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Cramps, anyone?

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I just plain don't remember this with DD or oldest DS .. DS was over 5 years ago, DD was just plain a stressful pregnancy (preterm labour starting at 18 weeks, bedrest weeks 18-30, labor again at 32 weeks, then 10 days in the hospital with a preemie)

Are these normal? They're just kind of twinge-y cramps, like AF'ish or diarrhea-ish.. No spotting, cervix closed tight, and all the symptoms I'd hoped I'd bypass this time are showing up now - nausea, sore boobs, headaches, sinus congestion .. Just .. is it normal to feel AF-y type cramps around the time AF would normally show up?
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I read in A LOT of places that some women really do believe AF is showing up because the period / diarrhea kind of cramping they were having. I am having light but annoying cramping myself now, and though I wonder sometimes if everything will go all right this time (I had 2 miscarriages before my youngest - 9 weeks, then twins at 18 weeks - so I had a very nervous pregnancy last time) I have decided to be positive and remember that it is normal to cramp in the beginning.
Congrats on your baby!!
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I've had the same kind of cramping as well. It is very nerve wracking but totally normal for many many mamas. I seem to remember I had it with both ds and dd so am trying to keep positive too.

Hang in there!
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Well, my BOOBS are cramping LMAO!!
Seriously though; I've had a little bit of cramping, the feeling like AF is about to come. And my gawd, I've had to do #2 every single day since conception. And not good ones either, the "I think it's time to buy Citrucel" kind. UGH! Sorry if tmi.
Early pregnancy is so difficult. Everything mimics AF even down to the cramping and spotting.
I was spotting a few days ago. More like tinged CM... like what you get when your period is about to start. It was very noticable for almost a whole day, tapered, and then came back a little bit.
I remember this with my other pregnancy but it didn't stick around so it makes me nervous although it's normal.
But the #2 stuff.. I can't stand it because sometimes I get cramping like I'm about to have diarrhea and I worry it's uterine cramping, etc.
I didn't have this with my other pregnancies and although it's well known, it's hard to accept that every pregnancy is different without worry!!!
Sorry for the ramble
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I had cramping at the beginning of this pregnancy too. My midwife said "The expanding uterus oftern feels crampy." Because I've had 3 miscarriages at 8 weeks these crampy feelings made me nervous. I tried to remember what the MW had said and reassure myself that 'the baby was growing - my uterus was expanding'. HTH
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I'm having cramps as well. I thought this was AF, but she never came

Not sure if nursing my 16 month old has anything to do with this - because I tend to feel it randomly through the day, and not at the times she nurse.

Since this is the only symptom I have, I don't know if I should be worried...
hope everything will be OK.

glad to be here - have 3 kids, Due Date - March 15.

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I get cramps when i overexert myself.Running down the driveway the other day gave me nasty cramps the next day.The uterus is stretching and i think that over did it.But it is normal!
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I've heard many times that cramping about the time your period would have been due is totally normal. My cramps have been more or less continuous since then and my period was due 2 weeks ago. I had an interview with my midwives last week (pre-natal care starts next week) and then seemed to think it was unusual to still have cramps but didn't say it was a bad thing (I think they're the type to gloss over problems that you can't do anything about as not to cause worry, which makes me worry more!!). And I've had other people say it was unusual.

So I'm worried about cramping too but no bleeding at all (aside from 3 days of scant spotting just before my period was due). And the cramps aren't even as bad as menstrual cramps. They feel different too. Sharper, more focused.

Also the cramps are worse when I swim. So I stop. But I wonder why...
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