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Ok! I'm lost here!

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I don't understand something, everytime I post a topic on the buy,sell,trade board, it gets taken off? I have been a member since Jan of 02 and notice other people after me that is able to post a FSOT. I can post a reply but not a topic? Please help me sort this out.
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Here are the rules of the Trading Post
Please take the time to become an active posting member of the boards before taking advantage of this forum. New member posts will be deleted without notification as will posts which violate any of the stated rules. To be considered an active member you should introduce yourself to the community on the Pleased To Meet You board or the Finding Your Tribe board, should have a minimum of 25 posts to your name, and should be registered for at least a month. Please respect this and our desire that only sincere, established community members be permitted to use this board. We will use our discretion in determining any violations in this regard in the interest of the board and the community as a whole.

While you have been registered since Jan., you have only 15 posts not the required 25. That is most likely the reason. You could PM LaLa directly and ask her as she may not see this question here.
Meanwhile, join in some of our great discussions...a great way to bring up your post count and get to know everybody here!

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Peggy, thanks for clearing that up for me. I will certainly start replying more instead of just learking. Thanks so much!
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