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30 weeks

Anna, that is awesome!!
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31 weeks

Anna, that sounds like a great opportunity! But I know what you mean about moving out of the city. Things will work out as they should, they always do

I was up until 1:00 last night getting diapers. I did pick up some AIO's, a fitted, and 2 covers. They're adorable! I still have heaps more to get. Maybe I should stop spending my money on those cute ones and just get some prefolds.

They want to have a shower for me at work when we go back, and really diapers are all I still need. I know someone mentioned a diaper shower, but they're idea is getting heaps of Huggies to last 1+ years. The thought is sweet, but what would I do with those??? Hopefully, I can let them know I'm registered at felicite and they'll get things from there.

Off to do some reading...and then the cleaning.

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Hi Ladies!

Its looking impossible to read all the posts from the last few days, but wanted to check in. I'm still here, just busy! Camp is going well, although I fantasize about quitting almost daily... I just want my time back, things are slowing down a little physically and I had to purchase a maternity belt to fend off the aches and pains that come from being on my feet. All of my shower gifts from last weekend are still sitting in bags at the foot of my bed. I need to wash baby things get the rest of my dipes ordered, yikes! On top of that, my 9 yo brother is atying with me for the next two weeks and that requires a little extra. Anyhoo, that's the short story, I have to get us off to camp in the next 10 min. Hope all is well, I'll do my best to keep up with posts after this....

Oh and I have lots of great beads and thanks for them I just haven't had time to get beyond this thread.

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I'm so sorry to have missed a week of action with my preggo compatriots. But I have been sick. I didn't get a diagnosis until yesterday -- Hand Foot and Mouth Disease! I feel like a sheep or something with hoof and mouth. LOL I was exhausted and feverish all last weekend, and went to my regular doctor on Monday. I only had one mouth sore at that point and very sore and inflamed throat and glands. He told me, after doing a strep test that came out negative, that there wasn't much to do, it was a virus that produced mouth sores, get plenty of rest and fluids. Arg.

Well I had my OB visit yesterday and she diagnosed HFM. Mainly she said because of the sores on my tongue. I haven't got anything on my hands or feet. I probably got it from the summer program my children are in; it's at a church daycare (which my OB also has her kids there!) and she said they'd had outbreaks. Lawsy mercy. I am NEVER sick, and now this disease that sounds like it crawled out of the middle ages! I've got blisters down my throat, too -- it always feels like there's something stuck in there.

OK enough whining. Little Wild Boy seems not to be suffering in the least from my discomfort. Active as ever and growing like a weed. I'll be 32 weeks along tomorrow -- just two months to go! Whee!

Sorry I'm not up to date. Hope everyone's doing all right.
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Hello everyone ,

Sorry to be MIA for the last week. We had 5 house guests. Luckily all of them were extremely sweet and self reliant but still, I'm exhausted from the sightseeing and cooking for 7 people.

Greenbeing- Where are you from? I picked up "heaps" when I lived in Australia, but haven't heard it since.....are you from there by any chance? Just curious. Sent me on a memory lane trip.....although the littlest things can send me on fantasy trips lately!

Treeswallow- I have had horrible out breaks of mouth sores before. Never went to the doctor for them, but here's what worked for me, if you are interested. I would first gargle with HOT salt water every hour. That worked for mild outbreaks. If that wasn't helping, I'd put a few drops of betadine in a hot cup of water and gargle that several times a day......that always worked no matter how bad they were. Hope that helps maybe!

I'm doing pretty good. Sleeping is a lost art for me. I snuggle between two full size body pillows and finally get somewhat comfy. Then my sides start hurting and I start radiating heat and I have to get up and use the bathroom and move around to relax my sides and cool the bed off. Crawl back in for another round......this happens about every hour or so, sigh.

I've been dieing of thirst lately and running around L.A. hasn't helped with my fluid intake because I then have to pee constantly. Luckily Spud hasn't dropped back down again and so he/she isn't sitting right on my bladder yet.j

We haven't gotten anything ready for Spud yet. I've only even ordered 4 dipes so far. GOTTA GET ON THAT! You guys are totally freaking me out here. I didn't realize we'd be full term in two weeks! : I guess I should actually get serious about getting prepared here. We are definitly going to pick up what of our baby furniture has come in this weekend, maybe that will motivate me to get busy since I'll have a place to put things.

Cooking. I'm going to start cooking double casseroles and such in the next week or so to freeze. I'll freeze them in individual portions so Robert has his lunches to just grab on the way out the door. NOw I usually way over cook on Mon's so he can have leftovers all week for lunch.

Birthday cake. I think we are going to bake one when we got into labor. I have this yummy angel food pudding cake that we LOVE and so we will probably do that. Also its easy enough that if I can't finish it, then Robert can!

I am calling to schedule our US next week to see if the placenta has moved or not. For some reason I'm just really feeling like it has and that things are going to be ok. Hope I'm not setting myself up for a huge fall next week. But I'm thinking positive and hoping that the fact that I've had no previa symptoms whatsoever is a good sign. And encouraged that someone here already has gotten a good report on hers! (Pg brain, I can't remember who it was now, Adventuregirl maybe, but it was encouraging to me anyway!)

Hope everyone has a good weekend. And if you are sick you get to feeling better.
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34 weeks 1 day

Oh my heavens Ellen! I hope you're on the mend quickly!!

Meredith - at the public school where I used to teach, the standard baby shower gift to the expecting couple was a diaper cake. OK, it was cute - all of these little disposables rolled up individually, then stood on end and tied into round "layers" which were then stacked on top of each other to form a "cake", and then you tucked little baby gifts into the ribbons that were holding the layers - but oh, my, I am so glad that I am not at that school anymore, I can be fairly certain that anything my co-workers throw me will not involve disposable diapers!!

Anna - congrats to Jerome on the offer. As a teacher I can say: two classes a day is not so bad, especially if you have a curriculum to follow. If he can plan at home and combine his office hours for the two classes, he may really have it made (esp if the classes are not too spread out during the day, like one at 8 AM and one at 2 PM).

Danielle - yes, I am under the misconception that I still have plenty of time since we haven't even really hit the dog days of summer here yet! Those days in August where it's in the 100s with high humidity every day... kind of like earlier this week?!!! At Target last weekend I nearly had a violent reaction to the school supplies being out and on sale already!

Well, sprout woke me up at about 4:30 this morning doing a ferocious rendition of Lance Armstrong winning his last stage in the Alps, I think I had my first painful kick. Not just uncomfortable, but painful. At least it was up in the ribs and not down low! Anyway, the little one kicked and kicked until I got up and had a glass of milk. I am a bit sore today too from my swim class last night which didn't help with my sleeping at all. At least the weather is beautiful and we can have the windows open and let in some fresh air. The cats are sure appreciating that.

Wellness to all,

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see you later!

Well I am heading out... lots to do.
Tomorrow is my sister's golden birthday... big party at the farm. Swimming at the river, grilling out, horseback riding (for some) fireworks and a HUGE bonfire. We will be burning some nasty moldy stinky old mattresses and other junk from the barn... i hope they don't set anything on fire! It will be out in the horse pasture far away from all buildings... still.

Jerome will be at his brother's bachelor party during the day, canoeing and stuff, but will drive back to the farm for the evening.

On Sunday we will be at our Baby Shower!!! It should be a really great casual setting. Sort of a picnic / potluck at Jerome's Dad's place.. I'm looking forward to it, although i'm a little paranoid that people will get us dumb stuff. Hardly anything has been purchased from the registries!! (Yes, I snuck a peek) I really hope people haven't waited till the last minute and are gonna go to Target! We didn't register for much there at all! Just little onesies and stuff! Everything i really want is on my registry at findgift.com Oh well, I'll just have to wait and see, and be grateful for what we receive!

On Monday we are intending to work on painting the trim in the bedroom, and go swimming and relax before we hop in the car and head back to Madison in time for our birthing class in the evening!!

It will be a busy weekend, but there should be lots of time for me to take naps and go swimming!!! I love to swim at the river, it is one of my all time favorite places.. ever! My soul is awash with the currents of that river and I can hardly wait to immerse myself in it!

I hope everyone has a happy healthy weekend and look forward to catching up with you all next week! Love to all
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Caroline - I'd keep the swing, but definitely keep the box, too. Jack HATED swings, although there were times when I wished he didn't!!! I was glad to be able to return mine - Babies R Us will take anything back.

My shower is going to be on Aug 22, I wanted it a little sooner than that, but already our weekends are so booked!!! My favorite thing that my best friend sets up when she throws showers is the post baby dinner train. Everybody (who wants to) signs up to bring a complete, prepared meal including an entree, veggie, bread and dessert and gets told when they sign up that they have to just say hi and drop it off. No visiting allowed. Last time I had SIXTEEN straight days of meals. It was a beautiful thing. Most people cooked, but people also ordered us pizza, takeout, etc. I highly recommend goading your best friend into setting it up for you!

My friend came over with her son today, and we took them on the bus to the mall as a little fieldtrip. Jack has been begging and begging me to ride the bus, so he was in heavan. The mall is a short 5 stops down the bus line in front of our house, so it was easy and fun. I would do it more often, but it costs $1.25 each way, which seems a little excessive for what would be a 3-4 minute car ride!

Stealing time from work, so I'll check in later tonight.
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34wk 4d

UGH! I had this nice posted typed out. Was just about to post it... when the power when poof and then came right back on. It is really annoying. We've had so many power outages in the last year. I can understand the ones during the bad storms but the ones that happen 2 hours after the storm has passed?? Or like today... beautiful clear blue sunny sky... can't they kind the system up?? It's also really annoying that across the street still has power but we don't because of the design of the power gird.


Thanks, we think Jack is pretty darn sweet too. I was looking at some of his infant pictures last night, I can't believe we'll have another bitty baby in the house soon. : : I remember commenting to David the other night that I can't believe we are about to have THREE children. He laughed and said I still can't believe we have the two we have already. :LOL

I think I'm in denial on how quickly this time is going by. I've got this weekend set aside to do some 'major' cleaning and re-arranging. I had planned to do a lot of it this week but David suddenly decided Monday night that he was going to Austin to spend a couple days with his cousin this week and they were going to ride motorcycles around a bit... suuuuuuure honey, you go right a head and just take off for a couple of days. no problem. no I don't have any plans, don't you worry about me and the kids we'll be just fine. Idiot forgot to put Tori's carseat back into the Discovery and I really don't fit in the backseat well enough to get it snug enough anymore. I tried once and got a horrible crick in my back and side. SO I wasn't able to do any of the things that I NEEDED to get down this week. Didn't make it to Sam's, the grocery store, the Post Office. He's said I'll be home Thurs night or Friday early morning at the latest... he walked in the door about 15 minutes ago... it's after 4pm. I think next week I'll just suddenly need to go out for a while and leave him with the kids all day. :LOL Maybe I'll go see a movie by myself. Sit in a nice cool theater, go watch a foreign flim or 'chick flick' that he doesn't want to see.

Ellen- a friend's DD got HFM and they gave her a mix of equal parts liquid mylanta and liquid benadryl to swish/ gargle spit. 2-3 times a day. You can also a pharmasist to add lidocaine to it for adults since you know not to swallow. It really made her DD's mouth feel a lot better. Lidocaine is considered safe during pregnancy.

Caroline- I'd keep the swing too. JIC, Tori would only nap in her swing or on the chest/breast. It made a couple of meals bearable and we both got to eat hot food!! And Jack was pretty cool with it too, it was a 'safe' place to let him hang out in while I was cooking or showering. Sometimes he'd even fall asleep in it. Hold onto the box in case he hates it. BRUs will take just about anything back.

Anna- Hopefully that job offer will work out to be a really good thing. I understand the possible dissapointment of not moving to the farm earlier but hopefully it will be worth it. Hope you have a safe trip out to the farm. Try to not get to close to the fumes from the bonfire especially if they are burning 'trash'.

Sheryl- Hope you aren't overdoing! Try to rest as much as you can.

Christi- hope that placenta is a moving north like it should.

Sarah- that meal train is a great idea!!

Well I'm going to post this before the power "goes off" again.
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Samantha...don't you sometimes just hate DH's?? Mine does the same stuff...like they are only responsible for themselves, we are responsible for us, the kids, oh, and all the things THEY forget to do!!

Anna..I really think this is going to work for oyu guys. It sounds like fate is at work, just go with it!!

Today was my baby's third birthday. I can't believe it. She had such fun, we just a couple of neighborhood kids over and did games, makeup(she got a set for her party) and cake...but it was great. Even the one little boy here wanted to wear makeup, he looked so cute and we saved it to show his daddy! I was impressed with the lack of "gender" stereotyping. ALthough we couldn't say he was pretty, he insisted we call him handsome!! Three years ago today I was holding my brand new baby...tomorrow will be three years she was shipped 3 hours away to a hospital w/o me....With my other kids I am always a little sad that they are growing up, with her I am happy with every year that passes because it is one more than we thought we were going to have with her. There is nothing compared to seeing your 14 day old being recussitated in front of you, twice. I have to say a prayer of thanks today to the strangers whose blood saved her life....always get emotional when I think about the fact that STRANGERS are responsible for her making it, at least partly...

Anyway, i am getting way too sentimental here.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY B--

I am posting pictures to the yahoo group....

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31w 4d

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Hi, ladies, chatty few days, eh? I can't believe I haven't been on here before now... I have added the diaper board to my stops (though I don't stay long since most of it confuses me anyway), and I've been falling asleep with this thread up on my laptop, while reclining on my couch every night... Tonight the laptop isn't set up, so I have to sit on the hard chair in front of the PC, but hey - I'm posting and reading without falling asleep! Although I need to... It's already midnight and I didn't get much sleep last night and only an hour long nap today...

I measured my girth with dh's tape today -- 49 inches around at the waist! I think it was 44 a month ago...? I measured 39 weeks along at my OB visit Tuesday, and I am definitely bigger now than I was when I delivered Nicolas at 41w1day. Dh took a few pics of my 32 1/2 week belly tonight. See them here: http://share.shutterfly.com/osi.jsp?i=EeAM2TRszcsWz2o
(Notice my new hair do!! It feels so great! Also, the top I'm wearing is one of the tops Jen sent me; I love it! Thanks again...) Oh, and you get to see my little dog, a Rat Terrier named Mario.

Have a great evening. I've got to get to bed. Oh, and I've made a two-page list (and growing) of all the stuff I want/need to get done before babies arrive. I was having a nice relaxing pregnancy until I realized how much there is yet to do, in only a little bit of time!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAACCCCKKK!
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I suppose there is some good reason why I was woken up at 5:45 this morning, but it's not Sprout (who seems to be still asleep). Sydney didn't help, but if I'm tired I can usually just pet her a couple of times and go back to sleep. Maybe it's to enjoy our neighborhood while it's still quiet and still, although now that it's after 6, the planes have begun taking off (the int'l airport is 15 mins away).

Oops, there went Sprout. Feetfeetfeetfeetfeet. And here comes Sydney as if to say "hey mom, why aren't you still in bed?".

Savannah, that shirt looks great on you I'm glad you like it too! And check out that belly!

Yawn, j.

btw: the girl's name thing is becoming a nightmare. Now that I have gotten past Alexa, Jo refuses to consider anything else. Anything at all. Everything I suggest gets just a pat "no". It's making me crazy.
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34 weeks

Hola! Just wanted to check back in, sure hope I am not overdoing it. I am feeling like I would love to quit my job after my brother leaves (its nice to have him busy at camp all day), but we recently lost our third counselor and he is not being replaced, which means they are now really relying on me to stay. There is an emergency back-up plan, but its not a very good one. I don't know, I am going to chat with my mw about it this week and see what she has to say. I don't feel like it is physically a problem, just that I don't have the time or energy left over to do what I want/need to do to feel ready.

Anyway, looks like you are all doing well. Have great weekends, I will try to keep up!
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