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February Mamas - Week of July 11-16

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February Mamas: Week of July 5 - 11

May this week bring dry weather, NO m/s, and renewed energy!!

Kater07 February
Chiku due Feb 1 birthing center
Parker'smommy (Heather) due Feb 1
Lisashepp (Lisa) due Feb 1
Sadkitty. Due Feb 1st
Dandylion (Stephanie) due Feb 2
Truvie due Feb 2
PeacefulVegan (who also answers to Tracie) due Feb 3
Lou due Feb 3
Twin Mom (Deb) Due Feb 4, VBA2C homebirth
Free Thinker (Mandy) due Feb 5
HelloKitty (Kitty) due Feb 6
Letabug (Arleta) due Feb 6
LianneM due Feb 7 homebirth
TexasSuz (Susan) due Feb 7
Happymamajenni (Jenni) due Feb 7 hospital/OBGYN
LesleyLuu (Lesley) due Feb 7
DeirdreAlison (Deirdre) due 1st week Feb homebirth, maybe waterbirth
New Life Due Feb 8
Shannon 0218- due Feb 11 hospital birth with great OB
ella-makes-3 (Jasmine) - due ~ Feb. 11 midwife/natural birth at birth center
Tug due Feb 12
Firefly due Feb 13
Christi due Feb 14 hospital birth with fab OB
Periwinkle (Karen) due Feb 14
Fairymomma (Pamela) due Feb 14
Jorie (Margorie) due Feb 14
AmBam (Amber) due Feb 14 homebirth
Wtchyhlr (Joy) due Feb 14
rose angel (Karen) due Feb 16
mama2m&m (Denise) due Feb 16
HydeParkB due Feb 17
Karennnnn (Karen) due Feb 17
Coopsmama (Kristen) Due Feb 17
Shyly (Monica) Due Feb 17
weesej (Jen) Due Feb 19 homebirth
mehndimama (Stell) due Feb 22 unassisted homebirth
*Amy* (Amy) due Feb 20 birthing center/possible water birth...?
heveasoul due Feb 21, h/b with m/w
Ekblad7 due Feb 28

((((( Thinking of you Jenny. )))))
((((( Thinking of you, Serenity. )))))
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Good Morning....

Heveasoul, I actually had the energy to make a real dinner last night - Roasted chicken, twice baked taters, zuchhini stuffed with spinach. the only think I had to have DH do was fry the bacon. Bacon smell grosses me out right now.

DH is still sleeping with the dog, I'd make breakfast, but i really don't want to ...lol...

Here's to a new week, of more energy. I *cannot* believe this is already week 10. I don'think its sunk in all the way yet that I'm going to be a mommy.
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Tomorrow is Week 10 for me! My edd is actually Feb. 8, but I don't put much stock in due dates, so leave it if ya want! I'm thinking it's going to be Feb. 20. My bday and dd's bday are on 20ths.

I hope you are all starting to feel better. I definitely am.

I'm going shopping for transition clothes on Tuesday. I'm outgrowing all my clothes already.
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At home taking it easy today. Dh took the kids to church so I could rest. I was spotting last night. I didn't have a pap on Friday, but she did use the speculam to get to the cervix. So pertty normal I guess. I actually had a few hour break between potty breaks, so by the time I noticed it, it was almost gone. Just a pink tinge on the toilet paper. I did have a bit of a freak out, but I calmed down. Dh just brought ds home, he's ready for a nap and dh has to teach a class, so I'm off to bed again.
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Well, I'm spotting again. I called my midwife and she told me to stay off my feet for 24 hours. She said worse case I'm starting to try to miscarry. I'm scared to death. I have never spotted before. Ok, not true, i did the two times I did miscarry. I'm just trying to stay calm, not stress.
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Take it easy, seren. Spotting is so scary! I hope it turns out for you. Are you taking Vitamin E?

I feel so crappy. Sinus infection, my throat is killing me, and does anyone feel like they're blown up like a balloon? I look so fat already. I'm all puffy and nasty.

I sleep for most of the afternoon everyday. I feel so guilty but I am so darn tired. I haven't done any kind of work for days.

Dh and I are going to CA next Monday. I have so much packing to do. I'm not looking forward to that at all.

Take care everyone.
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Had a better day today. Had liquid yogurt when I woke up during the night and it seemed to help the MS so much. I always get up and snack, but this was quick, easy and protien which keeps blood sugar stabilized so much better. Thought I would pass that tip on.

Shannon so glad to hear you are feeling better. Probably the meds. HCG hormones peak around week 10, so I get worse until then and then gradually better until weeks 12-14.

BTW it was so strange but I could swear I felt baby moving today, yet know its impossible. Wondering if my dates are off?? I usually feel movement at 12-14 weeks and am 8 and 1/2 right now, so if I was a month off it would match. Other than that it just HAS to be gas, LOL! But in another month or so no matter what.
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Take it easy, seren - rest, and keep us posted!

Yup, feeling pudgy over here! Dh and I went to Old Navy today, but I had very little luck. Their normal stuff never fits me right, so I don't know why I thought their maternity stuff would...anyway - the maternity stuff is still too big/obviously maternity...I think I just need pants with elastic waistbands, maybe I should shop in "older ladies'" shops...! :LOL

Had a swim today - heavenly!

Bedtime...hope everyone has a good night!
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Evening all!!
Well, I just spent yet another 7 hours in a hospital, but this time, I came away with an answer I believe.
My chest pain was still bad and just didn't feel like pnuemonia--I've had it before. Anyway, I DON'T have it. I do have a cold, the pain I'm feeling is actually torn muscles from all the vomitting I did the couple days I didn't have any fluids while waiting for the picc line to be put in. He feels the picc being placed probably aggravated those muscles.
I had been really worried about a pulmanary embolis as they can happen after a picc placement and I've even had one before but the other doc had NOT ruled that out so in talking to my OB this morning she really wanted me to go into emerg at the hospital where the picc line was put in.
Anyway, the doc totally impressed me and I now feel alright knowing that it's not anything serious--I can deal with pain, I just can't deal with uncertainty.
Had my hypnosis today and it did seem to help, but I still have NO appetite.

Oh!!! and I'm showing!!! I'm so excited!!! The doc today felt and he said my uterus was a little big for 9 weeks 2 days but that with past history of IUGR that is a good thing--I said, oh you can feel it??? He says, Yeah, what did you think this was--I told him I thought it was just fat, he laughed and said it's pretty firm fat I had noticed it pop out, but it popped out a couple days after I got rehydrated, so I just figured it was from that. I'm so excited and so is dh, he's never been able to feel anything before.
Anyway, I'm tired and rambling, so I will go lay down while my fluids flow into me.
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Oh and Seren, yes, please put your feet up and relax!! Take some vitamin E adn I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you--repeat after me "spotting is normal, spotting is normal"
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OKay, my sister is here. I'm going to the hospital. I am passing a lot of little clots. I'm terrified. HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by seren
OKay, my sister is here. I'm going to the hospital. I am passing a lot of little clots. I'm terrified. HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry, I know how scary it is. I hope you can feel us all thinking about you and sending stay in vibes.
Please let us know, I'll keep checking back.
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Oh Seren... !!! I'm glad you have someone there to help you - get yourself looked after...my thoughts are with you.
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Shannon - oh my - well... glad it's nothing serious, and how lovely for you that you're showing! What's IUGR? Call me if there's anything I can bring over.

Ok, now I really should get myself to bed...
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Inter-uterine growth restriction=IUGR
I'm really hoping I'm starting to turn a corner--but you can bring me my cat, I can't find him--I've been calling for him for over an hour, it's not like him not to come back by the third call--and you know I can't go to bed until my kitten is safe inside!!
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Seren, I will be thinking of you and hoping that everything is okay with you and your bean. Please let us know.

Shannon, you are such a trooper! I'm so impressed with how you seem to be handling this. And glad you don't have pneumonia. And glad you can keep food down. Hooray on the showing! It is so exciting, isn't it? I'm pooching out a little too.

Heve, good luck with the clothes. I have to ask, the Old Navy where you live has maternity in store? i thought it was only on-line. This could be dangerous.

I have such a dumb little thing to say. Dh and I have been invited to a wedding in Sept. that sounds pretty formal. WTF am I going to wear? I seriously do not want to spend $$$$ on a social occasion maternity dress that I will never wear again. Argh. Are there maternity consigment shops?

And my mom can be so cool sometimes. I went over to her place today with dd to swim, and she says, "I picked up this flyer at work for you." And it was about hypnobirthing! How great is that?
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Umm...I'll call around here to see if he's in the neighbourhood... C,mon, Scout - mama's got enough on her mind, she needs her rest, come home!!

Ok - well, last time I went off to get ready for bed - this time I'm really off to bed - goodnight!
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oops - cross-post, Lesley! Well, I'm in Canada, so I don't know if they're different. I checked online, and they no longer ship to Canada, since opening stores here. Mind you, I didn't see everything that I saw online - no maternity swimwear, for example. And where I live there are definitely maternity consignment shops! I'd advise that route...
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