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Newly Pregnant!

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Hello everyone!

Just found out yseterday that we are expecting #4! Im in shock I think. I *So* want this one to be a girl! Not sure if I can handle having 3 boys! lol Ive got one girl and 2 boys right now. anyway, hope to talk to you mamas as we get farther along! BTW Im planning either a hospital water birth with a midwife or a home water birth with a midwife.

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Oh, congratulations! How exciting

What were your others' births like? I know having a midwife makes all the difference and have heard that water births are really magical.

(ps, I'm not here yet...but hope to be soon.)
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Congratulations NaturalBeauty!

And best of luck to you, mrzmeg.
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hi, welcome, congrats!!!
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Welcome this is my fourth also!
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Welcome! I am pregnant with #4 as well! This should be a fun journey ladies!
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Thanks so much for all the congrats! They really mean alot! I *know* we will only get ~sighs~ from Dhs parents. They think were being stupid having so many kids. Well His mom anyway, but I think its just jealously since she was only able to have one herself. So I try not to trip on it. We arent going to tell them for a while anyway.

Mrzmeg- Good luck and Im sendign some baby dust to you! Im *SO* fertile that DH just has to think sexual thoughts to get me pregnant. lol My first birth was a typical hospital birth... epi, cut, ripped, Iv, on my back, 7hr 15min labor (would of been shorter but they didnt beleive me when I said I felt pressure and so wouldnt ck me). Baby was 7lbs 6oz little girl.
My second baby was another semi typical hospital birth... Epi, on my back, no cut, small tear, 3hr labor (again would of been shorter but I was on an epi and chose to wait to push until my mother got there, she was comming from out of town for the birth.) Right after my baby came out I noticed a pimple on his forehead and said "is that a pimple?" and one of the nuirses said yes but dont worry about it, and then she pushed on it, squeezing out some of the white head, well now my son has a hole on his forehead where she caved the pore in! Grrrrr.... I hadnt even held my baby yet. He was 9lbs 11oz.
My last baby was a hospital water birth with a team of midwives here in Urbana. It was pretty good for a hospital birth. I did my research before this one and so didnt have an IV, didnt have anything, baby didnt have anything but eye drops. No cut, no rip, no tear, and NO on my back tiem except for the 5 minute stall session that the midwife tricked me into so that the pool would get filled enough to be useful! lol My water broke while laying on the bed and if I had been on my feet walking and swaying my hips liek I had been teh baby would of been born when the water broke. The midwife told me I better plan to have the next baby at home as I wasnt going to be able to make it to a hospital. As this baby came in less than 2 hrs and he was 9lbs even. Im sure he would of weighted more had most of teh vernex not been washed off by the water when he came out. I was so petrified when he came downt he birth canal! Ring of fire? It was more like a tunnel of fire! It was teh only time I got really vocal and I screamed! lol I had a friend video tape it so I get to watch that birth over and over again.
So.... that brings me to this one.... Im planning on seeing teh same midwives here for prenatals, and also a midwive located in Cherry valley IL which is located right outside of Rockford, IL where We are origonally from. Its 3 hrs away but the plan is for us to go up there and stay with James parents for the two weeks spanning the due date so that we can have a home water birth there. So I will do soem prenatals with her and some here. So Im safe incase I go into labor early for some odd reason. Only difficulty would be if Im carrying twins. As she wont do twin home births. Ive got twins in the family and there is a chance that I could concieve twins sometime. If that happens that there are 2 beans in here Im guessing we are going to hospital water birth it again, or UC it at home altho Im not sure Id be comfortable with that yet. So anyway, tahts that! lol

So, for the rest of you... do you all feel as strange as I do saying that your going to have 4 kids? I feel like #4 is the crossing line. Seems like people think 3 is alot but okay but that you have to be insane to have/want 4?!? Plus my 2 boys are still nursing and Im kinda worried about tandem nursing through this pregnacy. I wouldnt mind Brennen (3 in Oct) weaning but do NOT want Donovan (15mnths) to wean yet. Im also running for 55 minutes on an eliptical cross trainer 3x a week and we bike ride for 20/30 minutes 3x a week. When we bike ride Ive got the two boys in a pull behind so Ive got that added weight as well for excercize. I know its safe to continue since Ive been doing it for the last 2 mnths but Im worried that with that and all the nursing on top of the normal preg tiredness that I might get too tired out. I have a dome daycare as well 6 days a week. I jsut closed my diaper business for a while so Im okay there. I guess Im just worried that I will start to feel overwhelmed!

Okay sorry to talk/type for so long!
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Dh and I are both the youngest of 8. We also have a brother with 4, a sister with 5, and another sister with 7. So I don't think you're insane, even though this is only my 2nd. :-) I do think you must be an amazing woman not to be overwhelmed already, doing home daycare with 3 kids/2 nurslings and being so good about exercise!!!
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Well Thank you!
But to be completely honest we dont make every excercize session. We miss some due to it rainning (when biking) or beacuse the kids are too tired to stand going to the gym. But the excersize is actually what keeps me going beleive it or not. I was so stressed out all the time and feeling over whelmed. I got tired of feeling like crap and looking like crap so I decided to *get in shape* (hahaha). Easier said than done, right. Well it was extreamly difficult to keep going at first. I started out just running 30 minutes and only shear will power keeped me going the entire 30 mins. Then after a week (3x) I went up to 45mins then agfter another week went to the full 55 min course. I was pretty wore out the first mnth. I get really *itchy now if I dotn get to excercize. I feel SO good afterwards. Ive always hated excercize but now that Ive gotten past the hard beginning I love it. Im eating healthier too as a side effect. LoL I think its beacuse now when I look at a candy bar I think...... wow, If I eat that it will be like tonights workout is for nothing! What a great deterant! lol. I only lost 5 lbs but I dropped from a 13/14 to a 10/11 pants. Im wondering if getting preg was why I didnt seem to lose any weight. Dh says that Im building muscle which weighs more than fat so I wont see much weight loss at first. Now that Im preggers Im cutting out the weight lifting, adominal and back excercizes which leaves just doing the run and stretchs.

So wow, Family get togethers must be huge eh? I cant help it I want a large family with lots of kids under foot. IF we thought we could afford private school for more than 4 kids we wouldnt stop but at $15,000 a year were really pushing it with 4. Im sure we can get some finacial help but we dont want to depend on that. And public schools where we are settling down at are just not that great so that isnt an option. Homeschooling is out beacuse I dont have the time or energy to take that on. We selected this school called Spectrum where the kids go until the equivilant of 8th grade. It is a arts based school. Im very excited about Kailyn and Brennen starting.

Boy I can tell Im pregnant... listen to me ramble.
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