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Hey pregos! I have a horrible time keeping everyone straight, and just don't have the time/energy to dig through the weekly threads trying to figure out who's who. So what do y'all think about we all post our intro right here so it's in one spot and no need to dig through other posts?

Here's mine

I'm Eva, WAHMama to Gretchen 3 1/2 and Koen just turned 2.

I have antiphospholipid syndrome which evidently has been the cause of our 4 losses. I'm on daily aspirin currently and will be starting heprin injections on the 15th. Whatever it takes. It looks like I'll be followed by both the base clinic and a perinatalogist up at Bethesda. I would REALLY love to be able to have this baby in the wonderful birth center up near Annapolis but I don't know yet if that's a good idea or not being high-risk. We'll just have to wait and see. The good news is the hospital I'd be delivering at otherwise, allows water births!! If we do get to go to the birth center it'll mean at least an hour and half long drive... yuck but definitely worth it. And the hospital is an hour away... oh the joys of living in the middle of nowhere!

Looking forward to getting to know everyone!
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Hi Eva
Wow... we are all going to be sending you the best vibes for this pregnancy to go well and your baby to come healthy and cute
I am Poli, have 3 kids myself (1 girl and 2 boys ages 6, 4 and 15 months) and have had 2 pregnancy losses (the first was a blighted ovum, and the second - 6 months later - was twin boys at 17 weeks due to TTTS).
My last pregnancy was very stressful because I was afraid I was going to lose that baby too, but everything went well. Now, 15 months later, I find myself pregnant again and I hope everything goes well this time.

PS So you are the DuckyBuns wahm! I began doing cloth diapers with my youngest and plan to CD the new baby too
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This is a good thing because I've been popping in here and there so I should probably officially join in
I'm Karen, momma to Tristan who's going to be 4 at the end of September. Prior to his birth I was a surrogate mother and made two daddies out of two men In case anyone was wondering, I wouldn't have had it any other way; everyone was concerned that having a baby for someone else first before I had one of my own was very dangerous. I thought quite the contrary and think even moreso now after I had Tristan. I don't know that I could give a child away now, even if it wasn't biologically mine. But that's the short version of the story!
The surro birth was the dreaded c-section. I was induced. Need I say more?
Tristan's birth was a VBAC. Also induced. Do I ever learn? Thank goodness it turned out well. 3 hours after having my water broken with no other interventions besides literally fighting off an IUCP and having several arguements with my ob, my son was born.
I was induced with him because he was "large". At 38 weeks (which was true since I'm a charter), he was 8lb 12 oz.
This time... My dream is to have a 10 pound baby at home on the first day of Spring!!!
I'm trying to figure out my course of care. I have the names of two lay-midwives in the area. I called the one I'm pretty certain about but haven't gotten a call back yet. Hmph. Trying not to put too much thought into that one lol. I'm sure the woman is busy
I want to have a heart to heart with her and try to find my path; if I want to forgoe all testing and just use her or see someone else as well during the first 20 weeks.
Anyhoo, other than that, I'm 29, live in a teeny tiny rented house and am hoping to buy something before the baby is born. I do medical exams on people applying for life insurance nights/weekends and my husband writes service for a car dealership.
My son is calling for boobies so I have to go because I can't concentrate with "boobie boobie!!!" in the background
Nice to meet you all!!!
Due somewhere around 3/17/05
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Hi everyone. My name is Alicyn (a-lee-sin) and I am fairly new to Mothering.com. My husband and I were married 8-30-03 and are now pregnant with our first child. The EDD is 3-5-05. I am a little scared about making it through the first Trimester. Everyone says this is the most critical time of the pregnancy. This is my first time being pregnant and I guess I have the jitters. We are thinking positive thoughts and are being prayerful that things will go well and we will have a healthy baby. We are very curious to see who our baby will look like, my husband and I look just alike. NO...we are not kissing cousins. Everyone asks us if we are brother and sister. We are very excited about our baby. I have been reading books and on the internet like crazy!! We have our first class 7/18/04, the pregnancy experience. It is nice to meet everyone and I hope to build some strong friendships. I will keep everyone in my prayers that things go well for you and your families.
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Hey everyone, and congratulations!

My name is Kylie, and I am mom to 3 wonderful boys. Ryan (5 1/2), Brandon (4), and Nathan (17 months). I am due on 3/2/05 but am hoping for possibley 3/4/5 because it's such a neat date and it happens to be my birthday. I'm fighting morning sickness right now, I typically have it for at least 7 months, with my first I was nauseated until the moment he delivered. This will be my last baby so I'm trying to enjoy what I can and forgive the rest. We finally told my in laws and my mother, nobody was negative or rude about it which was nice. So far I've only had a few rude responses (in regards to it being my 4th) but most people just assume it was either a surprise or we were still trying for the girl.

Here's to a happy healthy pregnancy with you ladies!!
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Kylie - just wanted to say that I find it so cool that your 3 kids are almost the same age as mine!!! DD is from 06/98, DS#1 is from 09/99 and DS#2 is from 04/03!!
Congrats on your pregnancy!
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Congrats everyone!

I'm Melissa, mother to 3yo Anna. This is my third pg; I had a m/c in April. I'm due on March 16th. As far as symptoms go, I'm exhausted all the time, peeing most of the time, hungry all the time, and my boobs have gone up a full cup size and feel like rocks! They are so painful I'm starting to consider cutting them off! The worst part is that they have been this way for two weeks, and it's starting to get REALLY old!

I'm in the middle of a major life change: I'm leaving my full-time job of 6 years to take a part-time job for less money. My job was starting to consume me and my DD was paying the price. So, this happens at kind of a crazy time for me. I won't hear if I have the job I really want until 7/15, so any good thoughts at this point will be GREATLY appreciated. My last day of work is 7/23. I can't wait!!!
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Hi! I'm Serina, a stay-at-home mom and natural childbirth educator. Pre-motherhood, I was an adoption specialist with older/special needs children. My husband is a design engineer transitioning into full-time campus ministry. We're moving to Pittsburgh once all of the fund development is done.

Our daughter, Maya, is 20 months and such a delight. When you ask her where the baby is, she points to my belly. She adores babies, and we hope that fends of jealousy come March.

We're looking at a homebirth right now, though a few things are complicating our prenatal care decisions. Since we're moving to Pittsburgh, but don't know when, we have to figure out if the baby will be born here or there. If we can move during this pregnancy, I can give birth in a birth center, which is what I long for!

I'm excited to have other expectant women to chat with! We haven't told many people yet, and all of my pregnant friends are due this fall.

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My name is LeShea(like-Shea stadium with an Le in front of it)......I am 38 and have a dd, named Sarah. I have been married to my husband, Jim, for the last 14 years.......he is a machinist and I am a registered nurse that works with cardiothoracic patients......think open heart surgery and lung surgeries.....

I am hoping that I will have just a regular old delivery like last time but with less ripping!! LOL! I had Sarah fast for a first baby (<6hrs) so I had a stage 3 tear with her......no, I was not induced. Evidently I am not a slow poke when it comes to labor.....I am glad to see so many people to share with in the next few months!!!
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All right, I'm going to join in!

I'm Kash, mommy to nearly-4-yo Gillian. I just tested this morning at 13dpo, though I've been pretty convinced I was pg since late last week. Yesterday's beginnings of nausea were a big clue, too.

Gillian's birth was a 'nearly' natural birth; I had some Nubain about four or five hours before she was born. In retrospect, I was mainly just dehydrated! We're planning a homebirth for this one, and have already interviewed a few midwives (though direct-entry midwives are 'alegal' at present in Georgia).

Karen, I'd love to hear about your surrogate experience some time - it's something I've considered after dh and I are done, because chances are I will be 'done' before my 30th birthday.

Oh! I'm due March 21st, or 20th if you go by LMP instead of ovulation. I'm going with the 21st, though.
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Hi everyone!

I'm Molly, almost 30 years old, and I'm newly pg with my third and most likely, last baby. So, I intend to enjoy every second of this pregnancy! I have 2 boys, 10 and 2. My little one is still nursing a lot - we're nak right now.

I'm hoping to have mt 1st homebirth. My last two births were unmedicated and the most recent one was about the least medical hospital birth possible, but I wan't to stay home where no one will tell me what to do and I don't have to travel anywhere!

I ovulated about 6/27, so Fertility Friend is giving me an EDD of March 19. I'm hoping for an equinox baby!
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I'm hoping for an equinox baby too! If we all talk about it enough, it may happen. You know how when you're around your friends long enough, you cycle together? That even happens to my friends that I have on an email list that was formed back when my 3.5 year old was born (and during pregnancy). One of the girls I have been joking with for the last few months to have sex when *I* was ovulating so she'd get pregnant.
Guess who found out right when I did!?!? lol!

Email me if you want (or PM me) about surrogacy. I'm actually going to see my surrobabe (who is turning 5 in August) in a couple of weeks.
There are different types of surrogacy, obviously. We went the AI route which means artificial insemination using my own egg. Reason being, this was two men and they had no reason to use a donor egg if the surrogate was willing and able to be a biological birth mother.
I don't think I have met another woman who did it the way I did, meaning, before having her own kids. I wouldn't do it any other way. Not sure if I could do it after birthing my son and nursing him and all of that stuff that goes along with it But who knows!!!!

As far as my care goes, I did talk to the midwife I'm going to be using. I'm really positive about it, and found out that she can order testing if needed or wanted. I had told her I was torn about it and didn't know if I wanted parallel care or not. Matter of fact I don't, but if I wanted a sonogram at 20 weeks, I thought I'd have to. Not the case! So I'm at ease now and feel like God willing, all strings to traditional medicine have been snipped. She doesn't start seeing clients until 12 weeks which is fine with me. I know how to care for myself during that time and she also doesn't want to use a doppler until at least then too. She may even accept my insurance which is a bonus.
Next to owning a home (hopefully happening within a year's time), having a baby at home has always been one of my dreams. I was born at home, although accidentally
Take care ladies!
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I'm Lila, 31-year-old New York City mom to one 3 year old daughter who was born via cesarean for breech. I'm a labor support doula and childbirth educator in training (just a few weeks away from certification!!) and married to a wonderful husband who's a woodworker/cabinetmaker. Very much hoping for an HBAC. Also hoping there will be a new president by the time this baby comes around!
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Welcome Lila!
We were in NYC for the 4th and everytime we visit I think about how absolutely cool it would be to raise a child there. How do you like it and where do you live?
As a childbirth educator and doula I am sure you have the proper resources and support for an HBAC!
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Karen, we're in Greenwich Village and it IS a wonderful place to raise a child. We have an unbelievable community here, a huge support network of other parents. It's really lovely. It is definitely harder in some respects--we live in a tiny apartment that we just aren't going to be able to sustain with two children for very long. Parking is hell. Food is expensive. But it's breastfeeding-friendly, wonderful organic food everywhere, and lots of parents I see eye to eye with.

I definitely get 100% support on the HBAC from other doulas and CBEs, that's true, and I'm grateful for it, but I unfortunately don't get that much support from others about it . Homebirth is just not something that's very common, even here in the hippie village, and especially not after a c/s. I feel pretty alone in that respect!
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Hi All.
Just got my positive this evening, after 2 1/2 years of trying. The shock still hasn't worn off.

I'm due March 20th and two of my other children are also March babies so I guess it's "my" month.

My oldest was born at a childbirth center (he's 13 now) and my other two (9 and 4) were born at home. We're planning another homebirth this time as well. We haven't told any family yet, maybe next month, but I can't wait to call my midwife tomorrow. This will be our last baby, so I'm going to savour every moment!
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Yay,welcome Joan!

I am Rebecca,mother to three wonderful little kiddos.They are ages 6,4 and 2.I am a SAHM and i make jewelry for a side gig.I live in Southern Cali and it is hot here as we speak.I will be having a homebirth just like with my other 3 kiddos.I am due March 1st and i am feeling sick,sick,sick!
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Hello everyone!

Hi everyone! I tested a week ago, 13dpo. My name is Shannon and I have a DS who is 19-months old. DH and I were going to start trying last fall for baby #2, but as life would have it, we had to postpone our plans for awhile. I can't wait to get to know all of you and to share our countdown to March 2005. My EDD is March 17th, lucky St. Patty's Day !! My birthday is also in March, so it'll be fun to share it with a new little baby. I am still pretty "early" in the pregnancy, 4 weeks 3 days, so..... NO morning sickness yet. In fact, I'm not having many symptoms at all other than thirst and fatigue (no complaints here!!).
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Hi all. I'm Maya, mama to Ds who's 2.5. I live with him and my husband in the UK; I'm english and Dh is American, we moved back here this yr after 12 yrs in the US (SF, NYC and Western MA). I'm a music therapist but have barely worked since DS, would like to try and do some before being propelled back into full-full-time motherhood again.

One of the big draws back to the UK was free midwifes and homebirths on the NHS, so I'm glad to be able to make use of that, now, as well as subsidized childcare and a generally more child-friendly culture. Hey, you get free dental care here if you're pg or nursing; luckily I'm both!.

We had a m/c before DS, and another this past Dec, but I feel very differently with this pg. It feels like it's here to stay, even though I'm only 4.5 weeks right now. I am soooooo tired all the time.

citygirl, when I was pg with DS I had a very vivid dream that it was a girl and she told me her name was Lila! We looked up meanings and discovered what a cool name it is. Where did your name come from?
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Greetings mamas!

Im Jamie and Im 4w3d pregnant with my 4th! WOW! I cant beleive Im going to have 4 kids! I think Im still in shock. lol My other kiddos are.....
Kailyn - 5 Hospital Birth w/Epi, epesiotpmy, rips internal and external (She shot out), IV, on my back and a total 7hr 15min labor. She was 7lbs 6oz. I was treated like crap throughout my labor. But was treated extreamly well during my postpardum stay. I guess that once all the nurses saw that I was breastfeeding my baby that I was no longer the typical hated young single mom. ~rolleyes~ Anyway.
Brennen - 2.5 (will be 3 in Oct.) Hospital Birth w/Epi, no cut but small tear externally, IV, and on my back again and a 3hr labor. He was 9lb 11oz And since he was so bid they wouldnt allow me to nurse him until they cked his blood sugar. GRRR..... (I know better now.) And he wanted the boobie immediately so I had to hold him and try to calm him while screamming for boobie. They tryed to give him a bottle instead but we wouldnt let them so they finally had to let me nurse him. They keep sticking his heal to ck his blood sugar. Poor baby. He was fine ofcourse. Then the nurses keep trying to talk me into giving him formula.. "These big babies need more right away". I just keep to my guns and said NOPe, Mommies milk will be just fine. ALL of my babies had GAINED weight before we left teh hospital so obvoisly mommies milk is jsut fine! lol Oh and Hes still nursing strong.
Donovan - 15 mnths Hospital water birth All natural, 2 hr labor. Only a short 5 minuites on my back in teh bed. Midwive was intentionally tryign to slow me down. The pool wasnt ready yet. lol You can see in teh video my midwive comming in looking at the pool, looking at me, and then saying soemthing to the nurses and then all of a sudden you see them dumping buckets of water into the pool to help it fill. Almost didnt make the water. I didnt think we were going to, but we did just in time. I didnt get to labor in the water but It was nice birthing in it.

This baby is going to be a home water birth with a midwife if all goes well.

Glad to met you all and hope to get to know you all better and hope to see us all with strong healthy babies come March! Oh, my due date is March 19th according to LMP.

Jamie ;o)
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