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Seattle area, anyone??

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Greetings All!

(This note also appears in the tribe forum...)

I am a healer, massage therapist, and medical intuitive living in NC.

I just discovered I need to return to Seattle for a deposition. I was in a car accident 4 years ago while I was in Seattle for a weekend to attend a Neurostructural Integration workshop.

I am currently a single mom of Ettiene, 10 months, (as well as 17 and 21 year old girls)

I am looking to see if there is anyone out there who would like a house guest, with nursing baby in tow, for a short while, starting July 11th, in exchange for some unique bodywork, movement therapy, and/ or a reading.

I love the outdoors and would like to consider camping, but I don't want to carry all the equipment with the babe...
I will probably stay for a week, and I would very much appreciate connecting with like minded folks, as well as seeing some of the natural beauty of the Northwest.

All comments and suggestions for my trip would be greatly appreciated!!


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mama love, i live in tacoma so i dont know if thats too far for you , i have a med sized apartment that ive managed to share with other familys many times, pm me if youd like to talk.
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