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I just thought I would post a quick hello since I was online checking on everyone...again. I'm getting adicted to the boards again. I hope Kimberly is doign well. Maybe she'll go into labor and it will be soooo quick just like she wants. Maybe we'll be reading her birth story soon. Maybe we'll be reading one or YOUR birth stories soon. Maybe you'l be reading my birth story soon!!! (not so soon I hope)

Question...I am planning an out of town trip this weekend. I am only 34 weeks. Is this crazy or ok? I forgot to ask my ob's opinion at my appointment Tuesday. I am assuming that it is ok. I don't think I'm going to go early and if I do, the hospitals in Louisianna are just as good as the ones in Mississippi, right? It is 4 hours away and a one night stay, but if I'm feeling nervous we could just drive home early. Now that I'm typing it out, I am questioning my decision. What is the harm in traveling close to term? I am now just rambling and rationalizing both sides of the argument in my head and can no longer think. Maybe I'll go read and see what Dr. Sears says.
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Weeeelll.... I am going 3 hours away for 1-2 nights at 37 weeks. I went at 34 weeks with my docs ok for a week. Also 29 weeks. She gave me a copy of my records 'just in case'
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Hey Ladies,
Just got in a bit ago from my 37 week appointment. Nothing going on. Still "high and closed" as they say. Doc said this means nothing-I could still go into labor tomorrow. But there are not SIGNS of labor right now. Which is a good thing b/c I don't feel ready.

Have to run around this weekend doing some shopping trips and such. Need to get dipes, new changing table covers (although we always end up using a towel), etc. Also, I want to start cooking and freezing as well.

Lena-Sorry you had such a scare with the baby. I know at this point there is little room in there and it is very normal for the baby's movements to decrease. I remember with DS#1 at about 35 weeks I felt not much of anything for about 2 days and went straight in to the doc. The hooked me up to a monitor and I layed there for 2 hours until I knew that all was well. I can't imagine waiting for 6! And that crummy place didn't give you fluids!! Perhaps they didn't want you to use the bathroom and interrupt the testing?

Christeeny-I wouldn't worry too much (unless there's some kind of pre-existing problem) about traveling at this point. Of course, I wouldn't reccommend going overseas or anything, but a few hours away should be fine.

Anyway, since my internal a few hours ago I have had some cramping. No bleeding though. My cervix hasn't had much action for quite some time-if you know what I mean. So, I think the exam stirred things up a bit...

Well, that's it for me. I just put some banana bread in the oven and then I have to think about dinner....hmmmmm????

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seconding bears - things are supposed to slow down as the baby runs out of room. The tighter the fit the more uncomfortable the baby will get and will want to come out - until then they will stay put. Just do your checks after a meal at least once every 24 hours and listen to your mommystincts.

I was told I could go up to 2 hours away at 39 weeks - DH vetoed it though because of the just in case factor. He said I was unpleasant for 12 minutes to the hospital last time and refused to be in the car with me in labour ever again. FYI - my husband has severe difficulty getting green lights so the drive was pretty infuriating.

You guys all make me feel very lazy, no cooking, no sewing and minimal cleaning in this house. Trying to get a bunch of furniture out the house this weekend because we are busting at the seams with kids and animals.

later - i need to remind dh I want thai food for dinner.
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Lena: sorry about the little one and movements. I can relate to the slowed down movements of the baby but not the six hour weight. At least you know she is OK. It really sounds like you might be the first of all of us to go. I am very excited for you and so glad that your DH is home for good now.

Midwife apt. went great. Not too much weight gain. Doing ok on my swelling. I still have ankle bones just barley though. BP was 124/70 Babies heart rate 145 measuring 37 weeks so pretty much right on. Palpation of baby, estmate 7 lb. and head down facing my back. All that optimal fetal positioning is paying off. They did the GBS swab so I thought what the hay and asked her to check me. I am a good 2 cm. and 50% effaced. She thinks baby at -1 or 0 station. I am now glad I asked, it's good to know that all the cramping and ctrx. are actually doing something. YEAH!
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Laurie-Glad all those CTXs are doing something. I'm sure it's hard to remember that when you're in pain or uncomfy. But it's true. I haven't really had much cramping and NO CTXs, and I am not dilated at all. I was 2 cms with DS for about two weeks. Sometimes it means you will go SOON, and for me I just kept on waiitng. Glad to hear that some of us are showing some changes!

Ketilave-Thai food sounds soooooooooo good right now. We have no good Thai places right around me. But GOSH darnit, I really want some now!

I'm thinking I've been cooking too much lately-need to order IN!

Oh, and DUH, I haven't even ASKED my OB what position the babe's in lately. Silly, should be one of my first questions, I know. But I know right now he/she isn't breech.
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I am here but just whipped...
Hoping to see something from Kimberly....

Lena on your experince...ITA though with everyone else..my little bug slowed way down here these past few days freaking me out but today you would of thought he/she was going to come through my skin!

too tired to type..sorry
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Hey guys. QUickie update: bp at appt was actually really good adn I've lost 3 lb with my psycho diuretic diet (lemons, watermelon, pineapple, tea, apples).

I'm on the up/down path with the pre-e, and at some point it will pop up and stay up.... but for now we get to continue our game of roulette.

I'm really not wanting to lay at the computer, even though it hasn't affected my bp today.

s to all!

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Kimberly - glad your appt. went well. I can't believe what troopers your family is!
Good job with the diet - thank goodness it is summer time!
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Wow, kimberly! Can't believe you still get to cook that baby! Good for you! I'm amazed.

And thanks guys for your words of support for me. I know that babies slow down in the end. Mine has too. Yesterday was different though. It was like less than 10 total movements all day. It was like not feeling something alive in your tummy anymore. It really did scare me, but once I knew her heartrate was fine, I felt okay about it. I wish I hadn't gone ahead and done the NST and all, but like I said, if there had been somehing wrong and I hadn't done anything about it... well, you all know how horrible that would be. She has slowly become more and more active today to where she is at her normal level now.

I'm 38 weeks tommorow Hard to believe I'm finally full term! Still not ready though, LOL. Somehow my to do list is getting done at a snail's pace. I meant to have everything done by 36 weeks! Anybody actually have everything done?

Have a great night ladies
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Thanks for the input about traveling. I'm going to go ahead and go I guess. I will cancel our trip if I get any instincts that say no.

Another question....Have any of you ladies noticed (warning possible TMI)...difficulty in aiming your pee??? I of course pee like 50 times a day. Every now and then the pee comes shooting out straight and gets on my pants and the floor! I feel like a little kid having an accident. Thank goodness this has never happened in public. That would be bad. Is this a pregnancy related thing? It seems like someitmes I have to do acrobatics with my pelvis to get the pee to go in the toilet. What is up with this?

Any who....

I am having painful contractions tonight that are between 5-10 minutes apart. I sat down and drank water and propped my feet up and relaxed and they went away...or so I thought. Now they are back. Now that I am thinking aobut going out of town I am paranoid.

As far as my to do list getting shorter...it's not. I am getting Ben's bag ready to go to grandparents when labor starts. Mine is not packed yet, but I did go out and buy all the stuff I"ll need. I keep thinking of things though. I have washed the linings to the carseats. I have sorted but not washed the baby clothes. I keep telling myself--don't panic--the only thing that *has* to be ready are my boobs. The rest is a trip or two to walmart away. I really would like things to be neat and tidy though. We'll get there.

Were we talking about breast pads here? I LOVED Gerber disposables, but I needed all three flow rates. In the beginning and at night, I was a big wetter and leaker and needed heavy flow, but during the day the thin ones were discrete enough to wear when I went out. I did NOT like Johnson and Johnsons though. They stuck to my bleeding, sensitive and sore nipples. Lansinoh makes good ones too, but you could see them under my clothes.

My poor son has yet another ear infection. He is crying right now. It is hard to tell if it is a "my ear hurts" cry or a "it is two hours past my bed time and I don't want to go to bed but I need to" cry. It's hard being a mind reader of a two year old.
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Christeeny, I'm 34 weeks and just this evening got back from a trip out of town (Bwylde, I did go to NS to cool off, the weather is perfect for pregnant ladies, or at least it was in Halifax/Dartmouth). I don't think I would hesitate to travel before full-term.

I'm the opposite of Naturegirl (who thinks a fetus is easier to care for than a baby) and of Bears (who is worrying how she will handle a toddler and an infant). I'm so tired of being a cranky, pregnant cripple that I can't wait to care for two born children. I don't do pregnancy very well. I'm much happier with a baby.

Kimberly, looks like you're going to make it to term! Congratulations are in order.

My to-do list is getting longer and more obscure. It includes such things as "Buy sheets and mattress protectors." I had forgotten about the leaky breasts and the night sweats. Luckily I have MDC to remind me.
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christeeny: i traveled 10 hours on the road at 36 weeks. i got pretty swollen but other than that did fine. just stop and walk and drink and pee a LOT! but DO listen to your instincts... if your gut is saying "don't go," then there's a reason.

also, re: wayward pee... yep, i've gotta lean waaay forward or i've got a cleanup on my hands. since i'm still barfing here and there, i've had the cleanest toilets of my life! i think it's just baby pressure making things goofy. i'm sure it will be cured in a few weeks...

dodo: i've been having night sweats, too, and that's with a fan AND the a/c going all night! good thing i got the mattress protector a while ago, or i'd be sleeping in a swamp...

yay, kimberly! every day is another victory for you! hang in there... we're all rooting for you and that pretty baby!

lena, i'm so glad everything is OK. you do what you have to do for peace of mind... and next time take a big bottle of water with you!

all the other exhausted/cranky/contracting mamas: we're in the same boat! and we'll all have beautiful babies in return for our troubles soon...

i took dh to the airport yesterday morning for his trip to buffalo, and started to head off for a midwife's appointment. but she wasn't there... at a birth. so i had a free morning all of a sudden. i took ds with me to look for diaper tables (i want one upstairs and one downstairs) and let me say right now those things new are freakin' EXPENSIVE! forget it! so now i'm back to looking for used ones.

i did find a glider rocker floor model that fit my butt, and was in my budget. it was pretty hilarious trying to get it from the van into the house with just my two youngest kids to help... we'll wait on getting it up the stairs until dh gets back, i think...

the britax carseat came in the mail (that's one thing i didn't mind paying the $$$ for). it's beautiful... but thinking about an infant in there, well, it looks sooo big! (it's a marathon).

this morning i came downstairs and it was HOT... omg, the a/c went out! fortunately, we have something called zoned air, so the upstairs was still ok. but i got on the horn toot sweet, let me tell you! the a/c guy actually remembered us from last year, and said he could come by in a couple hours (maybe me whining about being 38 weeks pregnant had something to do with it ;-). it turned out to be a part he had in the truck, and cost $90. sigh! i probably shouldn't have bought the glider... but i'm being selfish and hanging onto it. and the a/c is back, hooray!

it also looks like the fridge is gonna go, darnit. one of the doors won't seal shut anymore... i've had a couple people look at it and it's just getting worse. so now we're also on the lookout for a used fridge.

it never rains but it pours, huh?

today another gal gave me a box with a ton of rainbow-stitched hourglass-shaped diapers, four fuzzi bunz covers, about 20 washclothes, and some receiving blankets. woo hoo!

my midwife from CA sent me a gorgeous card and a glass goddess bead... it's swirly earthy colors, but the big pregnant belly is clear glass with a chunk of sparkly opal floating in it. it made me cry! i wish she could be here... i'm going to get a silk cord tomorrow and wear her every day...

everything is washed and all folded up on a bookshelf that i'm using as a dresser for the baby. got a couple things coming in from ebay and amazon. need to find the diaper tables, diaper buckets, a diaper bag, and you guys have reminded me about breast pads...

time for bed... take care, everyone!

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Katje - I am tired just reading your post!! Where did you get the energy?

My rings won't go back on and I am end of the pg B****!!!!!!

So is DD so got to go.
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this baby can stay put another few weeks. 2 nights of 2 year old not sleeping unless wrapped tightly in my arms and being really cranky. THis morning the whole right side of his face is swollen- really swollen- that I am a little freaked out. We are heading to the docs as soon as I can get him in. If I had another born one that would be one more person to worry about.
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Hi everyone!

Everyone sounds like me! Tired, crampy, etc. etc. I slept so good last night, but I do have the night sweats too. This is also with the a/c and fan on me.

I haven't had trouble peeing yet, but wiping yes. It is quite an effort to reach around down there.

I have been feeling some pain on my groin. I am not sure if it is actually my pelvis, or the muscle. Baby has been moving around ALOT, and I am with whoever said they would rather have baby than be pg. I don't do being pg well either. And I think I have it pretty easy compared to most. I am looking forward to having baby and getting birth out of the way. And for some reason I keep looking at non-maternity clothes longingly in the stores. I almost want to go shopping, and then I wonder what the heck I am thinking. I think I have gained a lot of weight, so no shopping for awhile anyway.

My mw doesn't do internals or GBS, so I don't know about dialation, etc. I have been checking myself occasionally, but I really don't know what I am looking for. I think it is getting softer and a little lower.

Here is latest belly pics-37 weeks this week! It is hard to believe I had ds at this time in the 1st pg. www.melissa.ryba.net

We considered blowing up our fishy pool, but thought that the chances of it popping are to high with ds, we will wait until labor starts.

Hang in there ladies!
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Hello again...
I am a rookie sling user. I confess. I know I am ashamed. I used a snuggli with Ben and loved that. Ok, now that I have this off my chest, I want to ask opinions. Since I am such a novice, I was thinking about getting the Dr. Sears sling. It looks simple enough. Does anyone have experience with that one? It is by NOJO.
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The weather is actually nice today, not blazing hot, so I was able to get ds to the playground this morning. He seemed pretty happy to be able to play outside again! Of course, I had to seek out a bench in the shade after a bit, but still fresh air!

Kimberly: That is great news! So glad you and babe are still hanging in there!

I am glad I'm not the only one who hates the end of pregnancy, Dodo! I am so cranky lately and just ready to be done! I worry about handling two, but I have had enough of this.

Christeeny: I haven't used the Nojo sling, but what I read/hear is that it tends to be way too much fabric and padding on most women. If you are tall, though it may work just fine. I personally went with an unpadded ring sling. The Maya Wrap is a good choice. Also a pouch is pretty fool proof, I had a maya pouch with my son and really liked it.

had my 36 week check-up. Got the GBS done and will find out next week what the results were. No internal for me, I would be really surprised if there was anything happening in there. Although, I felt basically nothing before I was induced with ds but still was 2 to 3 cm dilated when I checked into the hospital. So who knows! Baby is still head down (and very high) and facing my left side. Is this an ok position? I guess I'll keep doing the postioning excersizes to be on the safe side.

I am getting night sweats, too. Yuck. Oh and peeing! Not having trouble aiming, but yesterday I sneezed on the way to the bathroom and peed all over myself! Guess I need to step up those kegals!

katje: My A/C went out again yesterday, too! I was so not pleased. We called the repair place and told them we had a nine-month preganant woman here, so even though it was after hours someone came right away the receptionist said she was hugely pregnant last summer so she pulled some strings.

well I had more to say but totally forgot. Oh well, hope everyone has a great day!
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37 weeeeeeks!!! I made it to term!!! Yippeeeeee!

I'm so proud of baby for hanging in there!

My bp, surprisingly is being delightful again. I'm in the labile stage where you pop up and down and feel like a truck hit you one day and then feel wonderful the next day.

I have a HUGE favor to ask of all of you. If you could just pray hard that I go into labor naturally.... I have been praying a lot these last few days and have had visions of this amazing unplanned vbac... and I truly do believe my body is capable. Wednesday night, I had contractions steadily all night long, and they've kept up but not as close together.... I know that my body was fearfully and wonderfully made, and is fully capable of birthing this child naturally.

But I also know that my doctor is really letting me go further than some doctors would with the pre-e and I'm really inching in on his comfort level... and regardless, my scheduled c/s is in 11 days.

I guess I'm prepared for the c/s, but still praying for an amazing, unexpected vbac.

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Oh, slings.... I have:

Nojo: :Puke Hate it
Maya: Eh, it's okay, but I like to sling on the left side and it's harder with a Maya
AP Babyspace: LOVE this one http://thebabyspace.net I think? Great sling! And wahm made!
Hotsling: LOVE it, I have two! http://www.hotslings.com
Mei Tai Style: It's okay, but I haven't ever gotten to use it non-pregnant, and I think I'd like it more that way
Home made pouches: I have several and they're all groovy

Kimberly the sling junkie
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