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Quick Mango Help

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Anyone know hot to tell when a Mango is ripe?
I want to make dd a mango lassi, but before I cut into the mango, I want to be sure it's ready!

(mssgrl, feel free to move this and my indian thread to the recipe forum if you'd like...just looking for a quick answer )
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First smell - is it really sweet or a bit bitter? Sweet means it's ready.

can you easily but a finger mark in it? if not, it's not ready - you should be able cut it easily not have to saw at it. If you begin cutting and it's really fiberous and hard, put some sugar on the open part and let it sit for a bit to ripen - it'll turn a bit brown, but should be fine.
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Thanks! i'm off to check!
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Thanks Ms Mom! I have three mango trees and didn't know all that! I tend to approach them like any other stone fruit. I squeeze for the right amount of 'give'. Ripen in a paper bag at room temp, refrigerate when ripe. Flr selection I have been told to look for three colors (there will almost always be some green left, but there must be yellow and red.. if it's just green with some red but no yellow they will probably never ripen off the tree. You can pickle 'em though!)
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I am green with envy over your mango trees.

I love love love love to make mango salsa oh my doG is that yummy as heck.
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Sadly I am prohibited from shipping fruit to you. Besides, anyone who wants my mangoes needs to come rake some leaves and earn them! So... share your salsa recipe.
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3 large ripe luscious mangoes, diced
3 small organic tomatoes
about 6 stems cilantro finely chopped
one clove garlic, finely chopped
juice of one lime
a tiny amount of roasted habenero pepper, deviened and seeds removed, finely chopped
about 1/4 cup diced maui onion
salt and pepper to taste
one ear of raw corn (corn sliced off of course.)

Okay mix it up spread it all over your lover and eat it up. Alternately I make nachos of black bean, scallion and goat cheese.
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Originally posted by mamapie

Okay mix it up spread it all over your lover and eat it up.
hhmmmm... guess who stayed home from work today.....
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I just had my first mango this weekend, though I must admit that it isn't the first one I have purchased (I too, did not know when mango were ripe: .) I had it in a fruit salad in a bowl, not spread on anyone, but it was still good.

I'd like to know exactly how to cut one of those darn things.
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Love the recipe pie!!! I'm excited to try it!!! However, dh is in the dog house, so I think I'll use it on some baked tofu and spinach salad. Yummy, I'm hungry now!!
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jbcj later on I will direct you as to how to cut a mango.
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I cut my first mango and it was very confusing :LOL
Where does the pit end?

We made our lassi's and dd seems quite pleased

It's only 60 cents for each of us to have a glass ($1.20 total) but I would like it better with MORE mango!

hmmm...maybe some pinapple added in there too!
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Mangos must be totally in season! I can get the 5 for $1
at my local grocery and they are all ready to eat!
I read somewhere that mangoes are the popular fruit in the

I'm moving your thread now!!!!!
enjoy your food everybody!
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Habanero!? On lover!? He'd kill me!
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okay okay so my dh is a masochist. We are heavily into S&M including food abuse. My secret is out.
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I am confused? hey Lala where is the recipe forum here???? Did I miss something....?
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LOL, don't you moderate it?
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Mmmmm...sounds soo good. I wish I weren't allergic to Mangos!!!
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I know that silly lala. I guess I was looking at your first post as if you posted it here first and was asking it to be moved somewhere else... I missed the part where you probally put it in TAO first right. Ok so I am alittle slow here and a bit behind. I have been obsessed with finding info on waldorf dolls lately among other things.
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teehee...join us in crafts...we'll talk dolls!
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