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m/s and whining

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Well with ds I was already in the hospital getting fluids and meds through a central in my foot, so I was totally excited since I had only puked 2 times....that is until today. So far every hour to the min almost exactly. Last time I did this was with ds and I had to go to the hospital and not be in my best friends wedding I was the maid of honor. Now in 2 weeks I am in my other best friends wedding and it is starting again. WHY WHY WHY I have a 1 year old and I can't keep up with him while my head is in the potty. I don't even have my old make me not so sick stand bys b/c they got old and I threw them out so I have to wait until tonight to go get some soup, pop sicles, lemonade, wintergreen mints and ginger ale. Ok the whining has stopped I think I'll go puke again.
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No advice, just sorry you are so miserable. How many weeks are you?
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I am 10.4 so far I am feeling good this morning!!!!!
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wah wah

Every time I eat, I immediately feel extremely nauseated - especially breakfast. I barely have an appetite, and nothing sounds good. Generally I make whatever sounds tolerable, and by the time I've made it, the smell has totally turned me off.

OK, thanks. Just had to whine about that a little.
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Feel free to whine that what it is here for
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Well I had my first bout of dry-heaves this morning. I guess it won't be long til I'm with most of the rest of y'all. Good times. Oh any my breasts are in much much pain since last night.

But it does make me feel like I've got a healthy baby in there.
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lucky...sort of.

In one way i am lucky as i havn't been sick at all i feel quite normal apart from the tired factor, but the one thing i think that i have double of is sore boobs, oh my goodness I feel like they are going to drop off if i stand up too quick, its all good when i have a bra on but at night i have to hold them if i wanna turn over!!!!!OUCHY!!!!! it doesnt make things better that i am a double d either! but i must say that i am glad that i havn't been sick! crossing fingers it stays that way!!!!!!!

Hopeing you are all feeling well!

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I feel like total shit. Sorry, I don't usually swear but I feel awful. My kids are running wild in the neighborhood, the house has gone to the dog (and cats) literally. I have to have all seven of us packed for a trip by next Sunday. I can't even get my sorry rear end out of bed or off the couch for more than a few minutes/day.
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