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Bead Thank yous/Descriptions

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I liked the idea of a new thread for describing our beads in one place... Only one post per mama, OK?

Thanks to all the mamas for sending my beads; I'm excited to start getting them one by one! These are all so gorgeous:

From Meredith: small avocado green with black specks.
From AdventureSheryl: medium heart-shaped blue marbled stone.
From AnnaBanana: TWO small natural-shaped (is that what tumbled means?) amethyst and white beads. (Oh, I get it, two beads for two babies, hehe!)
From SaraChumani: small light blue, w/a sky blue stripe in the middle (looks like the blue sky peeking through light clouds).
From Lazuli: medium cylinder-shaped (clay?) bead, with a cool painted design (purple, pink, aqua) on a sparkling silver background.
From Lynsey: flat, green oval with a gold cross/Jesus image. (How in the world did you manage to get it here safely without padding? And I LOVE your family's address sticker!)
From Chrissy: small round (?) pottery (?), turquoise and brown.
From Jen: small round snowflake obsidian, black and gray.
From Sistermama: medium oval, translucent red/orange w/gold swirls inside.
From Heather: small round black bead, multifaceted.
From Blueviolet: small light green flower.
From Samantha/mum2tori: TWIN clear glass medium beads, with raised red dots all around!
From Danielle/3under3: medium round turquoise, with really cool marbling.
From Kara: large glass cylinder bead, with multicolor stripes. Very nice! Oh, and a zillion gorgeous tumbled spacer beads (hematite, I think, the one that's a silvery metallic color.)

I FINISHED MY BRACELET!!! Woo hoo!! I'm loving this, thank you so much, everyone... See the bracelet here:

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Thank you from Jen


Meredith, for the carnelian bead
Savannah, for the hematite bead
SarahB, for the amber-colored glass bead
Anna, for the leaf bead (what else from our gardening girl?)
Sheryl, for the hematite moon bead
Lazuli, for the bead the stone of which I recognize but can't name - it's a marbled green and white with bits of pink in it
Danielle, for the faceted jade bead
Lynsey, for the green glass leaf bead
Chrissy, for the indescribably colorful not-quite-round bead
Kara, for the square bead made of the same stone as the bead Lazuli sent me!! And wrapped up in a piece of felt that looked like a sweet little Halloween ghost!
Sarah (sistermama), for the blue speckled glass bead
Samantha, for the large reddish-brown stone bead (do you know what kind of stone?)
Linda, for the lovely iolite heart *sewn onto the card*, how clever are you!

Hope I'm not confusing anyone's, I don't have them in front of me and am going from memory...

Thank you!

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Thank You!!!!

Sheryl- for the heart shaped bead
SarahB- for the pinkish bead with darker pink specks
Jen- for the snowflake obsidian bead
Savannah- for the round green bead with swirls of dark green, black, and gold
Anna- for the round, flat, tan and greenish, striped bead
Lynsey- for the leaf shaped bead
Lazuli- for the white, oblong bead with a painted pink flower on it
Chrissy- for the colorful, disk shaped ceramic bead
Sarah- for the amber colored round bead
Danielle- for the amethyst bead
Kara- for the green bead with a with a white "cloud" around it
Linda- for the lime green flower bead
Samantha- for the pink oblong bead with dark pink spots

Ladies, these beads are so beautiful and special I can't wait to make my bracelet!
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Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!

Meredith/Greenbeing for the round grayish-brown bead with splotches of bright colors!

Savannah/msrog for the little round pink bead with splotches of green, white, and dark pink!

Sarah/Chumani for the funky cool shaped bright red bead!

Anna/Annabanana for the round tan and darker brown stripy bead!

Lazuli/Kimesa for the oblong, wavy shaped palest palest lavendar bead!

Jen for the snowflake obsidian bead (which i would never have known what to call it but for your note)

SherylAdventuregirl for the super cool purple (quartz?) v-shaped bead!

Lynsey/Mom2baldie for the green teardrop shaped bead (and the super-sweet note )

Kara/Kabes for the blue round bead that looks like it has a light inside of it!

Danille/3under3 for the beautiful card! Unfortunately the USPS stole the bead, but the card said it was amethyst so I will just get myself one!

Sarah/Sistermama for the round bead with cool colors like the forest- green, yellow, and brown!

Linda/Blueviolet for the pale green daisy-shaped bead!

Samantha/Mum2Tori for the oblong, clear glass bead with little yellow balls!

I am so excited to make my bracelet!!

Lots of ,
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Whee, more beads came yesterday!

Than you so much for:

A pretty funky shaped greenish blue bead from Greenbeing (maybe flourite?)
A hematite bead from Anna
A snowflake obsidian bead from Jen
A pale blue interestingly shaped bead from Chumani
A nifty, hard to descrobe metal bead from Adventuregirl
A round green and white bead with red stars from Msrog
An oval red and silver multi colored bead from Sistermama
A faceted round amethyst bead from 3under3
A speckled blue ceramic bead from Chrissy
A flat round, green bead from mom2baldie
A round black bead with a white stripe around the middle from Kara
A green bead shaped like a flower from Linda
A clear bead with yellow bumps on it (makes me think of a puffer fish! ) From mum2tori

For the moment all my beads are living in a little wooden box on my desk. I love opening my little box and looking at all the beads. Can't wait to make my bracelet!
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Okay I'm really slacking. I've got all the beads sorted, ready to go and need to go to the PO tomorrow and send them out.

I've gotten several beads already.

Thank you!!!!

Meredith/Greenbeing- a pretty bali silver bead.

Jen/JenInMpls: pretty blue snowflake obsidian bead. (so appropriate from you )

Sarah/chumani- a wonderful shaped aquamarine color clear glass bead.

Savannah/msrog- a cool zebra jasper stone bead.

Anna/bananagirl - little square/diamond shaped light lavender bead

Kimesa/Lazuli - pretty oblong wavy lavender and clear bead

Sheryl/adventuregirl -- a rosebud bead that was "stolen" by the USPS machine.

Chrissy- a turquoise, green and brown swirly colored bead

Sarah/sistermama- clear aquamarine and gold bead

Kara/kabes – pretty frosted clear bead with deep blue inside and a cute little white felt bag that it came in.

Lynsey/ mom2baldie – a cool shaped piece of turquoise

Linda/Blueviolet - a pretty little clear green flower.

Danielle/3under3- a round tourquoise bead.

Ooooh I can't want to sit down and design the bracelet.

ETA: I finally got a chance to sit quietly and string my beads. I was going to make a bracelet but between the silver spacers and the cobalt blue beads that several friends sent for blessings... it was a little longer. So I make an anklet instead. I have a baby bootie charm that I plan to put on it, just need to get a jumpring for. Here's a pict of my Blessing Anklet. I tried to be a clear picture but then you couldn't see the colors as well. Thank you so much for the blessings, I will cherish it always.
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Thank you Sept. Mamas!!!

Meredith/greenbeing - tiny round lapis bead
Savannah/msrog - lapis bead w/ green speckling
Sarah/chumani - turquoise glass bead
Kimesa/lazuli - round royal blue bead
Jen/jeninmpls - round snowflake obsidian
Anna/annabanana - tumbled amythest bead
Sheryl/adventuregirl - 'V' shaped amythest bead
Chrissy - clay bead with blue painting
Danielle/3under3 - crystal cut amythest bead
Sarah/sistermama - the PO stole it - I love the poem!
Lynsey/mom2baldie - square green glass bead, the hole is from corner to corner -neat!
Heather/hjohnson - clear light green crystal cut bead
Linda/blueviolet - round periwinkle swirl bead
Samantha/mum2tori - purple bumpy bead

Wow, today I received 5 beads!! I don't think I've ever gotten so much happy mail in one day before. Mine are ready to go but it is pouring rain today. I'm going to wait until tomorrow to go to the PO. Thanks again - they are all so beautiful! -Kara

Everyone - If any of my blessings come without a bead please let me know! I'd love an excuse to go back to the bead store, so I will replace it for you.
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Thank you!

to Meredith for the green bead
to Jen for the round snowflake obsidian bead
to Kimesa for the square pink and violet bead
to Sheryl for the heart shaped silver/metallic bead
to Savannah for the round blue, black & white bead
to Sarah/chumani for the round glass bead with specks of color on the inside
to Anna for the oval black & gray speckled bead
to Kara for the beautiful blue round bead
to Chrissy for the blue bead with darker colored specks
to Sarah/Sistermama for the aqua glass bead with specks of dark blue on the inside
to Samantha for the blue round bead with "spikes"!
to Linda for the pale green flower-shaped bead
to Danielle for the round turquoise bead with black markings
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We opened the beads!!!

3under3-no bead, but Jonah loves the card and carries it around everywhere!
AnnaBanana- moss colored glass rectangle
JeninMpls- snowflake obsidian
Sistermama- light teal spiral cut
Adventuregirl- blue stone heart
blueviolet- orange heart
greenbeing- aquamarine with black and silver triangular shape
lazuli- Red with yellow and black dots
mom2baldie- clear green square
msrog- clear glass with multi colored stripes
mum2tori- white on white oval
chrissy- blue "wavy" with orange dots

I had so much fun doing this!!
Peaceful Birth Blessings to all!!
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thank you for your blessings!

Hey Ladies!

This has been so much fun to do.... checking the mailbox, preparing my packages to go out.... picking the beads for each of you! It has all been so fun!

sistermama - A "chunky" squarish amber bead
blueviolet - A multi-faceted deep redish amber bead
3under3 - A sparkly "tumbled" amber bead
jen - A round Snowflake obsidian bead
chrissy - casualty of the federal mail system..
Kabes - An oval disc in reddish amber shades
Lynsey -A deep green leaf of glass
Lazuli -A round "marbelized" stone bead in shades of cream and black
hjohnson -A round multi-faceted bead in amber colored glass
Savannah -casualty of the Federal mail system...
greenbeing - A smooth round bead of carnelian
adventuregirl -casualty of the Federal mail system...

Thank you everyone! It is really neat to see how different all the beads are from one another and to see how lovely they are together!

Love to all
Anna Banana
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I'm taking my beads down to the post office today! Hopefully you all will be receiving them Monday or Tuesday. Sorry for the delay!

I've received 12 so far:

greenbeing -- dark blue with gold markings
jen -- snowflake obsidian
chumani -- a soft greyish-blue disk
lazuli -- oblong smoky purple and green
adventuregirl -- smoky clear stone heart with dark green patterning
msrog -- layers of different shades of green
annabanana -- deep purple heart
mom2baldie -- iridescent green ufo-shaped disk
sistermama -- aqua spiral cone
chrissy -- turquoise and earth-colored ceramic
3under3 -- irididescent blue-green
kabes -- periwinkle cat's-eye

I can't wait to string them all together!
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Originally Posted by banana girl
Hey Ladies!

Sadly, I must admit that two envelopes have arrived without a bead inside. both were slightly torn and not in a padded envelope. Oh well, I feel the love, if not the bead.

Love to all
Anna Banana
I received two yesterday that were both missing beads!

I'm sorry to not have been keeping record of who has sent what so far, but I thank all of you for the beads and blessings!
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I took mine down to the post office so they'd get out quicker, and it was a good thing because the clerk told me that to write "HAND PROCESS" on the envelope is not enough because it will be hand stamped but still go throught the sorting machines at the destination end, but you can pay extra money to have a special sticker put on it so that won't happen. What a scam, huh? Every little extra cent they can squeeze out of you...
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3under3 I received two envelopes without beads too. One of the envelopes had the bead ripped out. The bubble wrap was hanging out of the envelope. It is the thought that counts!
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It has been so fun to get all these little packages in the mail!!! I'll list the ones I've gotten tonight. I hope you will let me know if any of you are missing a bead from me (due to po isssues), because I would hate for you not to have gotten one!

I can't wait to put my bracelet together!! Here are the beautiful beads I have received:

Chrissy - blue glazed pottery bead
Danielle - amythest
Kara - irridescent orange
Samantha - oblong clear with yellow dots
Anna - ethnic white with black
Jen - snowflake obsidian
Linda - green daisy
Savannah - clear with green and gold
Sheryl - moon shaped malachite
Meredith - white flecked with color
Sarahb - vivid orange with flecks of other colors
Lazuli - clear with blue, green and orange
Lynsey - clear green disc

Thank you also for the beautiful cards with messages of love and support! I think we have created an amazing community, and it is so special to me to be "surrounded" by strong mamas who view birth in a positive light. I wish all mamas could receive that type of support. I plan on having the cards and notes with me in labor, and I treasure them as much as I treasure my beads!!!
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Ladies just so you know I have 9 more beads to send out. I got 5 of them sent out and then I was slowed down by a surprise visit from my sister. She spent a week here. Hopefully I will get the rest out today or at the latest tomorrow.
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From my count it looks like we all have 12 or 13 beads... So is there someone who still hasn't sent out any beads? Did we lose an exchange member? I don't want to start the bracelet and then realize there was another coming... Let me try to see from the list who it might be:

Never mind. I'm only missing Kara's bead, and others have received one from her. So I'll just wait patiently... NOT! haha

Thanks again, ladies!!! This is so fun! I like the idea of bringing the cards with me, too...
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Oh no, Sarah (Sistermama) did you not get the bead(s) I sent you? I see that Anna didn't. I will try to get to the store this week and get them out again to you guys. Is there anybody else who hasn't received a bead from me? I sent one out to everybody a couple of weeks ago, so they should all be there by now.
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Chrissy I am one that didn't get your bead. When I got the envelope it looked like one of the processing machines at the post office managed to rip it out of the envelope. I hate to let you know but you wanted to know. Bad Post Office!
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Originally Posted by hjohnson
When I got the envelope it looked like one of the processing machines at the post office managed to rip it out of the envelope.
Each one of the "caualties" I posted about, were torn envelopes... It was especially weird to have the tissue paper and the stuff used to protect the bead still be in the envelope! But no bead! Oh well, I'm really not that concerned about it though... I have enjoyed myself immensely!

Thank you everyone!
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