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Ok, just talked to my OB and the tear is the same, the radioligist says it could be from the heparin I'm taking and they will continue to watch it.
Jasmine, oddly because we did IUI this time, I can tell you the exact day I conceived. It was May 20th adn I am continueing to measure right on to that day.
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weesej, I'm trying not to use the doppler too much, even though I rented it. I just wanted to rule out missed miscarriage, as that is basically my biggest fear. I think I'll probably check the hb once a week or so, maybe less as I start feeling reassured when my belly grows a little. And I'm going to return it once I feel movement.

Shannon, glad your babe looks healthy. What is going on with the tear? Since it hasn't healed, are you still on bedrest? I hope it is going to be okay. It doesn't sound like it is adversely affecting the baby right now, so that is good.

Anyone heard from Hevasoul? Maybe she's just lazing the day away, far from her computer...
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I'm here, I'm here! Sorry if I had you worried...just very busy - at home and at work. But it's Friday...tgif!!!

Christi and ekblad - oh, HUGE hugs... I hope something works out for you and your dh(s) soon. Positive vibes going your way!

Shannon - so, are you on bedrest? Glad the baby's doing well!

Peri, I'm also feeling pretty good... : Maybe good fortune, maybe the acupuncture...at any rate, I'm happy about it. And I feel the baby's definitely still there and ok - my acupuncturist commented on how much stronger my pulse was this week (she can feel a second part to the pulse on pregnant women - cool, eh?). I recommend these little acupressure pellets she gave me - I had minor waves of nausea and massaged the spot, and then was ok...Even my fatigue doesn't seem as overpowering as a week ago...I'm maybe at 5 on a scale of 10, energy-wise, and have to get to bed early, but the days are better, which is good, because it's sooooooo busy for me, and will be until I leave on vacation in late August.

Call me , but the slings I ordered before Father's Day arrived today! Hope they work out, because I just read the fine print about a 30-day exchange policy...! A charcoal grey one for dh (check out this pic posted by someone on the babywearing threads), and a cream one for me. I know, I know, adjustable would have served us both, but the big rings wouldn't have gone over too well with dh - a bit to 70's-big-handled-purse-ish...:LOL He says he's going to practise by putting me in it...:LOL um - I think I'd exceed the weight limit!
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I am starting to feel better m/s wise. Discovering that half my problem was tension has helped tremendously. Just soooo tired though. I don't really sleep anymore, just nap (I wake up constantly at night) and siatic(sp) nerve pain has started already. Went to see a chiropractor today, which helped some, but she got my hopes up about seeing a fam dr. and the dr. she refered me to isn't accepting new patients. Also feeling very sad about the move. to christi and ekblad We moved for dh to get a new job as a lay off at previous job was looming large, so much empathy to you! In general, a sucky week--I had to go back to where use to live for couple days and when I was leaving, my best friend dropped a bomb on me as I was leaving that she has been mad at me about something for "some time" but we would have to discuss it later, so fun drive home. Then yesterday had prenatal history appointment with RN from OB clinic I'm planning to use. She was unhappy that I was still nursing (I got the "hurmph" and steelly eyes), didn't appreciate that I refused the "optional" tests ("don't you even want the pamphlets?") and got pissy when I questioned several of their "normal procedures". I was asking for information but apparentlly, she doesn't like informed patients! Hopefully, the drs are better. Sigh. I have my first appt. with dr. in two weeks. I hope it goes well. The RN mentioned something about a pelvic exam, not a pap, just a pelvic. I just want to know what that is going to tell the dr (when I asked her what the purpose of this was she said "You'll have to take that up with the dr!"). Anyone? I'm not trying to be difficult, I just don't like to have things done to me I don't understand! Have a great weekend everyone
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ekblad and Christi~ I'm so sorry. Not a good coincidence! I hope both of your dh's find something very soon. You definitely don't need this stress right now.

Periwinkle~ : I can't believe you POAS!! I understand why you did, it's just funny!!

Lesley~ The dress is actually at the alterer's right now. She hasn't answered her phone or returned my calls for the past two days, so I'm thinking she must be out of town at the worst time possible. Well, actually the worst time will be when I get back from Texas. The bride bought the dresses at a bridal shop in NYC, so if it comes down to it, I could possibly have her go get another one. I don't know what I'd do about getting it altered at the last minute though. They come with a huge bust and small waist. Opposite of my body!

Glad to hear more of us are starting to come out of the sickies! Now if we can just get the rest of us to feeling better....
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Hey ladies...

feeling MUCH better today. Went to the chiropractor after work for the first time in YEARS... my Sacrum was locked. Hence my hips just aching. All better now. He says this is very common during pregnancy. I say, thank god my insurance pays chiropractic these days.

big hugs to christy and ekblad... my DH was laid off in 2002, and luckily we were a double income family able to adjust to a single income plus unemployment. We are now looking to get him reemployed so I can take maternity leave, and hopefully become a SAHM. Very stressful time, tho.

Shannon - glad that the tear isn't worse. how long are you staying on the heparin? I saw you cowering under a chair over in the what no one told you thread and was amused... i'm actually thrilled to death they're doing it because these are the unspeakables that aren't in any books. I like knowing things are possible before they happen so i don't freak out.

Heve - glad you're feeling better

Jorie - Good for you standing your ground. I think i would be in trouble at an OB's office. I'm fairly outspoken too.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. DH is at a concert. I am gonig to go watch a chic flick and crash... I got Mona Lisa Smile

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Great movie, Joy! Hope you like it!

I just watched In America. It was really good too.
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I Climbed A Mountain

Yeah no joke. Went hiking with the family on the Appilachian Trail and climbed the closest Mt. OK so it wasn't a very big Mt BUT it was a Mt Feeling pretty good about it

Still sick not as bad as the last couple of days. Hope you all are hanging in there
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Now I'm spotting this afternoon I know it wasn't hiking but I sure am feeling guilty. This is more than I had with Katie, but certainly still could be normal.
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Go lay down with your feet up Jen!!!! and no more mountain climbing!!!!!
Went shopping with my mom today as she is going to make me some maternity clothes. For a hundred bucks we got 6 patterns and fabric for 2 pairs of pant and 2 shirts. I'm pleased, she figures she'll have a least one pair of pants for me by the end of next week.
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Bad night, bad day. The nurse just left and my gravol is running now, I'm really hoping it helps. I've thrown up 6 times this morning and last night I tossed the plain pasta with nothing on it that I tried to eat. I'm getting so sick of this, I didn't realize how sick of it I was until I felt a little better for a couple days--what a dirty trick.
Question for all you moms who have been there done that. I seem to be having a hel of a time with blood sugar that seems to just plummet from the sky on me. Yesterday I got all shaky and felt horrible, I couldn't see straight I was dizzy, my legs were SO weak. Some lady at the grocery store actually noticed and had me sit down. She went through the checkout and bought me a coke (hate hate hate Coke--but I know it has a good sugar rush) Anyway, drank the Coke and instantly felt better. The next time I felt it coming before it got bad, I sucked on a lifesave adn that made a good difference. Both times I had eaten a couple hours prior. Could this be an indicator of GD to come?? If it is, I'm going to start changing my diet now (well, if I can keep anything down--had to leave this post to puke)
Also, Ekblad, you mentioned cathing yourself, can I ask why-I'm also having a hell of a time peeing these days, at least every other time I only get the littlest trickle--it takes 10 min just to half empty my bladder.

On another note, is there someone who hasn't done it yet that would like to take care of our thread this week?
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I have to cath myself from around week 8 until around week 16. My uterus sits on my bladder just "so" and I can't pee normally. It sucks. Sounds like you're going through something similar.

I get the low blood sugar thing often but don't get GD so hopefully you won't either.

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Hi there!
I see that no one has started a new thread for this week yet, so I guess I'll do it. Yay! My first time starting a "one thread." PM me if you need any of your info changed.

New thread is here:
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Hi everyone! This is a very chatty group and I love it! You all seem so very nice and open! I am 8 wks 4 days- and got very tired this last week. I am queasy off and on ALL day-I had the gastric bypass back in Sept. 01 and I can't vomit hardly at all-so I am just guessing that is why the queasy lingers! I forget who asked, but I am in CA-but I live near Fresno CA (hr south of Fresno) we have a lot of cows! LOL I am so greatful for this group-it is so nice to hear how others are doing around the same stage of pregnancy! Good luck to you all! Are nightmares normal about miscarriage? Anyone else experience that?
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Back from vacation...haven't read thread yet...just subscribing....will be back soon!
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Welcome back Kate!!! I wondered where you were!!
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