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~~~~~~~~~~ good vibes ~~~~~~~~~~

i know how frustrating it is to be sure that it's IT and have them just slow down and stop.

that's been going on w/ me for weeks. this little sprite is taking her time.
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I have to be induced tonight due to high blood pressure. I'd appreciate any thoughts or prayers you all want to send my way. Don't know what else to say about it because I am more than a little nervous...
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happay and oceanbaby~~thinking of you !

I'm trying not to gte really upset with my mom (well actually, I am really upset with her, but am trying to calm down a bit). She's a special education consultant in a school cooperative that starts school Aug 9. She's now hedging about coming out b/c she "really wants to start the school year on time."
I can't describe how hurt I am. Granted, I am waaaay hormonal right now, but it seems like something or someone else has come first my whole life. (My mom could easily be classified as a workaholic). But, come on, how could she even consider not coming out for her 2nd grandchild's newborn days?! We've got no other family who would be suitable help, so I'm feeling pretty hurt right now, though we are so fortunate to have a close group of AP families who will help us out. I'm hoping I misread or misinterepreted her e-mail, but right now I am so hurt I feel like saying, "Fine, please don't bother coming out, we'd rather the $$ spent on a plane ticket be given to help towards take out meals and a housecleaner." She's saying she may come out for a week in late October.
She once advised me to take ds to his childcare when he was sick, b/c I shouldn't miss the day of work and he was miserable anyway, it wouldn't matter if he was miserable with someone else. (I didn't do it!) It made me really sorry for myself to know that's how she parented.

Plus, ds has been ultra demanding and mean to me (lots of hitting, etc) and I'm out of the energy I need to figure out what he needs, though I know he's nervous about the upcoming birth and acting all that out.

Okay I think I'm done with my hormonally inspired pity party. Though did I mention that our computer is kooky and I can't laod the software for the digital camera AND dh is just not "nesting" to my tastes.
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Hugs to all the July Moms!!

It sounds like lots of people in our group need hugs!!

I hope that all the moms who've delivered are well! and all the mom's who are delivering are well! and all the mom's who are about to deliver are well!

I suddenly had this feeling of urgency today--like I need to get really, really ready. I think I am ready. Maybe I need to go over my list again. The master bath (where I plan to deliver) is all clean again & all the "stuff" is there. So, I ought to be ready.

I think something inside me is stirring--like this is going to be soon--maybe before the 21st. Dd came at 39 wks 4 days. If this baby comes at 39 wks 4 days, that will be on the Sunday, the 18th. A lady at my psychic awareness class last Wed. said that she felt like the baby would come on the 17th, which is the new moon. Another lady felt like the baby would come later. We'll see. I'm so curious to know. It really wouldn't take the fun away. I swear.

Tonight I'm talking to one of my mentors, which I'm so happy about! He'll get me tuned up & ready ready.

Take care everybody!!
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love seeing your pics!

Love your photos, the_dalai_mama!
7/31/04 belly
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Good luck birthing mommas!! ANd right before I go into labour, I feel a definate "stirring" of energies... like angels are appearing on the scene.
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started up the new weekly thread


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