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Originally Posted by apmamma
I have the cast done and tried to take pictures to post but the film I bought was crappo and would not feed through my camera-so I need to buy more and try again..as soon as I get them I will share...
did you get the link out of my post on the how to's?
No, I didn't see it... is that a separate forum? I looked but I didn't see it.
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I am right there with everyone who is super tired and achey. My sciatic nerve is acting up again, after almost completely going away for a few months. But its not too bad, I can still get around just fine.

ketilave: thanks for the link to that bra site. I need to get my measurements and then I will be ordering some. I think the Leady Lady that you mentioned and another sleep/lounge bra. They both look really comfy and stretchy. That should cover me for the first few months. Not like I'll be going out a lot!

nursing pads: I ordered some of the bravado pads, they look like they will work well. I haven't gotten them yet, but I'll let you know! I also got some disposable medela pads, i leak a lot in the beginning and those are pretty heavy-duty.

oh, and baby carriers: I haven't used a hug-a-bub or baby bundler, but I've heard good things. Maybe another option would be a sling that sits on both shoulders, a wrap-style, like a rebozo? I think maya wrap has a two-shouldered one now, too.

Ok, well ds is in need of some attention. We're having a frequent melt-down day today. Don't know what thats all about...

have a great day!
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Originally Posted by naturegirl
Anyone else with good baby carrier advice? Anyone tried the hug-a-bub or baby bundler?

Hi! I just checked out the link for the hug-a-bug.........looks like a great idea to me, but very pricey for the work and materials involved. Depends, though, on how much money you have to spend vs. how much craftiness you or your good friends have. Anyway, thought I'd pass this on to you:

This lady makes something a lot like the hug-a-bug. I just tried something along this lines in my living room for the heck of it by tieing two long chambray curtains together (to get the length), and you know, I think I could actually use them as I sling, no problem. Huh. A new life for old curtains that don't match my current decor?

I've got a maya wrap I've used off and on, but the chambray curtains felt a lot more comfy. It's a bit of a relief to re-distribute the weight between two shoulders instead of one.

HOpe every one is doing just fine today. DD is cutting in a molar, so we're taking it pretty slow this afternoon. Feels good. My clothes line is full of itty-bitty newborn clothes and my maya wrap drying in the sun......gonna try to pack a bag for DD and Roger the dog and a bag for me for D-Day (delivery day) this afternoon.

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Hello my pregnant friends!

Okay, can we talk EXHAUSTION????? This is BOLD statement, but I'm not sure if I've EVER been this tired. And that's saying a lot considering my son was sleep-challenged and we did not sleep for more than 1-2 hours at a time for over 5-6 months of his life. Then, it was not until he was 2yo that he actually slept solidly and mostly "thru the night". GEEESH. I literally cannot keep my eyes open. I almost don't want to go anywhere that involves driving b/c I'm afraid I'll fall asleep at the wheel. What about those of you with other kids? Is it just this bad this time around b/c I have a toddler? Today I threw in the towel and late morning I put a DVD in. We only have a few, and they are reserved for really special times. Like if DS is sick or something. But he happily watched for about one hour while I closed my eyes on the couch. DH is in Manhatttan today for business and won't get home until after 9-10pm tonight. I don't know how I'm gonna make it... :

Anyway, ahem, going to the bathroom a lot? I mean bowel movements? These past two days I think I've gone 3-4x/day. I know, TMI, TMI...

Ketilave-Might just go with the disposable kind as I didn't need them that much the first time around. But we'll see. I'm so into comfort these days that those ones that AP mentioned sound great...

Liza-Maybe someone in your life will be having twins? Or your next pregnnacy will be twins if MW says no to them this time???? I am a firm believer that some dreams really, really mean SOMTHING. The week I had DS I had a dream on Monday that I would have the baby on Thursday and I did. Not like that's so exciting, but kinda cool..

Lena&AP-You are both so good with the links... Thanks.

Mealy-Haven't heard this about the Bjorn or other carriers. With DS-we were attached all the time. In my arms, rarely out. And when he was big enough and I wanted or needed to go out, he was in the Bjorn. I just purchased a New Native. And I am anxious to try it with an actual baby in it. I was told that unless you have a really large chest, that the size M works pretty much for most women. I hope this is true...this is what I got.

Ap-I wanna see the cast!!!

Nature-tHanks for more insight into the carrier thing. I never know which one is best. And I know die-hard slingers have a wardrobe of sorts-a few to choose from...

Leah-You are reminding me (like AP!) to pack those bags!

My DS has just started this comfort thing, I guess. He never took a pacifier, never sucked a thumb, but just in the past week he's been sucking his fingers. Not all the time, but when he's just sitting with me or reading or whatever, he likes to do it. I know it's normal, but the timing seems interesting. Like maybe he's feeling he's not getting all of mama right now???

Okay, gtg make some lunch. I think I need some extra protein today to get me thru. I might need some toothpicks for the eyelids, too...

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FYI, just read thru this post and regarding all the bra talk, thought I'd let ya know that Burlington Coat Factory has some Playtex nursing bra's for $9.99 right now - very good price. I bought one of these at the mall 2 months ago for $24.99. So of course I snatched up two more when I saw them at Burlington!
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Bears - DS sticks his whole hand in his mouth or rubs his/my nipples when he is wimpy. I don't know what the vibe is because right now ALL drinks have to be in a sippy cup, he wants to sit in the high chair, and we cannot even DISCUSS the bathroom or underwear around - DIAPERS it is. This as my one year old takes off her diaper and crawls to the potty. Maybe a little peer pressure will do the trick but I doubt it. That and DS wants to be carried all the time - the sling is in hiding because if he sees it he wants to be in it. Not happening. WAY too hot and humid these days for such a thing.

Serious AReflux - woke up choking this morning. I am downing the tums but what were some other remedies.

Just noticed the time. GTG my chiro has walk-in hours and I'm going to go get some. (This is all the "getting some" I am up for - sex is not happening unless I go 43 weeks).
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Bears, LOL I have so wanted to ask if I was the only one, but I was a fraidy cat. SInce the baby settled in REALLY low it's gotten worse and worse. I am going about 4x a day now (and going potty like every half hour I think)

My DS was *almost* pottytrained, but then suddenly starting refusing to potty in the toilet. I'm not pushing it. I figure he'll let me know when he's ready to go back. He is so extremely attached to me that I worry about how he will feel about the baby. Anyone else? It seems like he is always touching me somehow or playing with me. I feel so bad that he won't have all that one on one soon.
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bears/lena - i'm with ya on the multiple daily bm's...i'm usually a 2-3times a wk pooper and now it's a twice daily thing sorry for the TMI...i don't remember this w/ the other two though...i'm also having to pee at least 2x's an hour, last night it was ridiculous!

about the nursing pads, i've made myself a ton for this go 'round - mostly hemp fleece, but some with killington flannel...none of those itty bitties work for my "e is for elephant" boobies lol i've also acquired 2 prs of wool ones this time around from a friend who made some for herself (she just had a baby on thursday - gorgeous redhead named ellie), that i am curious to see how they work! i've found i like the lansinoh ones ok, but i found some "milk diapers" ones online last time that worked pretty well...just cheaper for me to use diaper scraps and make my own.

bearsmama and other mamas, i think having a toddler this time around has made all the difference in why i'm always exhausted. my pg w/ shelby was so much easier in that my 3yo (was 2.5 when i got pg) was so easygoing and could dress himself and manage to help pick up...he wasn't pottylearned, but that wasn't such a big issue...this time, i've got two to keep up with (though jake at 4.5 is a HUGE help ) - shelby's only 20mos and is a handful...she's a bundle of energy and while i love it, it makes for a tiring day!

i got a few more diapers done for ian today, i'm slowly but surely completing the stash i'd cut out for him...hopefully after my mega sewathon during this pg, i won't have to sew many more diapers - EVER lol...

as for the sling issue, my fave is the taylormadetreasure.com sling - mine's chambray and i it...fits so well and i've got muscle/nerve issues in both shoulders...i'm thinking i might get a mesh one since ian's going to be a summer baby, but not sure...
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Mealy here you go-this one is straight out of the BFW book:

Bears please pass the toothpicks.....

great link Leah...Jill I use the rebozo and love it...

Went to my appt today and all is well..passed the GBS and measuring a week behind and gained 1/2 a lb. HB 155.

oh yeah and on the TMI issue I was doing the same 3x aday until I started taking these blasted iron tabs. I guess I need to go back and read about Katje or was it K8 taking the flouridex(sp)?

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Hey, my kid is regressing too. She made me take the high chair out of the closet. For a couple of months, she would only drink from a sippy. Now, it's worse. She will only drink from a bottle. Yep, we bought her her first bottle at age two and three-quarters. She was so excited that everyone in the drugstore ended up cheering for her. She's kind of a nut. Luckily for us, she thinks that babies pee in Baby Bjorn potties, because the infants she know all EC. Thank God for small mercies. I would not be okay with her returning to diapers.

I think I used the Bravado pads last time. I didn't like the sposie ones at all -- I found that they stuck to my nipples. You'd think that I'd have a stash, since I wore them for months, but, unfortunately, breast pads are like socks and always go missing.

I am starting to work on my birth announcements. Anyone else sending some out? I want to pre-address the envelopes but think that I should hold off on the return address until I know the baby's name.

I am exhausted as well. I don't think it's just because I have a toddler, because she spent most of the day with her grandmother and I still feel like going to bed at 6 p.m.

I have a Maya wrap, an Indisposables padded sling, a mesh sling, a Baby Trekker and a Korean podegi, but I still find myself wishing I could try other carriers. I guess I feel about carriers the way a hyena feels about diapers.
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Glad to hear I'm not the only one with a regressing child. Also, (not like this is regressing, really) he is getting more and more obsessed with his penis and bum. He will wing off his dipe (and we're not potty-learned around here either) and prance around the house. I beg him to tell me when he has to go. So, he just refused, refused, refused to put it back on today and then climbed up the stairs and said, "There's poopy on the steps". Lo and behold, he wasn't kidding...ahhhh, the joys of being 2.5...

Ketilave-I've heard papaya, but I'm not sure????

Also good to know that you're all on the potty a lot, too-even if our kids aren't!

Ahhh, my fantasy right now, Dodo, is to have someone offer to take DS for like 1/2 day... it's like a little dream of mine.

Anyway, it is going to pour again here tonight. I have some friends coming in the am and must clean a bit. Thought I'd take this time while DS is in the basement playing with toys to hop on. Thank god for a finished basement. Still needs some "finishing", but he has a whole other area to play in...

Okay, I know I've missed some of you...AP-Glad all went well with your appoint. Measuring a week early, huh?????

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Hi everyone -

Kimberly - I am not nearly as talented as you. It took me probably more than 10 hours over 3 days to make my carrier while it only took you 45 minutes. I didn't follow that (or any for that matter) pattern though and did it to be a bit more like a backpack. I thought DH would be more comfortable with it having buckles, plus, it conserved some of my fabric. I want to get as much as possible out of that silk. Got my two carriers and have enough left for a purse.

DH and DS used the carrier this night when we all walked to our town to see fireworks for Bastille Day. I kept admiring the carrier the whole time. The fabric is just so beautiful and the carrier worn on the back really makes it visible. DS was afraid of the fireworks and wanted to go home initially but DH started calling them the French word for farts and DS got over his fear with laughter. Kind of indicator bit on our sense of humour sometimes.

I'm with you all on the fatigue thing but not at all on the TMI. I'm so not now from the iron tablets. I'm also really achey. My ribs really hurt along with my back in the spot just behind my aching ribs. I've been applying pressure on both sides today and that seems to give me some temporary relief, but not for long enough.

Got to get to bed. Take care - Tiff
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Yes Yes Yes! I too am exhausted. I have to have an afternoon nap no matter what or I am not of any use in the pm. I'm not kidding. If I want to be functional to care for my child and make some sort of dinner for at least him, I have to have an hour nap.
I am only able to do t his because Ben is in child care. They have a nap at 12. I am finished with my student teaching and can leave at 1. By then Ben is asleep, so I go home and catch some zzz's and wake up for about 3 which is when they are up and eating some snack. After July 30, Ben will no longer going to this center. I have decided to keep both children home with me and hire at home baby sitters during the times when I go to school. It will be much cheaper for me.
So basically unless I have this baby really early... Ben is going to be with me post partum. Yikes! Josh is taking off a week, then my mom is staying a week. But after that it is just me and Ben and newborn... is anyone else REALLY scared about that?
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Hey you guys Kimberly's BP is up there today and she does not feel well...check out her thread in our forum here..I always forget to check anything but our chat-so thought others might want to wish her well
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Thanks for posting that, AP. I think you and I must have seen that thread at the same time. I'm all choked up for Kimberly. I really hope everything goes smoothly for her. She is having the exact thing I feared the most, and she's being unbelievably strong. Kimberly! You rock!

So, we had our hospital tour last night, and the lady who was giving it must have thought I was the most obnoxious person on the planet. Everything she said I had a question about. "The nurses take your baby once every shift to check vitals." Oh really? This of course is optional, right? "We support and encourage full rooming in, as it encourages bonding with mother and baby from the beginning." So, how does taking the baby away once every shift, lining them up in the nursery while the nurses let them cry until the whole group is finished encourage bonding with mommy? Etc, etc.

I did find out one good thing, though. I had thought DD couldn't stay in the hospital with me after the baby is born, but if I have another adult with me, she can. I have to "ask permission" of course, but now that I know that, believe me, they'll be happier to agree to let me have her with me than anything else.

Swelling came back last night, probably cause I ate out so much while my friend was visiting. But, she's gone now, and I'm taking it easy again. I'm not that worried about it this time around. Baby still feels breech, so I'm just hoping and praying for major movements.

Having massive heartburn, and yes, like everyone else, more frequent BM's. Now tell me why I would be having that, if babe is breech, huh? I guess it's just the size at this stage.

Started working on making mega frozen dinners today. I have a HUGE pot of spaghetti sauce simmering away now to eat tonight and freeze the remainder. Anyone else cooking ahead? Wanna share recipes? I have a few ideas, but I'd love to hear what anyone else is doing.

Okay, Bonnie needs me. Catch you later...
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Thanks to AP for reminding me to check the other threads. I am thinking of Kimberly tonight. She's had it rough this pregnancy and I hope the end of this journey goes smoothly for her...

Christeeny-YES, YES, YES! I, too, am having intermittent crying spells about how in the WORLD I am going to manage my HN boy AND a newborn. I just don't fully have my mind around it yet. We had a tough transition with DS, so we feel prepared for the worst on a sleeping/energy level. So anything better than we expect is a bonus. BUT, how do I go about our day, our days that are already so draining WHILE nursing and caring for a newborn??? I have a great fear that we won't be able to leave the house for some time...

Don't get me wrong, everyone. I am sooo excited about this babe, but I am just being very, very realistic about the potential challenges. In fact, I think I am just psyching myself up for a really tough time. And anything better is a bonus...

Caroline-I made quite a few things the first pregnancy, and this pregnancy I seem to have a smaller freezer. So not as much will fit. I am usually the QUEEN of cooking and freezing for later and have done this many times for expectant friends. I do a really good baked ziti that freezes well, a crusty mac and cheese, chili works well, too. Lasagna, etc. If you want any recipes, PM me...

Anyway, DH called while I was doing my marathon of putting DS to sleep. he was stuck in Manhattan until 8:30 and won't be home until probably
10:30. Anyone else reallly sensitive about time lately????

Another doc visit tomorrow afternoon. I think I'll have my first internal-unless this doc is okay waiting as my last one was (last one said she didn't usually do internals a month ahead. May not even do them 3 weeks ahead as I will be tomorrow...). I am a bit anxious about what's going on with my cervix. Tonight I've had some sharp cramping... we shall see.

Sleep well, everyone... Thanks again for being such a wonderful group of women...
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Even though I've been gone several days again, this time I was able to catch up and read everyone's posts. Unfortunetly my brain and memory are slow so I don't think I can individually respond. Sorry....

Bras: I wear btwn 38 D to 40 DD I like the playtex and Duo Maternity bras. I think I have bought them all from JC Penny or JC penny online. I plan on getting a few more once this little one arrives.
Nursing Pads: My let down was small enough that the Gerber Thin Pads (disposies) worked just great for me. I have already purchased two boxes for this one.
TMI: So much rectal pressure here. Lots of BM's and several occations of the runs lately. I even cut back on all the fruit I was eating but it hasn't seemed to make a difference.
Toddler and regressing issues: Oh yah. She used to be so willing to sit on the potty at like 18 mo. and now though she wants to be naked or wear unddies instead of dipe she go's balistic when i put her on the potty and she is so extremely clingy these days. I am used to her being so independant but these days she crys about sitting at her table to eat. It's too small for me to sit with her but she just doesn't understand that. I have tried pulling up a chair and sitting with her but that doesn't even always work. I too am wondering how this whole new baby transition will go. I just hope Breaunna won't be aggressive with the baby.

I went to the chiropractor yesterday and it was terrific. I told her I kept feeling like my pelvis was going to break in two. She did something and wallah! It was so much better. As always she popped the ribs back into place and adjusted my spine, neck, and back. AwwwHHHH..... she is indespensible.
My belly is so droopy. I looked at a belly pick my mom took on Saturday at the baby shower and compared to today's belly and Whoa! big change. She has dropped. But I still don't think she has engaged. I have my midwife appointment this afternoon around 3:00 and I am curious about if any of the contrax and cramping have changed anything, so I think I will let her check me. Just still undecided! I will be 37 weeks in two days. This is scary to me because my DD was born at 37 weeks exactly (water broke- no contrx- ended having pitocen) Just not the way I wanted it. So even though I am so anxious to meet this little one, I am hoping she will stay comfy atleast one more week. If she doesn't though, I have been cleaning and organizing like a mad woman. My mom was a huge help when she came the other day. My DH after much pushing from me did help with all the laundry yesterday, so I might actually get to sit down and rest a bit today. That would be fantastic.
As for aches and pains as many of you are having, I am having your normal stuff. Achy back, lots of low pressure and shooting pain down my pelvis to my toes. Some strong contrx that have litterally brought me to the floor. I am so in aggreance with whoever said they hope all this pre-labor stuff will pay off and make the real labor stuff shorter.
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Hey guys, I didn't have such a great appt. yesterday. My little one is usually very active but for some reason barely moved yesterday at all. The OB was concerned and wanted me to do the NST and bio-physical profile. I was really not keen on doing these, but knew that if there was something wrong with baby I would never forgive myself if I hadn't done something. So I had to go to the hospital and wait forever to get a room. She passed the NST with flying colors, but almost didn't pass the bio physical profile thing. But she did, YAY! The whole time I was there (6 hours including my appt. and everything) they only gave me one cup of water! I was so thirsty but there was no one around to ask for water from, and by the end I just kept hoping that I was leaving soon so thought I'd just wait. So my contractions (which I get regularly) picked up and got really uncomfortable. They were coming at perfect 3 min intervals. I also hadn't had anything to eat since lunch. So I was pretty much miserable. SHe is moving a little more today, but still much less than normal. I personally think it's just b/c we are near the end and I am having so many contractions. I don't think it's something to worry about as long as her heartrate is good, what do you guys think?

And can I just gripe about one thing? Why is it that putting DS to sleep eveynight is a huge production for me, and yet he went to bed for DH last night without DH having to do anything? DH says that they just both laid down and fell right to sleep. : DH has a new job in our house!
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Ok, I'm wayyy behind everything, but wanted to update . I had my 37 week appointment today and it made me feel better about things. I've had such incredible pelvis pain (to the point I can't walk) that I let the Dr. do an internal exam. My pelvis is very, very tight. I was happy that I am beginning to make progress though; I'm 2cm dilated and I never even got to 1cm with DS (long story, involved a lot of failed inducing and a c-section at 43 weeks; before I was more informed), -2 station, soft cervix (2cm long). I'm still shooting for a VBAC. I tested GBS positive this time . Oh well. Everything else is good, so I'm happy overall. I would like to go sooner rather than later, but I just don't handle being pregnant that well.

I spent last weekend cooking and freezing . I made several stews, a big pot of spilt pea soup, a few casseroles and some other things that will be easy and quick. Our freezer is FULL! I just want to make a meal plan so we know what we're doing with it.

I've also been busy sewing. Yesterday I sewed up a stash of mama cloth, a pouch carrier, some cloth TP (I'd been putting that off) and today I'm going to atttempt to make some nursing clothes. I've also been trying hard to keep the house clean just in case. We need to do the bedrooms for me to be happy, but DH has the weekend off so that will be our project. Clothes and diapers are all ready. I've been really nesting and just have the urge for everything to be ready!
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Lena_girl, I wouldn't worry about the little one if the heart rate is good and you still have some movement. It is getting a little tight in there so nut much space to move around. Your baby is just comfy in it's position.

I can't believe that many of us are at or close to full term! (ie. 37 weeks)
I will be there next Tuesday. My spotting has pretty much stopped and I am feeling good. The bh ctx have increased in intensity lately but still nothing unbearable. The baby is moving around a lot. I can't believe I am picking up my birthing tub in 2 1/2 weeks!!! (the 1st) When that is in here I will really be getting nervous...Nervous in a good way though. With this being my first I am starting to question my birthing and parenting abilities. I hope I do alright. I am so looking forward to meeting our baby! But I have to admit, I LOVE being pregnant and the baby is much easier to take care of in there!!

Good luck to everyone with doc/mw appts. coming up! My next one isn't until next Friday and I think we are doing the GBS test. The plan was to wait until the Following week (38 weeks) to do my first internal to check on my cervix but with the spotting??? Hopefully I won't have any more and we can wait like the original plan. Although I am curious as to if there is anything "happening" down there.

That's all for me!
Take care ladies
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