crib! It happens, at least he was safe and playing!

Heather- Hang in there! Get a list of OBs that are approved by your insurance and just start calling. There will surely be at least 1 who is will to work WITH you and listen to you! And you've got 8 months to find one! Best of luck!
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Hi ladies! Wow, Ravenmoon! I concur that your belly is beautiful!!!
What were your hcg levels last you checked anyway? I ask because I just found out mine were 146,000 last Thursday. My m/w also says according to the size of my uterus that I'm a bit farther along than I thought (like going on 8 weeks!I may be in the wrong due date club!).

Do you ladies calculate how far along you are by date of conception or date of lmp? My cycles are 6 weeks long, so it's not really accurate to go by my lmp...but I'm thinking heck, I'll take those 2 extra weeks anyway! I could use 2 less weeks of worrying.

Heather -- so glad you're okay. I got stung by a jellyfish over the weekend and of course the first thing I think is "Is the baby okay?"

Doulamommy --- thanks for starting the new thread. My creative juices are laying dormant this pregnancy..so I can't think of a clever name at the moment.

Finnsmama -- hope you're doing well and relaxing.

Kyle98-- I HATE moving! I can't imagine having to do it while pregnant. I'll be relieved for you when it's over.

Hi and to Fiercelove, Galeforce, Citygirl and Cholderby.
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CityGirl -- I'm going with the hospital over an hour away. Last I checked they still allowed VBACs, but the trend in this area is not good. I'll file a suit if I have to, but I hope it doesn't come to that.

Ravenmoon -- yep, twins can take up some space. I've lost my waist at 5 1/2 weeks -- last pregnancy I didn't even look pg at 5 months.

I'm still working on a report today, but luckily it's not the school kind, but the for-pay kind. I've done enough school for 1,000 lifetimes. Best of luck to you ladies juggling school and family, I never had to juggle quite that much.
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Ok...I'm ready to jump in!! I tested positive on Sat. the 3rd and estimate my due date around the middle of March...15th or so. I was in shock for a couple of days....lol....but it has sunk in now and I'm very excited. DH is great...he is the one who was hesitant about a second baby and he is so excited!! DD is almost 19 months and this is a little sooner than I "planned" but not too too much.
I am planning a VBAC but don't have my first midwife appt. until the 20th. When I had a c-section with DD (she was breech ) my midwives were very encouraging about a VBAC "next time".
So far I have only told the midwives and my yoga instructor...everyone else can wait for a while...I like having a secret
Gotta go for now...DH and DD just came in and Mommy is needed!! LOL
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Due Dates

Just wondering what everyones EDD is.

I'm due the first week of March, but I'm going to hold out for March 4th.

And, this is baby #2, pregnancy #3. baby #1 is Jack, he will be 3 in September.
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