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Spotting - Updated

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Well, I started having brown spotting today. I'm trying to keep hoping, since I had some when I was pregnant with Brandon, but since this is exactly the way the last miscarriage started (and the exact same days past ovulation), I think I might be losing another one.

I'll update when I know more.
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Oh Lisa!! Sending huge hugs and sticky baby prayers!! Hopefully this is just like with Brandon!

Take care!
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You mentioned it was brown blood, which is "old blood" so is it possible it is left over from implantation? I don't know how many DPO you are, but things might still turn out fine. Good Luck to you.
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Well, at 29 DPO, I lost another one. The one in April was 30 DPO, October was 25 DPO.

Blood changed to red with small clots and quite a lot.

Good luck to everyone else and I hope you have wonderful pregnancies!
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Oh Lisa! I am so terribly sorry! We recently had our 4th mc and know the devestation. Sending tons of healing prayers and hugs!

Take care of yourself!
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Oh Lisa... I'm soooo sorry....
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Oh Lisa I am so sorry! You will be in my prayers.
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I am so sorry for your loss.

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I am so sorry. I am having a miscarriage right now, too. This is my first miscarriage and I am very sad today. The same thing happened (is happening) to me. Sunday night (7/4), I started with brown spotting, then it became heavier Monday, turned to red, quite heavy. A vaginal ultrasound yesterday confirmed that my baby is gone and I do not need additional treatment. I am still bleeding kind of heavy today.
I am 28 DPO today.

I am so sorry.
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I am so sorry I just got back from the ER a little while ago. I am losing my baby too. Take it easy momma.
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Devaskyla...armonia...kyle98sean02...I am so sorry for your losses. My heart goes out to you, and my prayers are with your families.

I lost a baby at 8 weeks about 5 yrs ago, I know it's hard. But I also went on to have my wonderful ds, who is nearly 3 yrs old now. ((hugs)) Best of luck with future pregnancies.
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Thank you Gale Force and DoulaMommy so much. It means a lot because he or she was very special to me eventhough only here for a short time.

I am so sorry kyle98sean02.
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Just wanted to send huge ! I am so terribly sorry for your losses! Take care Mamas!
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Thank you everyone. I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner, I was away for a few days.

to armonia and kyle98sean02
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I hadn't responded much yet...too busy... but had been keeping up with everyone. I, too, am losing this baby.....heavy bleeding today after a little spotting the last two days. This is my second miscarriage and it is easier this time....but only because I have my beautiful DD. My other miscarriage was my first pregnancy and that one was sooo hard. Good luck to everyone and hugs to all of us who have had losses. I hope to see all of you on another months thread soon.
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AnnaLaughs. I am now on day 12 of bleeding. This is so emotionally draining for me.

Many thoughts with everyone who is experiencing a loss. And many best wishes for the others whose pregnancies are going well.
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thanks for the support everyone. For those who have bdt, how long did your bleeding last? I am going on 8 days now and would really like for this to be over.
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I don't know what "bdt" means, but for me I was still bleeding pretty heavy on day 8, but I am on day 14 now and it is MUCH lighter. It is not red anymore...more like the last days of a period.

Hugs mama.
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Originally Posted by kyle98sean02
thanks for the support everyone. For those who have bdt, how long did your bleeding last? I am going on 8 days now and would really like for this to be over.
I bled for something like 9 or 10 days like a regular period, but with larger clots, and then for another 5 or 6 days, but that was brownish spotting, quite light, nearly nonexistant at times. I'm sorry your having to go through this.
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