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Anyone else having major space issues? I don't want my kids or dh anywhere near me. No hugs, kisses, nothing. I feel incredably guilty about this but my skin crawls when anyone comes near me.
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I had a really great day today. DH starting work- finally got a job since we moved. First time in 2 months I've been parenting alone. Alittle lonely but also relieved LOL!
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Oh Amy, that just started for me yesterday!!! I can't stand to have the dogs touch me at all!! I actually swatted at Bedlam because she kept licking my hand (I hate licking at the best of times)
I've managed to eat today and still no puking since yesterday morning Woo Hoo.
Congrats on keeping down fluids Joy--no more milk and keep your but on that couch for a bit.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. I know you are in a lot of pain. I'm thinking of you. I hope you get time to take it easy and rest.
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Hi everybody
I had my first ob appt today. I love my doc. She was with me for an hour and a half. I asked her about hypno birthing and she did it for both of her labors. That is reassuring knowing that she is absolutely supportive of it. I want to find somebody who teaches it. The chiro who taught her had his license taken away for sexually abusing a patient though. She wants to learn how to teach it but she doesn't have the time with two kiddos and a practice.

She tried twice to hear the heartbeat but couldn't. I'm going back in three weeks we should be able to hear it then. With my first preg we couldn't hear it the first time she tried and I ended up miscarrying. So I'm a little nervous. I'm exactly nine weeks today. Its a little early to hear it. She did tell me that if I want to do an ultrasound just ask so I might do that.
My low low back is aching like crazy. I can't ride in a car for more then half hour. It is mainly on my right side. Doc told me that my utereus is on my right side. So I think that is why.

I'm off to make supper. Whatever that means. Nothing soudns good at all!
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I am not at yoga. I am at home. I did hve to take the silly puppy to the vet tho - what did he do but get gooey icky crap in his ear (not sure how) and itched it so bad he scratched himself raw and wouldn't stop crying. (yes, i have a high maintenance puppy). So we've cleaned the goo out, and made sure we didn't have an infection. And put some cortisone on the sore spot.

I have held down food and fluids now all day. WOOHOO. Contemplating actually going to work tomrorow. What a novel concept.

Thank god for air conditioning.
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Serenity, I'm so very sorry
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Morning all, I need some good vibes, I had some bleeding last night, no cramps and it stopped after an hour, but I'm still worried. My doc has me booked for an U/S in about 1/2 an hour, so everyone keep their fingers crossed for me please.
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fingers crossed and vibes, Shannon!! Spotting or cramps on their own is normal, just not together...!?

I need to ask about some brown cm on the TP this morning - nothing on the pantyliner (I put one on to see if there was any flow/accumulation), but once when I first got up to go, and wiped, and a teeny bit an hour later. Nothing last time...haven't seen any colour on the TP since May, so it has me a bit worried...I'm about to switch care from my (and Shannon's) OB to a local midwife, but it's this afternoon when they organize their intake, so I don't actually have a mw yet...I may call them first anyway...
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Brown cm is likely just old blood leaving the body. If you're worried though call Val, I know she's in today and she could likely get you in for an U/S just to make sure. Or see if the midwives have access to a quick U/S. That said, without MY history, I wouldn't worry about it--does that make sense??
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Thanks - yes, it makes sense in my rational mind, however...
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Shannon, I'm hoping everything goes well with the u/s.

Heveasoul, if it makes you feel any better, it sounds like I went through the same thing (including the panic) a week and a half ago.
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Thanks HydeParkB. Well, I've left a message with the OB's office...and of course, just checked again - nothing. So I know, I shouldn't get myself worked up...
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Thinking of Shannon and Heveasoul....
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I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you Shannon. I can't wait til you come back and tell us the u/s was wonderful.

Heve~ I agree with Shannon. If it wasn't red, I wouldn't be too terribly concerned. Concerned, but not overly.

I threw up last night for the first time in like 5 days. I'm hoping it was just something I ate that didn't agree with me. Feeling okay this morning, so we'll see!
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Thanks for the positive thoughts and vibes! Spoke with someone at the OB's office - she spoke with my OB, and said that it was normal, not to worry - to watch if it becomes bright red flow. There's been nothing since this morning.

Anxious to hear how Shannon's morning is going! !!
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: waiting for shannon to come update us...
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Hi everyone.

Heave,i'm sure you have nothing to worry about but i know the fear.

So my dd,who is 6, is a special needs child with neurological problems.Now i have had 6 years to adjust to this and it is lots of hard work but she is my baby.Well on Friday she was with her grandparents and she had a seizure and stopped breathing.This was her first.Her Dr is worried she is developing a seizure disorder which is fairly common with kids with neurological problems.I do not feel equipped to handle something like this.We meet with her Ped today and with a neurologist later this week.

My U/S is on Thursday and i hope it brings good news.

So my morning sickness has kicked in full force and i am sick day and night.I tried to make breakfast this morning and got sick.I hope this doesn't last long.This is the worst i have ever had it.
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Oh Shannon :
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I am so sorry Serenity.

Thinking of you Shannon and Haveasoul.

We got home Saturday from our 4 week long road trip! Dd was the best little flower girl and it was nice seeing everyone in dh's family and mine

We did have a car fire, but it was not our fault and the place that did a transmission flush earlier that day has already sent us a check covering every expense we had as a result of thier negligence.

I am feeling pretty sick and tired, but I take 25mg of B6 a day and that helps a LOT with the nausea and 200 mcg of B12 helps with the tiredness.

I am having no luck finding a homebirth midwife I can afford, the cheapest one here is around $2,500, way too much money for us I am still looking though. Has anyone every heard of midwives giving a military discount or any other discounts (keeping fingers crossed)?

I have fundus! I can totally feel my uterus I am 11 weeks and 1 day and have been able to feel it for about a week and a half.

The family practice Dr I have been seeing for infertility and one prenatal visit is out of town until August so no visits for me anytime soon.

I have been cramping since conception, but it seems stress and lifting heavy things triggers it so I am trying to stay calm and let dh do the heavy work

I think that is everything Glad to be home!
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