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Got a ++HPT 2 days ago - this will be baby #4 for us.
I am not sure what my due date may be because I got pregnant right after getting my first period since my 3rd child was born on April 2004... AF was on May 25th. The confusing part is that I got --- HPTs around the time my period "supposedly" should have come, so I am guessing I ovulated late this time. I also had some pink spotting around June 28th, (maybe it implantation spotting???) which would put conception later than I thought.
Anyways, I have not seen the Drs yet, but since ALL my kids were 1 - 2 weeks late, I am guessing I will be posting on the March 2005 club
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Congrats, Mama!
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Wow. Congratulations. I just recovered from my April 2002 baby.
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