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wagon friday

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How's it going up there?

I can't see very well from under the wheel here.

I'm on the wagon mdc style, I guess. I got an unexpected check in the mail last night and fell victim to the beccabottoms stocking this morning. But I did need the extra soakers, so maybe I was being really sensible.

I should really use the rest of this check for something practical, like replacing my nursing bras that are all falling apart miserably. Or my daisy doodle custom order which is fast approaching and supposed to be the staple of my collection.

So I need a serious strap down here.
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I knew we didn't have you convinced about Beccabottoms!!! But you did get a check in the mail so all's good. :LOL

And buy some bras with the rest, I can see your (o)(o) from here
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I will be away for the weekend, so I will probably be able to stay on the wagon pretty good (diaper-wise, that is!... yarn is another thing). Maybe I should go to the craft forum and start a wagon thread there....
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<------- Hey lookie!!! I just noticed I've lost my dddc virginity!!

Miss Diaperholics Anonymous Leader - was that you??
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I was a goner the minute I took that other diaper out of the laundry and saw how nicely the fit had readjusted!


I wish nursing bras weren't so darned expensive. Most are down to their last working hooks..... Funny that I could spend more on a diaper than a bra!

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Boobs need luv too!

Your babe's bums are now all nice and squishy and all the poo has a nice place to go, now you need to take care of you and the *girls*

I'm on the wagon still I did buy a few shirts at gymboree yesterday to go with the cushie tushie pants I have coming. I went to the mall with a nice mama I met here and she gave me one of her gymbucks
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Um, does buying a pg test count as falling off?
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mostly it just counts as really, really exciting!

wahooooo (maybe)!

and an opportunity to leave the wagon for a while, depending on what you held on to
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Originally Posted by .me.
So I need a serious strap down here.
I'll share my straightjacket!

hannahmom - :
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oooooh Brandi !!! i guess we'll know soon enough?

i like "on the wagon MDC style" That's what i am too. I've got a small amount of funded paypal & bought 1 MEOS from the TP last night. I don't really count that as buying b/c it's such a basic, KWIM?
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Originally Posted by KayleeZoo
Um, does buying a pg test count as falling off?
BRANDI! What did it say????

I'm here, I was BAD this week though. I think I have a black eye and a broken leg...but I am going out of town this afternoon (wish me luck) and I won't have much internet time. So that's a good thing. I DO however, need to buy a high chair.
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Brandi.. you CAN'T do that!!!!!

WHAT DID IT SAY?!?!!?!??!??!?!

Are you and Adria going to be in the same boat together... at least for a while?
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Originally Posted by KayleeZoo
Um, does buying a pg test count as falling off?
AGHHHHH! You have to fill us in???!!!
A new bum to diaper? We might have to push you off... or we can live vicariously and "window" shop for you.

(and it only counts as falling off if you are testing too early )
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Brandi - yes! Inquiring minds want to know.

I am still here, I was very good at the Beccabottoms stocking yesterday even though that sushi dipe almost had me. But I'm holding on! We'll see how I do today, I have about 3 weeks before my FM order will probably be up and then I can shop some more.
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Climbing on, barely awake yet. Oh boogers, just about fell off. Help me on dang nabbit!
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close that window - step away from the TP and put your seatbelt on woman!
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I got your coffee up here, Kathleen... come on!
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And Brandi is still *on*... maybe she is in her bathroom right now!!!
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Originally Posted by scrappinmomof3
And Brandi is still *on*... maybe she is in her bathroom right now!!!
oooohhhh hoping for

Um I'm having trouble. Someone just posted about their sunflower derrieres soaker so I had a lookie. I want one...
Remind me that I have no funded paypal and this is not something I actually NEED!!! the prices are so good though

I should take my own advice, right?
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Do you ladies have time to swing by and pick me up? I've been buying like crazy things I don't really need and not buying the things I DO need like a new nursing bra and longies for the winter. Don't have any more money to spend. I have more than enough diapers and need to learn how to just be happy with what I have. It's just so hard!! I actually do need more smalls for the new babe but am forcing myself to use all the one size diapers I have. I hate this! I feel like crying Somebody give me some encouragement please!
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