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Shannon, so glad you're feeling a lil better! You "sound" better!

I didn't know about your mil at your wedding either. I'm so sorry!

Mike and I have always had a joint acct. and he has always managed it. It's not that I can't or won't, he's just so much better at it. His check goes into the bank and we either get cash out of it, or we have cash from my part-time job. (I take care of an elderly man every other week and he pays me cash.) So, neither of us gets an allowance per se, we just each work with the cash available. We have ONE checkbook. It is for bills and groceries ONLY. Everything else is paid for with cash. It works out really well for us.
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Hi Feb 05 moms

Just wanted to say hi to all of you moms due in Feb 05. I found out about 2/3 wks ago I am due at the end of Feb! God blessed us with a suprise! I am relatively new to posting so just wanted to say hi! Hope all of you are felling O.K.
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I manage our joint account. Not well, I might add, but better than dh would. I'm just not great with money but dh is worse. I think we need an accountant or something.

I felt so awful last night. I went to bed at 7:00! I feel so bad. I never, ever see my dh and haven't read a bedtime story to the kids in weeks. I hope this ends soon. I can't take much more.

We leave for CA on Monday morning and I have not one thing packed. I have to pack for all five kids, dh and me. I don't know how I'll ever get it done. We have two birthday parties tomorrow and lots of other errands to run.

Sorry, had to whine.
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I'm having the worst time trying to pee, yesterday and today, I just get the slowest trickle unless my bladder is over full at which point I can usually manage to pee properly (hmmmm, how does one define proper peeing??)
My followup U/S is this afternoon at 12:50, if everyone could keep fingers crossed that my tear/separation has heeled up nicely I DO NOT want to be placed on bedrest!!!!!
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Good Luck Shannon!
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Shannon - I'd've shot my MIL. period. Good luck at your u/s. As far as finances, I manage our joint account. I'm just better at it than Rod. All the money goes in one checkbook. I pay all the bills, and he gets a small cash allowance. It works best with lots of communication, and its good that most of our bills are static, so we're pretty well budgeted. It also means I do all the grocery shopping (DH SUCKS at shopping, can we say impulse impulse impulse). He does on occasion help by licking the envelopes for the bills. lol....
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Hi everyone! Shannon, I hope your US goes well today!

I got my hair chopped off this week (really short; a pixie cut), and I love it! Short hair rules.

DH and I have one main account to pay bills, one account for his spending money, and one account for my spending money. All of our income goes into the main account, and then every two weeks money is automatically transferred to our spending accounts. I only keep track of my spending account, and he takes care of the rest. This works really well for us because he is REALLY good at managing money, and I'm really bad at it. The "allowance" thing works pretty well for me because I have a bad tendency to spend more money than I should, so knowing that when it's gone it's gone helps me to prioritize and do less impulse-buying.

I am 9 weeks tomorrow. I can't believe it! My first midwife appt. is now just over a week away, and I'm so excited to hear the heartbeat!
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Good luck with the u/s, Shannon! I'm peeing very slowly too. Often and a lot, just slowly. I think my bladder must be smooshed!

We leave for Texas Sunday morning and I have so much to do between now and then. I'm getting a little nervous. I really shouldn't even be on here right now. I didn't get much done yesterday because I was so wiped out from our shopping trip the day before. It doesn't take much to exhaust me these days.

I'll be 12 weeks when I get back!! Woo-hoo!! Scary thing is, I have 3 more weeks of growing before I have to get into that bridesmaid dress! I wonder if I could buy another dress at the last minute??

I hope you all have a great day!
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Please send positive vibes our way. Dh was told by his employer to find another job. And our trip to CA was cancelled (he was supposed to go on business, I was just tagging along). I'm crabby and sad right now.
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ekblad that SUCKS!!! You will be in my prayers.

Thinking about you Shannon, hope it has healed.

I am 9 weeks today, this is usually the halfway point for my morning sickness. This week is as bad as last and then it gets better during weeks 11 and 12 and is almost nil if I keep up with eating after that. Closer to being done than not now. Should be able to hear the HB soon, but I loaned out my doppler to a mama whose baby has Trisomy 13 and the heartrate was slowing. She will be able to tape record the heartbeat and will know when her baby dies. She plans to birth this babe at home with her family. So in any case I get to wait for a good cause-it'll teach me patience too!
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Hi mamas, hope everyone is doing ok today.
ekblad - I am so sorry to hear that news. I wish your dh well in finding a new job, with a better boss!
Chloesmom - welcome to the group. We are a chatty bunch, so if you miss a couple of days, there is lots of reading to do to catch up!
Shannon - wishing you all the bset with your appointment tomorrow. I'm sure you'll keep us posted on the "good" outcome!!
I have a question for you, when did you "concieve" as we have the same due date, I was wondering as I would like to know when I did. I am pretty sure it was just a few days after my period ended, as I had cewm, and I though how unusual it was. The nurse at my m/w practice dated my first day of my last period as May 9th, as it didn't "fit" with her calculations???? When it was actually May 14th. The ultrasound tech dated the baby as 8weeks exactly on July 2nd
Wow, this is getting long! I am hungry, so better go and get some lunch.
Bye for now Jasmine
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Ekblad, I'm so sorry about your dh's job and the trip out here to CA. I really hope everything works out for you.

Chloe'smom, welcome! Do you happen to live in vacaville? I like in sacramento, so I'm thinking you are probably close...

Shannon, wishing you the best of luck on your ultrasound appointment today. Please update us!

Heve, how are you doing? I've been thinking about you since you had that spotting. Everything seem okay now?

Weesej, I'm glad I'm not the only one with a doppler! I just rented it this week. I know that many people have questioned the safety of ultrasound here, but I feel like it hasn't been proven unsafe. I had quite a few ultrasounds with my dd, and she is perfect (okay, I'm biased, but still). So I caved and rented a doppler because I really needed to know that everything is okay. I heard the hb last night! Very reassuring and exciting.

Tracie, Is the dress one picked out by the bride? Or did you get to chose your own? is there any way you can have it altered?

Jasmine, u/s can be off in dating by 5 days or so. If you know when you ovulated, that would probably be the most accurate date, but if you don't know, then I'd go with the date from your LMP.

I'm still so tired! When does this end? I guess in a few more weeks, if I'm lucky, since I'm 10.5 weeks now. I have been sleeping funny too, so I know that isn't helping.

I just bought Birthing from Within, and it is such a great read! My dh thought it was a little hippy-dippy, but he still said, "If you want to buy it, buy it." And I did!
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Ekblad that stinks. I hope he finds another job - and one he loves (we all know how much it sucks when dh is unhappy at work) - very soon.

Shannon - I had expected to hear good news by now. Unless your OB is like mine - perpetually 1 hour behind. I hope everything has healed nicely!

So I had my own mini- freak out the last couple of days. Basically, I feel great. Or at least, a lot better. The first 2 months, if I weren't pg, I would have gone to a doctor right away, fearing I had some medical problem. But now, I basically feel OK. Sure I'm a dash more tired than usual, but not like I was a couple of weeks ago. I'm still hungry, but not ravenous. My nausea has almost disappeared. Soooooo...

get ready to laugh at me...

I POAS this morning. : Still +

(I'm sooo ashamed!)

Then I felt boobs tingling all morning - a good sign, right? Plus my belly is nice and rounded this morning. And I was hungry before lunch, even after a good breakfast. Phew.

I guess it's possible to start feeling better at 9 1/2 weeks, but everyone always says "second trimester", so I dunno, I kinda allowed myself to freak.

Anyway, happy Friday!
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Wow Periwinkle i can only hope for the same stroke of luck!No more nausea would be great.And my boobs,nursing hurts!

Ekblad i am so sorry.That is stress you don't need.Remember to take it easy.Rescue Remedy is always nice.

Shannon i hope your tear is all nice and mended.

Hi to everyone.I am hanging in there,somehow!Making appts for my dd to see a geneticist,allergist and a neurologist and she can't get in until Sept!
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don't freak periwinkle! i have started to feel better too and i'm right at ten weeks tomorrow so we're about the same. as long as i eat carbs constantly (like every hour), i am fine. i wish salad was more appealing right now, but i'm happy to be eating. i lost some weight over the last couple of weeks with not eating and being so sick (my hubbie came up with a new saying, based on the old cognito ergo sum -- i think therefore i am. his is "yarfito ergo sum" -- i yarf therefore i am).

heve - where are you? everything ok?

ekblad - so sorry about hubby. at least you don't have to pack this weekend! i hope he finds something soon. evidently, i may be out of a job in three months too (and it's so EASY to find work when you're visibly pregnant). i know it's scary.

hope the appt went okay shannon!
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periwinkle! you poa : enjoy feeling well while you can. it does tend to make us a tad worried though doesn't it?

shannon, hoping all is well and your tear mended and you can pee now!

heve, hope all is okay there too!

ekblad, i'm so sorry to hear about your dh's job. how stressful and scary. i hope he finds something else quickly that's bigger and better!

i'm feeling quite nice today with some bumps here and there. this week i've had one good day followed by a rotton day. so i guess tomorrow will be a rotton day. still struggling with m/s most of the time but it's nice to feel good for an hour at least. don't knwo how i'll manage a few more weeks of this. a day at a time i guess. i'm so tired of stressing about food. dh has been a great guy lately and not complaining as of yet. i'm so gald. hopefully i'll pull out of the woods soon.
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Weesej, I'm glad I'm not the only one with a doppler! I just rented it this week. I know that many people have questioned the safety of ultrasound here, but I feel like it hasn't been proven unsafe. I had quite a few ultrasounds with my dd, and she is perfect (okay, I'm biased, but still). So I caved and rented a doppler because I really needed to know that everything is okay. I heard the hb last night! Very reassuring and exciting

I have mine because I'm a student midwife. Glad to hear you found your baby. I will use U/S with the doppler during the pregnancy, but not any more than I would have at pre-natal appts. The practice I am with is more medical than some other midwives. We actually have an in office U/S, my family at home doesn't know about this pregnancy and I am sorely tempted to do an U/S and put pictures in the mail. (Although that surely isn't very natural minded is it LOL)
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My DH just came home from work. He was layed off. I'm so scared.
There goes our insurance. We have only been eligible for it since July 1st.
I don't know what to do.

Ekblad were in the same boat. How are you handeling it? I hope something comes up soon.
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Man, Christi and Amy, I'm so sorry about the dh jobs!!!
I don't have the results yet, just talked to my OB and she will call in and get a verbal report when she's done with patients today, but the babe had a heartbeat and was bopping around in there so I'm feeling good.
Heve, oh Heve.... where are you???
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oh no not another one! july must be a bad month. my dh lost his in july when i was pg with madison. i'm so sorry and hope he find something soon.

shannon, gald the prelims are good!
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