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~Delightful Unassisted Birth~

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I am adding things now, 7 months later, so some of the details and chronology might be a bit off. Enjoy!

Well, **SHE** is here! My second baby, born July 9th, 2004, at 12:53pm. I was so convinced I was going to have a boy. What a suprise, now I have two grrls

She has opinions on everything! She cried when she was born, and cries whenever anything is not going her way. So different from my first baby, who I rarely heard cry.

It was the easiest birth I could have wished for. Almost totally painless. In my story, when I refer to contractions, hugs and rushes, they were all pretty mild and more like a energy wave, then major pain. I think part of the reason it went so well is that I took homeopathic arnica thoughout the labour, and rubbed arnica gel on my belly, back, and yoni. I also took some rescue remedy when I was feeling shakey towards the end, and some pulsatilla and chamomilla at different appropriate times. I also moved how I felt good, and was amazed at how just a simple adjustment in position would change the rushes. It also had to do with my mindset as well, thouroughly believing in myself to be able to birth safely and easily unassisted.

Labour started on the 8th during the day. I could feel my uterus tighten every once in a while, and was excited that my baby might be born soon. I kept this to myself, cause I didn't want to get everyone worked up for nothing. I figured that this labour would be about half of as long my first labour was, cause that was how it was for my mom when she had me and my brother, and it was. I never really timed the contractions, cause that didn't seem to me like a good indicator of how far along I was. I checked my dialation instead, not by centimeters, but by how much of the babies head I could feel. I could always feel the amniotic sac and waters whenever I checked my dialation, a perfect cushion for me and the babe. It was nice, cause with my first birth, the membranes were artificially ruptured, which made labour a whole lot more painful.

As labour progressed that night, I watched a movie with my family. My SIL (mamafern) gave me acupressure, and womyn, that felt good. After the movie, everyone dispersed, as per my request, and I told Marty that I thought tonight would be the night so I started doing some major nesting. I put the huge kiddy pool in the middle of the living room, with two shower curtains underneath, and put out my various birth things that I thought I would need (piles of towels, homeopathics, lit candles, motherwort tincture, perinium cloths...).

The pool was the same one that I laboured in with my 1stDD, so it was kind of nostalgic for me. I realized that I was probably not going to have the baby for quite awhile yet after everything was prepared so I went to bed and tried to sleep a bit. I was very excited though, and the rushes were sometimes too much to sleep through, but I was able to sleep for a good amount of time that night. Some time during the late night, I couldn't sleep, because of the contractions, so I got up and filled the kiddy pool with a garden hose attached to the shower head in the bathroom, making sure to make it nice and hot like I wanted it last time around, but it never seemed to be hot enough that time. I plunged in there and Marty woke up then and asked if I needed/ wanted him to do anything. I said not really, and we talked for a bit, and he tried to go back to sleep. My mom came in some time too, wondering what was going on (remember, I didn't tell anyone yet, other than marty)

I spent a total of about 4 contractions in the kiddy pool, and I realized that I didn't like it. It was just way too PVC-stinky for me to be in. And I wondered if my first labour was so painful because I was in this smelly thing.

So I went back to bed again, and slept between contractions till my DD woke up, and I got up too, as the sun was coming up and I didn't want to be in bed anymore. I spent basically the whole labour alone, that morning, except for when I wanted someone, or something and they'd be right there, and that was good. They really respected my needs and wants, maybe because I really drilled it into their heads I would move from on my bed to on the guest bed, and walk around. When my DD came near me
during a contraction, I don't know if it was phychological or what, but that intensified the contractions, and I asked marty to get her out of there.

Luckily, I was living in my moms basement suite at the time, and she was supportive of my having an UC so she watched DD while I did my thing. Marty was nearby and was still trying to sleep in the early morning, so I was on my own, like I wanted it.

After awhile, I wanted to be in water, so I went into my nice big bathtub. I stayed in there for a long time, feeling so nice and warm. the rushes were getting closer together, but so gentle still, just like at the beginning of labour. I wondered if something was up, but trusted that everything would be ok. I got out of the tub right before "tranny", and took some pictures of my swelling belly that had henna all around my belly button. Marty was going from bed, to me, to kitchen, tired as he was, and made me some miso soup, brought me some water, my homeopathics, some candles, and RR leaf tea. I think I had a whole bunch more things there on the bathtub edge, but I can't remember now. I kept popping my arnica, and rubbing the arnica gel all over my lower belly, back, and all around my yoni too, expecting labour to get more painful.

I was sitting in the bathtub with the soles of my feet together all during the end of labour and was totally dialated for about an hour or two (time was not really an issue for me) in awe. I could feel the whole of the babies head up there, and no cervix anymore. With my first (MW-assisted) birth, at this point in labour, I was peeling the wallpaper with my screams, so I was impressed. My mom came in then, and I told her how I was doing, and that the baby was going to come soon. She just listened and went back upstairs with DD after a few moments.

All of a sudden, I could feel something happening, big movemant, and knew that this baby was coming in a few minutes. I had a little "transition cry", not for the pain, but the INTENSITY. I was bringing another human being into the world! And I was still in awe that so far, it wasn't painful (lucky me). I got on all fours in the bathtub, and my body started grunting. It was so delightful as she headed down the birth canal. I was having such a good time, then I realized that everyone was going to miss her being born if I don't call them now, so I yelled to DP (who was napping), nonchalantly "Marty, can you get my mom and haeven," so he ran to get them. Then I got the urges to push, and I sat on my haunches (wanting a water birth. It's funny the things you think of, at those moments) and let her head slowly come out, with the sac around her head (born in the caul). Now I know what it feels like to really want to push. As soon as I felt her face through the sac, she turned her head, and the sac burst. Right at that moment, DP, my mom and DD came around the corner to see Samayas head hanging between my legs (must have looked pretty cool!) I was up on my knees above the water by that time, and I held her head in one hand as the rest of her spiraled out of me, and I caught her with my other hand, while my mom, DD and partner watched me at the side of the tub. Everyone was like, WOW. DD pionted at her and said, "BAYBEE.." I brought my baby up to my chest, close to my heart, and she breathed after a few seconds, sputtered and cried.

I sat back down in the water and we were all mesmerized with this little person who just joined the family. After an timeless moment, I asked Marty to get her a hat and receiving blanket, as she was wet and I didn't want her to get too cold. I don't know how long it was, when Marty realized that he should go check the time. Marty figured out it was 12:56, after staring at the clock for about 20 seconds, lost in space, and we thought it had been about three minutes since her debut, so she was born at 12:53, by our estimations.

Right then, after marty finished checking the clock contraption, I started to bleed in the water. I could see the blood reaching all the corners of the bathtub. It was kinda scary looking, but I knew it was ok. I now realize it was probably the placenta separating from the wall of the uterus, but I took a squirt of motherwort tincture, JIC.

So then, I decided to get out of the bathtub. I asked Marty to go get the placenta bowl. Just as Marty was coming around the corner with the bowl, and I stepped out of the tub, Marty put the bowl under me and the placenta slamdunked into the bowl, just in time. It was kinda funny and there was quite a blood splatter on the door of the bathroom that my mom later cleaned up.

I ventured out of the bathroom holding baby attached to placenta in the bowl carried by marty. I was still leaking, so I had towels between my legs, and I went and sat on my bed and they rushed to get me some big velvet pillows that I was leaning on for my 1st DD's birth. I felt like a queen. that's when marty took some pictures. I tried to nurse her, and kept her warm by changing the blanet that I was covering her with once it soaked up as much stuff as possible, and then later used thick wool blankets after she was all dry. I was in another world. I felt so good. In my pictures, you just see me smiling...

In a few hours, we cut the cord. It was white and the placenta was really in the way, with my 19 month old DD crawling all over me nursing, and trying to see her new sister in my arms. Marty boiled some hemp string and sewing scissors for the cord.

He cut it very gently, but later I noticed a bit of blood coming out of the cord stump, cause he didn't tie the hemp cord tight enough, so I re-tied it. Right after all that, I wasn't very hungry, but soon I started to pig out. I was getting my all-time-favorite foods... peanut butter tofu pie, spanikopita, organic pop........mmmmmmmmmmmmm! I was pampered.

She weighed 7 1/2 lbs according to the fish scale and sling I used, but I later realized that the clothes she was wearing counted for a lot more than I estimated, so she was probably more like 7 lbs 2-3ozs. She seemed so tiny, especially compared with my 30 lb. toddler. I kept her next to my skin for her first few days with a hat on her head, and barely a "diaper" on her bum. I was peed on a lot.

Even though it was the middle of summer, she had a hard time keeping warm for awhile, it seemed. She had some difficulties nursing too, as she had a high palate, and a kinda-sorta tongue-tie, but luckily, my older DD was still nursing (still is) so she had the milk squirting in her face for the most part.

I'm so glad my DD was able to witness her sister's birth. The first thing she said when she saw her was "bay-bee.." and said it for weeks after she was born. I hope someday, my grandbabies will be born like Samaya was.

I am so proud of my self that I gave birth unhindered and unassisted. But at the same time it seems like the only way it was meant to be, for me. If I have any more kids, they will definately be born unassisted as well.

Life is Beautiful
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How amazing.

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Oh my gosh, MamaJazza I am almost in tears reading your beautiful birth story. It sounds so calm, so peaceful. Big to you mama, I am so glad that you had the birth you wanted.

Welcome little one, you are so lucky to be joining such a lovely family! Love to the big sis too!

Can't wait to see pics, but I will try to be patient!!
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yay! happy babymoon, mama. I'm so glad that you had such a great birth!
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Congratulations! Enjoy your babymoon.
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I am in tears. So Beautiful! Congratulations and welcome sweet baby girl! The picture of you and your girls nursing just melts my heart!
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I love the pictures! What a beautiful family (including gorgeous grama). Congratulations on your peaceful and gentle birth. What a lovely birth story.
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that's so wonderful, i can't read it enough times.

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jazz, when i talked to your mom and martin after the baby was born i was sobbing! i was so happy that everything went just how you wanted. i remember how i felt when elwynn was born and when i heard that haeven was born and it all came back in a huge rush. i hope you arent feeling bad that i havn't called you yet, but you said you wanted space with your new little angel so i really want to respect that. but i cant wait to meet her and see you too. i feel really so lucky that you are my sister. she is so lovely. she reminds me of elwynn when he was first born.

ps. elwynn says i love you *smooch*

love fern
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How lovely, congratulations! Your whole family is gorgeous, as everyone has said. And Ruby Bear looks very wise. The quilt your grama made is so nice... My mother used to quilt. Maybe I could somehow entice her to make just one more for my baby in December (hint hint!!).
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Any word on the name front?

Did you eat the placenta?
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Yes, she has a name now... Samaya Zion

The placenta is in the dehydrator as I type... should be dry tomorrow, but so far I am not feeling any PPD.
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Sounds wonderful! Congrats on the perfect birth of you baby girl! I looked at your pictures and what a great looking family you have!
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Welcome to the UC club and congratulations on achieving the free birth you dreamed of. Your story really is beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy your babymoon.
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*Mamajaza* I'm really happy for you and your family....thank you for sharing yoru storya nd pictures. I hoep you'll still hang out with us on the UC thread...when you have time LOL
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Thank-you everyone for your beautiful words I'm going to add more pics today.
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Oh my! Your toddler looks sooooo big compared to that little baby! I guess I have forgotten how tiny they really are! My big girl needs a baby to tandem nurse with!!!!

Cute Cute CUte!
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Your birth story is wonderful. Congratualtions on your first blissful UC. I am so glad I had my DD Unassisted. It is such an incredible life affirming experience. Go strong mama!

You babies are so beautiful. Happy babymoon! :infant:
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What a beautiful story. Congratulations to you.
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