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Originally Posted by Jillybean
So, my baby shower was yesterday. I feel like an ungreatful whiner, but here goes anyway: A few months back my in-laws asked what we needed. We said diapers. I registered for diapers and they all said they would get us diapers. So, dh step-mom throws us the shower, which was really sweet and generous of her and I really do appreciate it. But NO diapers! Not one! That is all we need for this baby and instead we got a bunch of blankets and clothes, that we do not need! So now I am scrambling to order some dipes and hoping they will get here on time. And I feel so ungreatful, i mean they didn't have to get us anything. But I am so bummed. Well, it felt good to get that out anyway! Sorry for my mini-rant!

Bummer! DH tells me the other day MIL offered to get us something if we needed it and he told her we didn't. Uh, hello! Where is the car seat dude?? LOL
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Originally Posted by Jillybean
? I went to a rock concert (311) when 8 months pregnant with ds and it was not my smartest move. The band was great, but I was completely exhausted and uncomfortable and it just wasn't the same.

311 was playing here this weekend, free, but I was not up to it. Pretty bummed, but I didn't see it happeneing. Turns out it was great, the fireworks after spectacular, but I did throw out my back cleaning earlier Saturday so better that I didn't go.
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Ugh. I so do N O T want to be cleaning, but I KNOW if I put it off it won't happen. The carpets are nasty. Everything I did this weekend I had been putting off for weeks/months and I know I won't get done after baby is here.

My mom said cleaning out the fridge inside and out was nesting last time. Trying to convince her it was a monthly thing really freaked her out. I am not doing that this time because of the floor (hardwood) and I don't want to scratch it.

Carpets aren't going to clean themselves and I can't seem to convince folks not to take food out of the kitchen. Guess I had better get up!
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Originally Posted by lena_girl
DH is getting so excited. He keeps saying that I have to go into labor during the week though so he gets out of work He's silly. He will get 10 days paternity leave and then back to work and back to all his trips. My mom is planning to come visit when DH gets sent away on his first trip so that I won't suddenly be left alone w/ a newborn and a toddler. She says she's going to take DS out everyday to have fun and leave me to be with just the baby
Lena, this is exactly what is going on for me too! my Dh said today and yesterday "so you think you can talk the baby into coming this week?" as he is looking to a long work week again of overtime. My mom is taking vacation the first two weeks of August hoping the baby will come sometime in those weeks so she can take ds#1 and play..LOL...
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LOL, you ladies are bad bad bad! I'm trying to convince myself that labor is far from immenant so that I don't feel bad as days pass where I haven't gone. ANd anyway I would really like a nice big baby Everyday though when I start having contractions I start thinking, could this be it? Blasted OB telling me I would go anytime. So I'm just going to try to keep convincing myself (and all of you) that I have at least a week to go. A week from now I'm sure I'll say the same thing.

Oh, and I have a stupid neighbor gripe. Went out to get the mail and this neighbor guy came outside. He yelled "Woah!" and stuck his belly out really far. Then he yelled "Shouldn't you be on your way to the hospital?" Oh man I wish I could have said that I was having a homebirth. He wouldn't keep yelling. Then he's asking if I'm having a girl because "you're carrying really high!" What?!? This baby is just about as low as possible I think without me actually being in labor. I had a lady yell at me yesterday too. I was holding DS and waiting for her to pass so I could cross the street. She had her windows down and was glaring at me. Then she yelled "Ya'll need to quit blowing stuff up!" What? Yes, as a SAHM wife to a Marine I MUST blow stuff up for fun and the war is all my fault! Anyway, sorry for the griping, but people just bug me sometimes.

Anyway, I'll try to reply to everyone tommorow morning
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Originally Posted by lena_girl
Then she yelled "Ya'll need to quit blowing stuff up!" What? Yes, as a SAHM wife to a Marine I MUST blow stuff up for fun and the war is all my fault!
We have some left over fireworks if you want to blow those up... about 3am, under her window
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Here we are at page eight again.

I have started a new chat thread

See you all there!

p.s. I still have to catch up on this one, which has really taken off since the birth of our first baby. I will post a list of topics in rotation soon.
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Originally Posted by magemom
We have some left over fireworks if you want to blow those up... about 3am, under her window

Ha! Ha! That is hilarious. What nerve for that woman to be rude to you like that. That is exactly the type thing that would get me upset. You deserve a gripe.

Yall I am so excited for Kimberly. She has put up with so much--she must be so relieved that it is over.

I just completed my last Monday as a student teacher. Yeah.

My feet are so swollen. It is upsetting because I have made it this far without that problem and now suddenly they're nasty. I'm sure it is the over doing it and the heat and the lowness of the baby--I think he's on some vessel that cuts off blood in my legs.

My trip went well and I saw many of my family that have never met my husband of 2 1/2 years. They are kinda pretentious (sp?) and couldn't believe I traveled there (only 3 1/2 hours and one state away mind you) in my condition. Yeah driving that long made my feet swell, but staying overnight in a hotel with no whiny toddler to wake me up at 6 AM was kinda nice. Like a mini vacation. I missed Ben alot but felt really comfortable with him being at his grandparents. I know he's in great hands. For example he woke up at 3:30 and couldn't go back to sleep in his pack and play so he slept in the bed with them. how sweet.

I wanted to say to you all that when I bought a dress at motherhood the other day ( I know it is so soon to due date, but I need something nice fore graduation!) I recieved a gift bag with a Avent bottle in it. I know most of us think bottles are the devil here but you never know. (I know I'll be leaving new babe with a bottle of expressed milk every now and then) and if it has to be a bottle, I really do like Avent the best AND it was free! So go check it out. Maybe there would be some nursing night gowns or bras that you could get and get a little gift bag or something. Unless you think bottles are the devil and then you can give your bottle to me! (he he just kidding)

Pregnancy symptoms today.... back ache back ache back ache and groin pains like someone else had mentioned. Hmm.... wonder what it means. My maternity clothes are pretty tight. I don't have much time left in them.

Cleaning.....I keep a pretty clean house in my defense, but last night.....I Saw a MOUSE! We caught him and got rid of him but still. I'm totally mortified and disgusted. I WILL be sanitizing the entire house tonight. Vaccuming behind all furniture, moping all floors, bleaching out and vaccuming out cabinets and behind washer and dryer. (that's where he came from) I want to be sure that i don't find any evidence of him having any family or friends in my house) I don't mind bringing a baby home to a moderately messy (lived in) house but I REFUSE to bring him home to a house that a mouse has been running in. No way
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