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Twins Plus Older Sib - Help!

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Please help me get through the rest of this week. The babies are fussy and not sleeping. Meg is being aggressive with me and with them and with other children. I want to scream, hide, sleep, and run away.
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I totally relate...molars are the new item this week, and our eldest is having issues with small repetitive behavior stuff, just to prove he's 9 by the book.

Hang in there, Mama.
MAKE SURE YOU GET A BREAK. Even if it is for a 10 minute walk while DH/MIL/friend watched babies for a bit. It is essential to your twinsmama mind survival, methinks
I had all this AP guilt until I realized I just needed to breathe outside the whole world of being needed by every human in the household.

I can call you if you want an ear - email me @ twopeasinpod@hotmail.com

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Thanks so much for your reply. Today is a little better. I'm not sure if the children are less aggravating or if my attitude is better (probably I got more sleep).
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Sleep helps - I can relate. My 2 year old has been particularly trying this week - probably brought on in part by my older two excluding her and then babies have fussier than normal. Esp Maribeth. Hope things continue to get better for you.
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Oh it can be so hard. We are just now getting through a rough patch.

For me, I would second the notion of getting breaks. I think it is so vital. Sometimes I think it is my kids, and I get away for an hour and I realize it was my attitude bringing the energy of the house down. (Or my ANGER bringing the energy up in a bad way.) I don't get a break every day, but I think I would do a little better if I did. Any possiblity of that for you?
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hi analisa! i just recently added you to my lj; i'm justleakynow over there.

my guys are all about the same ages as yours - my son was born 1/16/02 and my girls are 5 months old. i'm barely coping some days!

we have napping issues, mostly - alejandro seems to sense when they are sleepy or when i am just about to get them to sleep, and then he starts making noise or whatever just to interrupt. he also knows now that he can run amok while i am nursing both girls at the same time...

anyway, it's late, and i really should get to bed, but i wanted to say hi & sympathize & send along good wishes for next week!

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how's it going chica?
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Better, thanks everyone. I joined a gym with excellent child care included in the membership price. We can't afford it, but money is about priorities, right? Every time I try to work out at home, everyone needs me at once. The kids are doing well with the workers there, who just love my children!

My house is still a pigsty but I guess it won't be forever...a neighbor I hadn't met before had to come inside today to retrieve her very friendly unleashed dog and I was *almost* not embarrassed b/c everyone who finds out how close together all my kids are is impressed I'm even surviving.
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