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When did/will you have your first prenatal visit?

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Just curious. I'm only four weeks and not sure when to start calling around to the hb midwives for a visit. It's so funny--with my first pregnancy at two weeks I was chomping at the bit to get in to see the pros, now I could really care less! Prenatal care? Who needs it?
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Hey, you just replied to my thread! I'm so glad to heard you say that, I've been feeling the same way -- though I am rather anxious about starting to *interview* midwives (vs. peeing into a cup for them :-)). My dd was born with a wonderful midwife at Allen Pavilion, which has since stopped letting midwives deliver there. I think she's at St. Luke's Roosevelt now. But though she was great, my hospital experience was not that great. (It featured, for example, my family's spending an hour at 10 pm arguing with the pediatrician on call, who kept asking why I was in such a hurry to leave and refused to clear dd to go bec. she -- a 12-hour-old breastfed baby wearing a disposible diaper -- apparently hadn't "voided" yet.) Also, I kept thinking afterwards about what could have happened if things had gone slightly differently. For example, if dd had waited another week to be born I believe my midwife's hospital agreement would have required routine induction. And I wonder now, why did she tell me to get into a pushing position and start pushing as soon as I had reached 10 cm dilation (which, given that I felt no urge to push and actually lost the feeing of contractions was exhausting and probably caused an unnecessary -- though tiny -- tear)? How long after that point would she have been required to consider dd "stuck"? I am a little nervous about whether even homebirth will be a solution to these problems, here in NY. I wonder if the licensure regulations and required transfer agreements would permit meaningful freedom from these background threats.

So on the one hand, like you mention, my feelings about this pregnancy are very different from the last. More inner-directed, I have become much more able to read my subjective physical indicators since dd's birth. Yet I feel like I am teetering on the edge of the cliff of really trusting myself. I am trusting myself, with physician backup. :-) Now when I look at the midwife options, I am very sensitive to the way many otherwise good midwives, birth centers, etc. undermine this trust.

Wow, you probably weren't anticipating hearing the story of my life when you started this thread, were you? Um, hi everyone, I'm Erin, and I'm due in March.
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Was your midwife at Allen Pavilion Sylvie Blaustein, by any chance? I've been at births with her at Roosevelt--she's good, but she is fairly interventive. Things like encouraging you to push the minute you reach full dilation are pretty commonplace, even with midwives--although not so much with *homebirth* midwives, is my impression. The hb midwives are required to put you on much less of a clock.

Where in NYC do you live, Erin?
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I'm not sure. I am toying with the idea of having a homebirth. There is only one midwife who does homebirths in my area, so I think I am going to call her to schedule a meeting. Otherwise I will schedule an appointment with my OB/GYN who I like and trust. She delivered both of my boys and was good about discussing and following my birth plan (no meds offered, etc.). My hospital experiences were both good, so I may go that same route again.

I will probably call to make an appointment next week. I am feeling nausea enough that I am not worried about whether the pregnancy is progressing.
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I'm planning on having an unassisted pregnancy. I might go to the dr to get an ultrasound, since I worry about placenta position as someone wanting a VBAC, but I can't think of any other reason to see someone, for me.
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I'm sitting here wondering the same thing.
This will be my third pregnancy and I'm thinking who the heck needs prenatal care lol!! Seems like a strange statement to make, and 10 years ago I would have thought someone was crazy to say that.
I plan on having a homebirth with an "underground" type midwife. I'm a VBAC mom (already had one vaginal birth) so I really don't want the aggravation.
I would like to have an u/s at the 20 week mark to determine sex but I'm wondering if I'll change my mind. It seems kind of petty.
I'm so gung ho about having this birth at home and being as non interventive as possible but another part of me is having a hard time letting go of traditional medicine since it has been burned into my existence since childhood, like most of us.
I am trying to decide if I would like to see a midwife in town for the first part of the pregnancy and then ditch them so to speak. I haven't had a gyn exam in almost 4 years. If it weren't for that I probably wouldn't consent to a vaginal exam at all if I do end up seeing someone traditional.
I'm glad MDC is here because I'm bound to find others who are in my shoes!
By the way, I hope I'm supposed to be here. AF is due tomorrow but I've been getting faint positives for a few days. Last month I had the same thing about a week post ovulation and then they got progressively lighter, and AF came on time. Weird stuff. This time I feel kind of panicked and the positives are still coming! So hopefully it's a go. If it is, I'd be due in the middle of March. I'm hoping for a baby born on the vernal equinox This is something I've always wanted!!!
Anyhow sorry for the jibberish
Take care,
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Originally Posted by CityGirl
Was your midwife at Allen Pavilion Sylvie Blaustein, by any chance? I've been at births with her at Roosevelt--she's good, but she is fairly interventive.
No, it was Georgia Rose. I found her mostly non-interventive, but with the pushing, she seemed totally nonplussed when I kept saying, "I can't do this anymore!" Like she thought that was normal, and it was urgent to get the baby out nevertheless.

Things like encouraging you to push the minute you reach full dilation are pretty commonplace, even with midwives--although not so much with *homebirth* midwives, is my impression. The hb midwives are required to put you on much less of a clock.
Good to hear. I'm going to be direct about asking about that issue this time (now that I realize it's an issue :-)).

Where in NYC do you live, Erin?
Norwood, in the Bronx.
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With my son, I didn't even find out I was pregnant until like 8 or 9 weeks along, and they couldn't schedual a new patient visit until I was 14 weeks, and I had a dating ultrasound at 13 wks 3 days. Military hospital. So I did that.

This time, I found out I was pregnant 5 days before my period was even due.

But at a baby shower last year, for a friend who had a homebirth I met her friend, who had spent 10 yrs as a doula, and is apprenticing to be a midwife. I met her and OMG talk about impressed. This woman is so amazingly intellegent, I went home and told dh "I've found our midwife!" He was like 'huh?' So about 2 days after I peed on the stick I called her, set up an appointment, I'm going to see her around 10 weeks so she can hear the heartbeat, otherwise I'm just peeing on a stick! But I do talk to her, found out how much b-6 to take from my doula and asked my midwife about switching prenatals to Flinstones.

I can't wait but at the same time I'm glad I am not dealing with a 6 wk OB appointment at which they can do nothing but a quick u/s that will show very little, and I'd rather have a slightly more detailed u/s, with out finding out the sex! lol I'm picky!

What about prenatal testing, what have you guys decided to do and not do? I'm pretty much doing nothing. I'll let em test my immunities, but no triple screen, no GTT, no GBS testing. he...they aren't gonna like me (I'm having dual care with my midwife and an OB, I had a not so great experience with ds, and really want the OB as back up)
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Congratulations all of you March mommies.

My DS1 was born in March. He was due the 19th of March, St. Joseph's Day, the day the swallows return to Capistrano. I went to the HB Dr. on July 21. My home pregnancy test was , but at the Dr's office it was When I went back in August a was detected! !!! !!!

DS1 was born March 6 2:36 am; my midwife's birthday was March 5. The pregnancy was hard because he laid on a spot in my hip and did not let up until he was born.

He was a delightful child. One morning, when he was in first grade I went to rouse him from his sleep for school. He was pretending to be asleep, then through his covers off revealing that he was completely dressed even with a big smile at my surprise. He is a responsible person today. Wonderful person!
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I just found out that I am on Tuesday. This is my first pregnancy and I'm on my way to the doctor this morning. I'm very scared. I will stay prayerful.
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Congrats!! I also found out Tuesday! This will be baby #4
I am waiting 1 - 2 more weeks before going to the Dr. for 2 reasons:
1. I want to get an U/S to confirm the pregnancy right away because I had a blighted ovum before and I know if I got to early they won't be able to see anything...
2. DH just got a new job + new insurance (better one - yeah!!!) so I am waiting for the IDs and all to arrive
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hmmm... hard to say.

Because I had one visit with a midwife (CNM) a week and a half ago, but she didn't even know I was pg until 3 minutes before we were done. (It was a miscarriage "debrief" more than a prenatal.) Mostly I was there to touch base and get her help arranging my backup.

I'm seeing my "real" midwife next week... she doesn't know I'm pg either (again, technically a "miscarriage debrief"... I miscarried 3 weeks before this baby was concieved) but will sooner in the visit.

But I'm not doing much prenatal care at all--I have no urgency to run and get tested for this that and the other thing.
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Thank you for the post applejuice. It's nice to travel down memory lane with you.

On the prenatal appts, I haven't maed mine yet either. I know who I'm going to go with and they start appts at 8 weeks. I suppose I should call soon.
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For my first pregnancy, I called around to many local OB/GYN practices, and nearly all of them had a practice of making the first appointment around 12 weeks. As a childbirth educator, that really bothers me. If you want to educate a pregnant woman, you need to educate early, as the first 12 weeks are critical to development.

I ended up making an appt. with the first practice that 1.) had midwives, and 2.) would see me right away!

This time around, we're on the lookout for a homebirth midwife. I just found out there are 4 in my area--where were they hiding? I'd prefer a birth center, but of course, there aren't any of those anywhere near here.
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Thank you for your congratulations. My husband just got a new job and they use the same insurance company. The trick is there is a 90 day waiting period to get the insurance. My husband is working with HR to get this insurance active immediately. If this fails we will continue to go to the doctor and submit the bills we receive to the insurance once it becomes active. This is our first child so we are very excited. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY TOO!!!
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My 1st appt is at 8 weeks. (july 27th) with our new mEdwife. They like to see you between 8-10 weeks. as standard of care. Im fine with it. (we're 'ditching em at term & going UC if all is well)

This is #4 for us, so its old hat.
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Hi all!
I talked to my midwife today. I'm going for a home birth and since I'm a vbac it's like basically not going to be pretty if I go for the hospital.
I was really impressed with her and feel soooo good about things. She doesn't start seeing women until the 12th week because she doesn't feel comfortable doing a doppler until then; plus the risk of m/c is so much lower at that point.
And, an added bonus, I had no idea, but she can order an u/s if wanted plus do blood work. PLUS!!! She may accept our insurance. If not I can handle her fee if broken down.
I'm so thrilled about this new experience and can't wait to get started! I'm just SO doing the happy dance that I don't have to step foot into an ob's office. God willing everything will go smoothly enough for that to happen!!
Take care,
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Yay for you and your midwife visit! That sounds wonderful.
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WAHOOOO! THat's wonderful news Karen!! Congrats!
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I called the midwives when I first was TTC a year ago They were recommended by a friend and i wanted to make sure they were the right ones so we chatted on the phone and they said call back when you're pregnant.

I called them last week and they said 8 weeks is standard for the first visit (some wait until 12) but earlier is okay and they recommended an interview. So my partner and I went down for that. It was pretty laid back and not very useful but at least it established them as my caregivers. I like knowing that I can refer to them as *my midwives* and not just the midwives I'm going to use. And that I can call if I need to (haven't needed to).

My first prenatal visit is next Thursday, which will be one day shy of 7 weeks. I'm very eager to get started and also I have a LOT of health issues so I think it's important to get continuity of care going. I take good care of myself and don't need help doing healthy things but I'd still like to start early and get some baselines (or close to baseline) and etc.
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