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Good to know the bad taste isn't just me. It's not metallic, though, I've had that before. This is like morning mouth. It's gross.

We're going to Texas on Sunday for a 10 day visit. I'm so excited to see my sil so she can tell me I'm supposed to be this big! She's my AP-homebirthing role model. I'm a little freaked out about my belly. The upper part is much harder and sticks out further than my lower abdomen. I don't really have a low pooch like I would think I should. I have a pooch above my belly button. Is that strange? It looks strange!

Okay, I'm off to go shopping in Huntington for transition clothes for all these events coming up.
I need to buy an outfit for a rehearsal dinner and I have no idea how fancy or casual or anything.

I hope you all have a good day and get over all this pukin' quickly. I'm feeling good, just HOT!
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Good Morning All!

No more spotting since yesterday afternoon...hung out on the couch yesterday evening .

Hugs to everyone feeling nasty.
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My tummy is HUGE! I look like I'm five months pregnant at least! It's high, too, not in the lower belly. I feel ridiculous telling people I'm 8 wks pregnant, LOL.
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Hey Mamas, hope you are all feeling better. My heart is going out to you all feeling so bad. Hope all the spotting and tears have mended themselves. Wow, you seem to be handling it very well. I would be a basket case.
I am still pretty tired, even after a great night sleep, and still have nausea, especially when I go for too long without eating.
I am having a lot of food aversions. I used to eat lots of eggs, meat and chicken, but now I can't even look at the stuff. It makes me feel so sick. I had that with my last pregnancy, but not as early on as this. I am trying to eat pulses and whole grain carbs, so my diet has completely changed around.
My jeans and clothes are still fitting normally, but I am just waiting to wake up one morning and have to go maternity shopping in my pj's!
Have a great day
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wow, quiet board today. hope everyone is doing okay....
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I actually took the kids on two outings today and am making dinner as we speak! Yahoo, a record for me. Still had to nap and am feeling pretty sluggish but I think it's improving. I'm wondering if I'm a wee bit ahead of schedule. I don't usually have to start cathaterizing myself until 10 - 14 wks and I'm only in my ninth week right now and am doing it. Oh the joys.
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ekblad, That sounds decidely unpleasant.

Heve and Shannon, hope both of you are doing okay today.

I won't describe the cooking craze I've been on because of everyone's m/s, but I'm having a lot of fun in the kitchen lately.

And, I made the biggest score of maternity clothes EVER! My friend that had a baby in March just lent me all of her stuff. And when I say all, we're talking about maybe 12 pairs of pants, one nice dress, two sweaters, and 20 shirts. I have a new wardrobe! So excited. Oh yeah, and a birth ball!! And she is so sweet, she gave me a baby gift, my first one.

That's all, off to rest.
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Hope my post about food aversions didn't scare everyone off? I did think about it after I had posted, but me and my big mouth. Sorry if I made anyone feel bad
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ekblad you have to what!!! catheterize yourself???? OOOOOOOOOWWWWWW how long does this go on??
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Evening all,
Lousy day today, big fight with DH (that D does not stand for darling) Apparently he has somehow blown $2500, $1500 of which was owed to me, our benefit plan somehow lost our receipts, thus meaning that $680 worth of progesterone that I assumed had been placed in his account was of course not there--apparently he didn't want to "burden" me with any extra stuff--it took me a 10 min phone call to straighten everything out but of course it will now be another 2 weeks before I can get re-embursed for that money which has of course already been spent. Communication is not the boy's strong point and I have no idea how to improve on it, he keeps telling me he's going to try harder, but it seems to get worse not better--and always at the wrong time.
Ok, my rant is over, had to get that out.
Doing alrgiht today, no more bleeding, go back on Friday for another U/S which will hopefully show that this tear/separation has healed. :
Ella-makes-3, no worries, we all talk about food aversions.
Speaking of which, is it just me or is EVERY damn commercial on TV about food??????
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I had to buy chocolate pudding ladies. It was yuuummmmyyyyy!! I had a very productive day. I sorted my laundry and washed two loads. I also unloaded my dishwasher and reloaded it. That is more housework then I have done in a long time. I also went grocery shopping and went to the farmers market. What has gotten into me? I don't even feel tired at 10:00 at night with no nap. It will probably hit me tomorrow.
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Ok, it's 12:30 in the morning here. I went to bed at 10 because I was exhausted, but of course could not fall asleep. So now I am sitting up. The good side of it is I managed to get done a ton of paperwork that I have been letting go and will now do the dishes and clean up a little around here. Any other night and this would be no big deal, I could get some stuff done at night and sleep all day tomorrow, however, tomorrow I NEED to work and actually have a fairly busy day.
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Its almost 11 here, and i'm awake becauase i have a hideous time relaxing enough to sleep when DH is gone. and DH was late tonight at his yoga thingy cuz they were chatting. I called at 10:10 to see if he might be coming home anytime soon (it ends at 9) and he said he'd call when he left. he just called... asked why i wasn't asleep. DUH, waiting for him. He knows i don't fall asleep well without him in a non preggo state, why he thinks adding piles of hormones will help i have NO idea. dorky husband.
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Hi All.

s to those suffering from dh syndrome (dh=dorky husband).

Not much new here. Yesterday had the teeniest amount of brown on the tp - nothing red, no flow, no cramps. My acupuncturist gave me "ear beans" - little pellets that tape onto your skin for massaging/pressing when you feel nausea. very cool.

Have been assigned a mw - my first appt is in the first week of August. Don't know anything about her. Looking forward to meeting her - hope we click!
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Good Morning all I don't post on the thread much b/c I'm just feeling too bad to get ont he puter much. I am 11 weeks tomorrow, and hope I start feeling better soon. THe food aversion and neausea are worse than actually getting sick! I can barely stomach anything these days. Right now I'm planning tomato soup for lunch, real healthy I need some calories!!! My milk is practicallly gone now I cannot even nurse 2 times a day w/o running out. DD slept with a sippy cup last night b/c there was no milk for her I guess I will get over it soon, but right now it's hard.

Good luck to all of you aat your upcoming appts. Mine is next week, for the 12 week appt.!!! Yay!!! Hopefully I can hear a hb, but it might be too early still.
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Hey all, just checking in to say hi. Hope you are all doing ok. I have just made a big pot of bean and veggie soup that I will have for dinner, and probably the rest of the month too, it's so big. I don't even like soup normally, oh yes, and it's 90 degrees here with 100% humidity, so I am a little nuts!!
DD has the coxsackie virus, means she has blisters all over her body and ulcers in her mouth, so she is in lots of pain, and apparently I am to expect a high temp in the next few days. I'm just too slug like to take care of anyone else, I can barely look after myself, let alone a cranky baby!
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I'm glad to hear that at least some follks are starting to feel a bit better lately. Sorry for the others who are still in the throes of m/s.

feel compelled to compliment my dh who has been so so so wonderful while i have been so so so sick. he's done not only all of the dipes for weeks upon weeks upon weeks, but all the other laundry. he fixes great dinners and doesn't complain when i only eat 2 bites. he did a bunch of research to determine that i could take lukewarm baths (well, actually those sound yucky but the effort was sweet). he has watched ds and let me sleep (mmmm, sleep). he has just been an angel.

i'm feeling a bit better lately. i think i'm to the point in the pregnancy where i'm fine as long as i eat and eat and eat. unfortunately, i have to take a thyroid function med each morning and can't eat for a half hour thereafter. ugh. that's usually when i get the most sick.

anyway, good wishes to everybody!
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Well I made it through my work day and I'm still alive and standing. I actually think I'm at a bit of a turning point, I managed to eat lunch without the benefit of IV gravol and it stayed down--it was a bananna and a piece of cheese, but it stayed down. My truck is broken and can't be fixed until tomorrow, which means we have to pick up daycare dogs in dh's car--can you say pain the butt??
He's leaving shortly to go have a little chat with his mother and let her know that myself and our friends who were so kind as to host our wedding all are owed an apoligy before I will be seeing or speaking to her again. I'm of course hoping she says forget it, that way I never have to see her bitchy little face again! So everyone send continue to be a clueless bitch vibes to my uppety MIL!!!
Ok, gotta go lay down I think...
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Hey Shannon, great news that lunch stayed down. WOOHOO. I must have fuzzy brain, cuz i can't remember what your MIL did at your wedding.... but hopefully she either apologizes or goes away.

And, if I haven't thanked you for the sandbox idea for the puppy, thank you so much. He LOVES it. And no more holes in my flowerbed.
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Hey Joy, I'm glad the sand box is working out so well, just make sure you keep going out and restocking it with buried cookies and such.
Just heard from Steve, he's on his way back, his mother still thinks she did nothing wrong and refused to apoligize, he sounded a little surprised that I was pleased with that
As for what she did... she single handedly worked to attempt to ruin our wedding. She bitched constantly to other guests about all the things we did wrong. She made snide comments about my "attire" without looking at who was behind her, my friend was behind her when she told her husband she doesn't know how "STephen" (steve hates being called that) allowed himself to be talked into this mess and what was with my cleavage, did I think I was some kind of hooker. She spoke to at least 5 people (that told me about it) about how unfair our rule of no kids under the age of 10 was. She started a fight with and treated our friends who owned the property and worked their asses off for us like servants. And to top things off she and her stupid husband cut in on our first dance after only 30 seconds--if I had wanted to dance with a fat old guy at my wedding I could have married one of them.
I told dh I didn't really didn't care about the apoligy to me, I just wanted to make sure she apoligized to our friends. (Which I knew full well she would not do)
I mean, even if you disliked the host for your only son's wedding or whatever, if you knew how much these people had done for your son, would you leave the property without even saying goodbye or thankyou to them???? I personally just saw that as being so very rude.

Anyway, I'm definitely feeling better, I'm right now making cookies for dh, the poor boy hasn't had any baking in a couple months (btw, he's being good today)
Here's one for you all, how many people have joint accounts where only one of you manages the money? Dh is terrible with money and he has decided that we should have a joint account which his paychecks would be deposited into and I will give him money out of that account each week as spending money. I just know that I wouldn't be able to handle being the one getting the allowance, but he's just so used to having nothing left by the time the next check is due that he seems incapable of saving anything. Anyone have any advice on how to make this work??
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