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Poll Results: Who do you believe?

Poll expired: Jul 11, 2004  
  • 60% (18)
  • 40% (12)
30 Total Votes  
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Under duress - I'm being forced to introduce myself. Us better halves don't normally like the limelight, but - here I am.

So - under no conditions believe Raven that she is the better half. She has let her recent god, er - moderator status go to her head.
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er... I voted Raven Of course!

Everyone - meet my dh!
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Well, so far it is unanimous for Raven--sorry

Welcome to the boards!!
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Welcome! We need more DH's around here.
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But I voted raven!

I was the fairy that sent the tea to your family!!! Welcome aboard!
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Hey! Who voted for vai? :

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Welcome, Vai! I voted for ya but that was before I realized that Raven is a Mod ~ cool.
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I didn't vote yet, I'll have to see if you can measure up to Shireen , a pretty tall order she's GREAT!!!
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Been told I gotta make more mischief if I'm gonna start threads like this :|

So uh ...

1/3 of the votes aint bad considering my post count ...
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I always root for the underdog
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Hi Vai!
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That poll count is looking mighty scarey! :

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It's not really a race until it's tied!
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IT'S A TIE!! :
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Hmmm..... What to do, what to do..
Where should my vote go
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me! me! pick me!
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Broke the tie for ya, Raven.

vai, thank you so much for fixing these! : : :
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Sustainer (nice new username btw! )
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Hola, Vai... Que Pasa? I, fortunately, voted for RAAAAVEN 'cause I know her... :LOL However, her Support Bra status is still a mystery to me!
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Nice to meet another daddy here. They are few & far between it seems! Watch out for some us... we bite those that stir the pot

OH!! I have seen you topless!!!

I voted for you Raven. I know She is trulely a sweetie.
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