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Do 3 year olds still need naps?

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I wasn't sure where to post this, is a 3 year old still a toddler or a kid LOL?

Anyway, my 3.5 year old seems to be phasing out her nap. It seems kinda early to me, don't kindergarteners have nap time? I know everyone is different, but in general do/did your 3 year olds still need a nap?
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Mine definitely does. He will sleep between 2 and 3.5 hrs!!
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Who cares? Mamas of 3 year olds need them to have naps! :LOL :
Just kidding...

Seriously, I think they do but it depends on the child. Sidney is 2 1/2 and he for sure needs his nap. He has a nap either in the morning or in the afternoon. He's been mucking around recently. It used to be he'd nap in the morning and have a rest in his bed in the afternoon. Recently he's been playing in the bed in the morning and sleeping in the afternoon.

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Originally Posted by MamaDaednu
Who cares? Mamas of 3 year olds need them to have naps! :LOL :
Just kidding...

You and I and every other mama of a 3 y/o know this is not a joke!!!
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Mine get naps until 4 or so. Have to. I need the break too. I only allow them to sleep though until 3pm. Then I know for sure that they are in bed asleep by 8pm!! I can't have them up all night. My sister used to allow her DD to sleep whenever and however long, and that child would be up until midnight or longer!! I can't have that.

My almost 3 yr old is sleeping now...I should go take the advantage, but I have 3 6-7 yr old boys here (one is mine, 2 are cousins), and well, let's just say...I need to be up.
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my dd HATES naps. but she's terribly cranky if she doesn't get one. I don't force her, though, but once we get in the car.. she will zzzzzz drift off tho dreamland....
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My ds stopped having regular naps at around 1 year (he turned 3 in April). I missed them, but what are you going to do? You can't force them to sleep!

That said, he does occasionally fall asleep during the day, usually after a long afternoon at the park. Most of the time I try to discourage naps now because when he has them he is up until midnight or 1am!

All kids are different.
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Depends on how much they sleep at night.
My dd stopped napping at 3.5 but she would sleep 12-13 hours at night so I wasn't worried.
"Some people" will tell you if the child doesn't get enough sleep you may have behavioral problems, or at least I was told that.
But honestly I think some people, kids included, need different amounts of sleep. She's 6 now and is fine with just 9-10 hrs a night.
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My ds started transitioning out of naps at 2. He would take naps 4 or 5 days a week, but it was a major chore to get him down. He wouldn't nurse to sleep anymore, and the only way I could get him to sleep was walking him around the neighborhood in the stroller. By 2.5, it was no use--I could walk around for 2 hours and still have a wide-awake toddler. Plus, I was pregnant again, and I was too sick to walk around in the heat half the afternoon.

It was tough, especially since I felt like I needed a nap sometimes, too. But, it was way too stressful on both of us for me to keep trying. So, I just decided to spend some quiet time with him in the afternoon reading books instead, and that seemed to give him enough downtime to make it through the rest of the day. He would occasionally fall asleep while we were reading, but that became more and more rare, and by 3 he was nap-free.
I second the "all children are different"
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my son will be four next month and definitely still needs naps most days, but i think it depends largely on two things:

* activity level (if they play really hard, they'll probably need a nap)
* the child ~ everyone is different.
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When my ds was 2 yrs and 4 mos we took a vacation. On the trip, he refused to nap (understandable- off schedule, exciting time, etc.) and also declared that he would never take another nap. Fast forward 1.5 years later...he has never taken another nap since that time! He went from a 2 hour nap daily to nothing. Yes, of course, he still needed it. He probably still does. But oh well.
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DS is 3.2 yr and still takes a good 3 hour nap! I love it
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i hope not

i hope not, because mine hasn't had a nap since he was 15 months old (except in cars) and he will be 3 years old in a few days.

i think it only matters that they get ENOUGH sleep total.

mine sleeps for 12 hours at night..or more.

mine sleeps from 7:30pm-8am or longer.
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