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Confessions of the tired, pregnant woman

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A lot of us have complained about being too tired to get much done around the house, so I thought it'd be fun to share what we've let go around the house or put off in our daily life. I'll start it off, and come on, ladies...BE HONEST!

-Right now I have eight laundry baskets full of laundry in my bedroom waiting to be folded.

-I have wood floors in my livingroom and diningroom, and I haven't mopped them since March.

-We've had PB & J two dinners in a row because I didn't feel like going to the grocery store.

-I quit making my bed when my 1st daughter was born. I do change the sheets, though, but don't ask me how often.
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i have a load of dipes in the dryer, a dried but not folded load of towels in my dad's apt (which will drive him nuts when he gets up this morning), two undone loads in a pile (not in the basket which i meant to use to carry up the towels) in the bathroom.

i have a dog that smells like the town garbage dump 'cause i haven't washed her in two months.

i have dustbunnies bigger than my ds and they are now running the household i think.

i have a stack of bills and other paperwork to file that is about 4 inches high

i have a bunch of clothes that don't fit ds anymore sitting all over the house.

hmm, i know this can't be all...
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I have two papers and a major project that should all be done by the middle of August and I haven't work on anything since early May. :

I have a garage full of boxes and clothes from my old apartment that need to be put away; they've been there for about a month.

I haven't vacuumed in about 2 months!! Yuck.

I have a stack of papers and books on my desk, including bills that need to be paid and old bills stubs to be filed/organized.
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I haven't done any laundry for a week.
I haven't done my dishes for three days.
I need to pay my bills.
I need to finish knitting baby booties for my best friend who had her baby last week. I haven't knitted since I got preg.
I need to play with ds. I have been totally lacking on that.
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Thank god i have a househusband. I haven't cleaned, cooked, done laundry, or generally done anything but lay on my butt for 2 months.
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We finished moving into our new house two weeks ago - there are still paths to get around the boxes.

I haven't gone grocery shopping in almost a month - just quick meal shopping.

The dog is underexercised and starving for attention.

My work performance sucks because I can't stay awake at my desk.

I haven't cleaned the new house thoroughly yet.

Laundry has overtaken the laundry room and I caught some of it copulating the other day...I'm expecting offspring soon.

I feel so guilty, but I'm just so tired after working 8 hours....and I can't take anymore time off, my boss is mad and I just end up sleeping half the day away.
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The family room now looks like a preschool, with toys strewn all over.

I haven't cooked a decent dinner in weeks - thank goodness for dh and my ability to make a meal (or seven) out of jarred sauerkraut and organic hot dogs.

I have to weed my flower beds BADLY. The mulch we put in this spring must have had little saplings in it. :

I just washed the Brita pitcher and changed the filter after more than 6 weeks. And it sits out on our counter, not the fridge. : I think we all must be immune to all sorts of exotic bacteria by now.

I'm behind on 3 wedding presents, 2 birthday presents, 2 fathers-day presents (my dad and stepdad) , and 1 housewarming gift.

There's more, lot's more, but I'm tired :yawning: and am going to go try to take a quick snooze before the kids wake up from their nap!
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It's my naptime, too, so this is the last post I'm reading :LOL (and I'm glad I did). Right now I need to do dishes, mop, vaccuum, my tub is gross , I have 3 laundry baskets full of clean clothes that need folded, and about 6 loads of laundry to do! I have tried to do good on the eating front, b/c that's what my DH wants the most :LOL FOOD!!!
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YAY!! I'm not a complete loser!! I'm NORMAL!!

I have been such a bum it's embarrassing.

My husband finally broke down and cleaned the bathroom last week because I haven't done it in.......I can't remember when.

We have spiderwebs or cobwebs or something funky all over the place. I walk past them in every corner every day and have no desire to get out the vaccuum and suck em up!

The sink is full of dishes.

I did break down and mop my kitchen floor the other day because it was too disgusting.

I have about 4 loads of laundry (that dh washed yesterday) sitting in baskets on our unmade bed. Instead of putting them up this afternoon, I watched Dr. Phil, The Ellen Degeneras Show, and Enough. That's 4 hours of tv!!!! The laundry is still in baskets on the unmade bed.

I bought a yoga mat and stretchie bands and a yoga dvd over a month ago and haven't used them once yet.

I am actually really anxious for nesting to kick in. I hate living in filth and feeling guilty cause I'm a lazy slob.

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