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I also recommend using rescue remedy, motherwort (for after the delivery), and RRL tea. And when you use homeopathy, be careful of onions and strong ess. oils, cause they can off set the homeopathy.
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This being my first time around, I'm having a tougher time than some of you, it sounds. Slowly figuring out breastfeeding (I posted on the b/f board and got some AWESOME advice and support) and a new routine... DH and I are learning things like 1- carry around spare blankies and clothes when we go out with her; 2- don't leave her lying around w/out a diaper even for a min or you'll have a lot more laundry to do; 3- breathe! hahaha the real basics!!

She's pretty good overall ... our only big issues has been breastfeeding - and that has only been MY issue b/c she came out latching on and eating like a champ! haven't had to teach her anything, I'm the one that's learning.
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Snowbaby- I've been following your thread in Getting started and want you to know we are going through the same thing. Parker nurses constantly for hours on end. He also does it late at night. He gained 4oz at 6 days so I know he is doing well. It does make you question yourself. I had a lot of supply issues with my first ds because he had sucking problems. I had a nagging feeling in the back of my mind that tandeming them wouldn't work. We are however doing well. It will get easier as time goes on.

Parker is now 9 days old. He has had jaundice. We took him to the ped on monday. Our regular ped is on vacation and I saw one I don't really like. He was kind of pissed that I didn't take him in earlier for the jaundice. I knew he was doing fine but of course i'm just a stupid mother. Turns out his levels were pretty low. He had another heel stick today but his skin is a lot less yellow today. I haven't got much sleep but somehow it doesn't bother me. Parker only lts me put him down for about two different 3-4 hour stretches a day. Otherwise he wants to be held. My toddler is adjusting pretty well to him. He gets a little rough sometimes but we are working on that.
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It is so fun to hear how everyone is doing. I am starting to feel more of a balance and just trying to stay low key and breathe.
My baby is 5 weeks and has some nice cheeks. He is still gassy and gets MAD when he can't get a fart out. Last night this happened at 5 am for about 2 hours, I am tired. I made him some tea with chamomile and fennel which sisn't really seem to help. Any advice??
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chloe used to love belly massages from her daddy when she was a newborn
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Well, I'm now four days postpartum. I had a wonderful birth and am starting to feel very hormonal today -- weepy, sentimental, sad, overwhelmed, happy. As if postpartum moms didn't have enough to deal with!
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Soon I hope

It is good to hear birth does happen. I am still 3 days from due date and I have felt he will be born on the 26th but the last few days I have started to get impatient.

Did anyone get pitocine after non- med birth to contract U? What were the effects? Did anyone postpone the heb b shot till later or have a baby with neg. effect to hep b?
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Amina~My babies are un-vaccinated, as are a lot of the babies here on mothering.com. There are many reasons to *not* vaccinate, and there is a forum for that issue here on MDC, as well.

I had my baby unassisted, and after birth, as I was bleeding a bit, I just took 10 drops of motherwort tincture, and the bleeding stopped (but not entirely, as I still am having regular PP bleeding)

What about all you? How is your PP bleeding going? With my first DD, I bled for more than 6 weeks!!! So I'm hoping that that won't happen again.
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I am here as well! Nursing is going well, though I seem to have a bit of an over supply problem still and Esther Rivka is doing a lot of spitting, ounces at a time even (she makes puddles which can be caught and measured!). She is still having a bit of a time keeping her body temperature so she is a well wrapped baby and she loves snuggling. She adores being in the Maya Wrap.

Her umbilical cord fell off yesterday and she had her first bath today http://webpages.charter.net/liba/EZfirstbath.jpg http://webpages.charter.net/liba/ERfirstbath.jpg and I am really appreciating the bathroom heater. LOL It blows really hot air but Esther Rivka really loved being under it after her bath.

She is soiling upwards of 20 diapers a day so I guess it should be no surprise that she never really lost more than two ounces. I expect her to be well over her birth weight at her two week checkup on Wednesday.

I am tired, but it is my own fault. Staying up too late LOL Esther Rivka is sleeping 4-6 hour stretches at night. We have mastered nursing lying down too so life is grand.

Life is good and I am dreaming about my next baby already
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hi everyone...

selma had her 2 week check up last thurs... doing great, regained birth weight. they say she is an inch longer but i question somebodies measurements. the only bad thing is, we all got a cold at the md office...myself, dd1 and the baby. thankfully the girls are already back to normal. the baby was only stuffy for a few hours total...but of course i thought the world would end.

have to go

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Originally Posted by Amina Momma
Did anyone get pitocine after non- med birth to contract U? What were the effects? Did anyone postpone the heb b shot till later or have a baby with neg. effect to hep b?
I did. I had a quick, med-free delivery, but was given a shot of pitocin because I was losing a lot of blood. I was nursing, but the bleeding/clots weren't slowing to an appropriate degree. I don't know if it's related, but I had a horrible time with afterpains.

Hep B is an STD. To be frank, your baby only needs it if you are Hep B+. There are no negative consequences whatsoever to waiting until a more appropriate time to get the vax. I personally believe it is irresponsible to administer it to a newborn baby whose immune system is not fully developed.
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"Life is good and I am dreaming about my next baby already "

Good God, woman, my hats off to ya! I can barely figure this one out.... DH and I keep joking that we'll buy the next one at the store and make sure it's older than 2 years!
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re:hep b vax

I have an aunt and a close family friend who are hep b + My aunt contracted hep through drug use. My friend did not contract it sexually or through drug use. Although it is not common, hep b can be contracted by coming into contact with blood in a non-high risk way. My friend wonders all the time how she got hep b, it has devestated her life.
Because of my friend's experience, and because of the proximity to 2 hep b + people my son will have, I chose to vax for hep b. We did it at 2 weeks and had no reaction (a reaction to hep b is uncommon). It was very hard to watch his face contort as he was injected, but I held him during the shot and nursed him immediately after and he recovered within seconds.
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Thanks ladies for your responses. It is soo good to hear how you are doing. I am still waiting
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Skullcap tincture

Originally Posted by sunfairy
Does anyone know about skullcap tincture for pain relief in labor?
Hi Stacey,

I used skullcap for my 2nd and 3rd pgs I used it more during the PGs than for actual labor so I cant comment how good it would be good for labor for some reason I thought it would not do much for me it really relaxed me during PG when I felt tense and wound up though...hmmm some help I am lol...render this post useless

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Although I just had my 4th I can really relate to what you are saying. After having my 4th is the first time I bought disposable breast pads (lanisnoh makes the best IMHO) to stop messing up my bras and clothes and bibs and small wash towels to keep around when nursing not to stain up the babies clothes (Hand me downs are a must!).

Breast feeding was not easy for me the first time around and for the first month especially. My first dd would only nurse on my left side and she continued this way for the first month. For one whole month she did this and my left breast is still slightly bigger than my right. But I stuck to it and was able to nurse her all the way till I got PG with my 2nd so do hold on to your guns and stick it out it gets better. There are so many things I tell my dh 'so it took four kids before I figured out xyz' I find this especially true for those of us whos moms were not really intuned with there kids or their own instincts.

Take care
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PP bleeding

I just stopped bleeding a couple of days ago. It seemed to have lasted 3 weeks. With all my others it lasted exactly 40 days. Theres hope mamajaza!

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Hi all,
I was posting with you for a while, then had to go to work for the last four months of pregnancy. I was off from work for two days when my son was born, July 5. It was a bit of a surprise and not at all a labor and delivery that I planned. But we are all well and healthy and although recovery for me has been difficult, we are coming out of it. Gryphon is wonderful and has been a real breastfeeding trooper since birth. He latched on immediately. When my milk came in, I became too large for him and had inverted nipples, so we had to use a nipple shield for a couple of weeks. I was told that he would not wean easily from the shield... but he did all by himself. His tenacity to bf has been inspiring! Anyway, that was off topic but I haven't had anyone to tell about it.
I can't believe he is a month old on Monday! It feels like he was just born. He's a couple pounds larger though!
I hope to be able to keep up chats with you all since we have babies around the same age. Let me know if the thread changes so that I can make sure to sign up for it.
Jennifer : :
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Congratulations on your little one Jennifer! There's also a thread for july mamas in the due date club
ITKWYM about time flying, caiden is 1 month today and it seems like yesterday that he was born! Of course it also seems like another life ago :LOL
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My dd is one week old already! She's so easy going and mellow it's a shock! She sleeps for hours at a time, in the pouch, someone's arms, or next to me in bed. She's alert for a long stretch 2-3 times per day, and nurses at 2-3 hour intervals! Ds weighed 5lbs 3oz and nursed every 45 minutes for a looong time. Having a full term 8lb baby is different! I worried that she wasn't eating enough but she's prolific with her diapers.
My breasts are overfull and drippy, but that will sort out. I love my glamourmom nursing tank since it has a pocket for the breastpad!
Any recommendations for removing newborn breastmilk poop stains? Nothing I tried with ds worked.
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