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rediscovering the sling w/ my toddler

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DD is 16 months; we never had much luck w/ slings when she was a newborn. Had better luck once we could do kangaroo carry, but still not tons--she just didn't like it very much. Then I lost (!) our sling for a while (put it away then forgot where I put it). Finally found it, and last night on a whim I decided to put her on my hip & take her out in it.

She loves it! We went for a walk in it last night, then one this morning, and she really seems to like it. She also loves going out in her stroller, but I think she loved having me right there to talk to her about things we saw. But now I have 2 problems (at least).

1) we have a Nojo, w/ pads, and it's just not very adjustable anymore--although it seems okay for now.

2) after a while it loosens just enough that she starts sitting directly on my hip bone, and it hurts.

3) It's finally turning into summer here, and it's a bit hot to be carrying a padded sling.

4) I feel like I'm compensating--she sits to the left, so I pull to the right for balance, and now my back is all achy.

Okay, I guess that's 4 problems. Plus my chronic foot problems, which are exacerbated by carrying around a toddler...

So...what am I asking...
I guess I'm interested in hearing what other people use for their toddlers. She's 21 or 22 lbs. It'd be great to use a sling or carrier more--I might have better luck making dinner!--but should I look into getting an EllaRoo or something like that? Would an unpadded sling be better? I never really liked our Bjorn or our back-pack b/c they both pulled out from the body a lot--the sling is much better that way.

And do you think it's even worthwhile getting a new sling or other holder at this point?

Testimonials, anyone?
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Yes, it's worth it! And I think you should get a pouch -maybe a Hotsling?
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