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We are all getting so close! My *date* is next Friday, never been pregnant longer than 40 weeks so am wondering if baby will come this week? I have had off and on crampiness and lots of mucous (nothing that looks like the plug) and lots of bhs. Dh and I got together last night and also went for a long walk (with dd2 on my back up rolling hills!) and it brought on some expansions and my pelvic floor was stretching, baby's head was really putting pressure on it! But nothing today. Just going to enjoy dh being home for the next week and hope that baby is ready soon. Getting to the point that I no longer want to be pregnant and sleep is evading me.
Gentle joyful birthing vibes for us all!!!!!
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Thinking of you this week, Brandi!

Don't know the rest of you, but wishing you July mamas all the best!!
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yes, I'm getting impatient too! I'm having lots of contractions but nothing really intense. I just want to meet this baby! and i don't think he/she can get much lower without falling out! I did a cervical check a few days ago and i swear i was a good 3-4 cm and strechy so i have no idea what's keeping this baby in. the cool thing is that today was my family's reunion party (it was the most wonderful party!) and i got an important project done so i am in the clear to have this baby now!
come on baby!
glad you all are doing well - i can't wait til we all start birthing!
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Thank you heveasoul!
Hope you are feeling well.

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I'm bored!

The important things are done and though we have a thousand more things we COULD get done around the house, we don't want to do physical labor anymore ... we've been at it for like two months and now we're sick of it. We just want to chill out and enjoy our last few moments just the two of us.

But, ironically, I'm bored! Just finished a wall hanging quilt (this is relaxing for me, not work) and maybe i'll make a crib quilt just for fun tomorrow - that should keep me busy!

I had BH or painless contractions (don't know the difference) yesterday all evening. No good pattern or progression but maybe about 5-7/ hour. I got very excited that maybe something was starting to happen since I haven't had more than one or two of these per day and only a few days. But then I realized I'd drank very little water all day (which is rare for me but I was at my sister's baby shower - long story why water was hard to come by!) and that maybe dehydration was causing the BH. Sure enough, I got home, drank lots of water and it was gone! Was crampy during the night (to the point that it woke me up twice) and went to poop each time (total of three) but I don't know if that's related to getting closer or if it was just a stomach bug.

I should stop obsessing!!!!
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Can some of you bored 'nesting' moms come over and sepnd a day in my house please?

lol there is still a lot to do but the good news is we have everything together for our home birth. We did a test run with the pool today. he hot water heater held up just fine and it was a very nice temp. It was so relaxing! I have all the newborn diapers all washed and ready to go, but something tells me he wont be in them for very long, I am anticipating a big baby.

My mothers are both getting very excited. My mom bought a dye died cotton hat from a local momma. It is so cute, his first pictures will be adorable in his little tye died hat! (My DH is a bit worried about having a crazy hippy for a baby, he thinks I'm crazy enough!)

I am so excited about the birth, but I will miss being pregnant. It really seems like I have been pregnant for a long time, I almost forget what it was like not to be pregnant! I calculated it and I think I have been pregnant for almost 5% of my life LOL.

I am 38 weeks today. This week I have a home visit from my midwife. Hopefully baby will still be in the right position and everything. I have been so lucky so far, with a completely 'normal' no complications pregnancy. I wouldn't be suprized if I ended up giving birth on the exact due date, that just seems to be the way things have been going! Everything has been exactly as planned (well except for the pregnancy LOL)

I am looking forward to meeting this baby, I feel like I know him already. I know he is a playful little guy and I know he loves me and his dad a lot. I am really really looking forward to breastfeeding him.

Well I will try to relish these last few weeks with the baby inside of me, as close to me as he will ever be.

Good luck mommas!
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I had my baby!! She is soo sweet. I haven't named her yet, but I already have my birth story up for you all to read.
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*Mamajaza*, Congratulations!! I looked at the pictures and she is beautiful!! Great job!
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My body/feeling of well being changes so fast. Yesterday I went to lunch and did some window shopping with my best friend from college (I've known her 20 years). I felt great. All that walking and my feet didn't swell. I just felt so good. Today I felt great too.

Tonight... completely different story. Completely. I am uncomfortable. I can't breathe. Her movements are actually a bit painful. I'm braxton hicksing like crazy.

Tomorrow the workmen come back to keep up the flood repairs. I am hoping to at least finish my birthplan and pack a hospital bag tomorrow. I also need to wash the newborn clothes, but there is nowhere to put them away (we can't get into the baby's room because stuff from the flood area is being stored there - there is no other room to put it in either).

My parents are out of state right now ( I asked my mother months ago if she really thought going away two weeks before my due date was a good idea... I am REALLY depending on her help both for the birth - she's been at my other two and really helps ground me - and for post-partum help) so I really need this baby to stay put for another week.

If baby comes right now I don't know where we will go after the birth. I can't imagine being in a hotel, but we couldn't bring her here either. Since my parents aren't home it would be hard to go to their house too.
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ugh. Jenn, i totally know what you mean about rapid changes. I felt so great over the weekend until yesterday when i was completely, physically exhausted all day long no matter what i did. and today i feel okay again. I am getting really impatient to go into labor and meet this new one. But that feels totally weird to me 'cause today is only the first of several edd's and i likely wont have this one til next week at the soonest. Part of me wants to wait and spend more time with my ds and part of me wants to get it overwith and birth this baby. Besides, i am starting to go out of my mind with curiosity about what this baby is like and whether it is a boy or girl! I can't wait to cuddle him/her and learn what kind of personality is there.
One other thing: dh has an overnight camping trip on thursday to friday and I am so uncomfortable with the idea of him being gone! this baby better not try and come then or i will be so upset!
peace and health to you all,
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Well, I won't be dodging the induction bullet this time. I went in for my checkup today. I've gained 4 lbs. in 5 days, have had protein in my urine for 3 weeks, my bp was up again and have had more preeclampsia symptoms. She was hoping last week that I would go into labor but I have made no change in my cervix even though i've been having millions of contractions. My last induction took 9 hours(almost 3 of them pushing) but was started at just a fingertip dilated. I'm 3cm and 80% effaced so hopefully this one will be quick. I'm waiting for the hospital to call me because they were full earlier but it will be tonight or tomorrow that i'm induced.

I'm trying not to be really upset. My ob this time is so much different than the last. It's still hard knowing that I'll never get a normal labor experience.
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good luck williamsmommy2002. Sorry about the induction but at least you will get to see your baby soon and hopefully you will also feel better too!
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DO you have the time.. to listen to me whine.. about nothing and everything...


BOO! I finally saved up enouh paypal for a nice pretty *hotsling* and I totally forgot that Kristen is on mat leave! It kinda hit me like DUH when I went to the website to make my order, she is in my DUE DATE CLUB lol.

Anyways maybe she can put some more larges in stock if she gets that bored nesting feeling I've been hearing that is going around lol *hint hint nudge nudge*

BOO! I got a new washer and dryer and the washer is leaking oil all over my floor! Hopefully they will replace it!

BOO! DH's dad broke our only working fan, so now we don't have A/C or a fan!

BOO! My mom brought me a box of Krispy Kremes, (still pretty new and exciting here in Canada) and I am finding them hard to resist. She also brough me a boppy that she made for me and some nursing pads and more stuff on the Homebirth need list.

AH I had a stressful day but everything worked out in the end but still I spent so much energy being upset today! I want to buy something to make me feel better, but most of my stress is financial so that WONT work! Let's just say my bank is crazy, my landlord is crazy, the phone company is crazy, and my former place of employment is crazy and they are all trying to drive me crazy by making me think I am BROKE.

Feels better to write all this crap out for you all to read

now let me concentrate on the good things!

Ah the babies room is now painted.. seems a shame he will have to sleep in our boring room anyways LOL, oh well I'm sure he will appreciate the effort all the same!

I am going to have a nice shower and read some more of my book (what dreams may come) and then sleep sleep sleep.

I am definately a lot more prepared today than I was yesterday for the baby.

I have lots of fluff that cheers me up

I have at least two packages in the mail

My BABY will be here soon

life is good..

Have a good night everyone! Sweet dreams!
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s sorry for all the "boo" stuff.
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wolfmom-I could have written your post exactly!

williamsmommy2002-I am sorry about the induction and how you are feeling. But you will be holding your sweet baby soon!! Thinking of you.........


I am hanging in there, really did not think I would still be pregnant at this point. But, baby will come when ready, right!? I am running out of things to do. I am making a quilt for my mom, but I can only sit for so long at the sewing machine. I have had some nice time to myself thanks to dh being home for the week. I have started taking my walks in the evening instead of in the morning and it has helped with sleeping better at night. Starting to get *those* calls, and my mom has been taking bets for the day the baby will come. Trying to ignore it all and just enjoy my time (as anxious as I am to meet this wee one!)
Take care all,
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Well, I'm wondering if today will be the today. Started having mild contractions last night around 7pm, very short, 10+ minutes apart. Tried to sleep last night - it was peaceful and relaxing but not much actual sleep.

Contractions are now 3-5 minutes apart, but still very short (20 secs or so), and fairly mild. So either this will just peter out and I'll go on waiting, or I'll be having a baby in the next day or two. We shall see.

Called my mom, and of course, she's asleep. She swore she'd put the phone in her bedroom, which I'm sure she did, but it's not waking her up. She sleeps like the dead. Makes me want to have this baby NOW just to teach her a lesson! Just kidding - what I really want is her to wake up, buy some croissants, and come over and entertain ds so we can get the birth tub set up.
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Sending you gentle and joyful birthing vibes oceanbaby!!!!!!!!

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ChildoftheMoon and Oceanbaby I hope things are happening for both of you really soon!

Bikruca I hope all the boos are gone today and replaces with yays!

I hope everyone else has a wonderful day too!

We got rain last night the ground is all wet and the air is all damp. Everything smells.... ahhh
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I am not one to complain about pregnancy..especially since it took us so long to conceive this beautiful little life inside me. I have *hopefully* not uttered one whine or moan about it. People ask me how heavy I must feel or how tired of being pregnant I must be, and I always tell them what a great preg this is, and how everything is wonderful....and it is. we are so grateful.

I am 37.5 weeks

and I really just needed a reality check because I am having those thoughts about wanting the baby to come soon, like sometime this week..and I know he's better off inside, so I feel really guilty.....thinking of taking long power walks around the mall, or drinking senna tea or the cohosh..and its just too early for that. I wish I could make those thoughts go away.

My breasts feel so full and hard and sensitive this last week...almost felt like a let down a few times, but no milk...

for all the contractions I had around 7 and 8 months pregnant...now it seems baby has decided to stay put. It was 115 degrees yesterday and humid.
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Well geez, I don't know what's going on. Contrax were 3 mins apart for a good 4 hours or so, and now seem to have spaced out again. Still consistent, maybe 8-10 minutes apart. I didn't have any of this back and forth with ds, so I really don't know what to expect.

My midwife will be here at 2:30 for our previously scheduled appointment, so we'll see how things are going then.

Thanks for all your good labor vibes - I need them!
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