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Yay, Kimberly! I was sure there was going to be a birth story here when you next posted! I'm so glad you made it! Wishing you labor vibes and a fast, easy VBAC. That would show them, huh? LOL.

And, I'm a left slinger too. The Maya is the best I've found, but I have a SlingEzee, and an OTSBH, as well as a Maya Pouch. I was going to try a Moby Wrap this time, or one of the new Maya double slings. Hmmmm. I might have to check out yours! I'm a bit of a junkie too. I've heard the Nojo's are no good as well. IMO, if you can buy it at Toys R Us, it's probably not what you really want.

No updates today, just checking in. Keep on growing those babies ladies. We're in the home stretch!
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Yay kimberly I will def. be praying for you

And, was I wrong in thinking 38 weeks was full term? I thought I just became full term today, but was it a week ago?

Another vote for hotslings, but she's closed now expecting a baby anyday. It's the first sling I've had that actually fits me.
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Congrats, Kimberly!!!! I'll send lots and lots of good thoughts your way about having the birth experience you want.

I'm right there with the group of mamas who are ready to NOT BE PREGNANT anymore. Guess the most thorough visit to the chiropractor earlier this week really stirred up some latent crud in my body.........I've been working on a head cold/ sinusitis ever since and it is now a full-fledged bug. Still, I'd rather get over this now than when we have the newborn around. A good friend has DD for the afternoon and hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to send her off with DH and my MIL for the morning. I am definitely not the most gracious, gregarious, delightful person to be around.

Finally got a confirmed head's down from the OB yesterday! But, oh, we're carrying so high still! No diallating, no dropping, a bit of softening is all. It gets you to wondering.........this kiddo seems to really want out, what with all the moving and shaking still going on. Lots and lots of internal pressure and low cramping too as the baby pushes and pushes. For whatever reason, this is a very impatient child.

Night sweats here too. I wonder what causes them? Most likely one hormonal surge or another.

Kimberly, those hotmama slings look great..........it's probably best for me that she doesn't have many in stock. Very, very tempting.

OK, then. Must catch up on some sleep while the opportunity still exists. Hope everyone of us is doing just fine.

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Congratulations Kimberly! Maybe you should consider doing some of the herbal things to try to get your body to go in to labor on it's own. I normally would never suggest that, but if you would like a VBAC, it's worth a try. Susan Weed recommends visualization, homeopathic caulophyllum 200x, castor oil, blue cohosh, and uterine stimulation. But maybe you can't have your DH do that with the pre-e. I've heard here that, um, the thing in sperm that initiates labor so well works very well taken, um, orally. Would that be too much of activity for you for your blood pressure? Maybe it would depend on your DH. That would go on forever for me.

My Nojo works well for DH, but he is a good 7 or so inches taller than me. In order to get it to sit in the right place for me, I have to have the padding in the rings. I much prefer my homemades.

Take care all - Tiff
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Kimberly - I am so happy for you and of course will be sending you serious VBAC vibes.

I'm having the day from H!!! Play date at park BAD IDEA - 2 children melting down at the shoe store, can't find my money, and the list goes on; I'm ready to give the 2 I have in front of me away. I have NO IDEA what I am going to do with #3.
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we had a tornado alarm from 3 to 4 a.m. last night... it was kind of exciting, watching the thunder and wind. the main and most dangerous part of the storm was actually about ten miles east of us, so we weren't really ever in any peril, but still... living in the midwest sure has its little surprises!

slings: i've ordered a maya wrap, based on the recommendations of the this plus-sized pregnancy web site. actually, the reviews she gives might apply just as appropriately to smaller-sized women... so you might want to take a look (she also has some great articles on lots of other things, and i know she's done a particularly good job researching GD).

kimberly, well done! (i think 37 weeks is considered OK for delivery with pre-e moms... as close to term as some will get. most babies are doing fine by then, anyway, even if it's not "officially" term). i'm sending joyous labor vibes your way!

madrone, you make me laugh! it's prostaglandins you're referring to, and yes, they work on either end (IF the mama is "ripe" and ready to go).

oh, jillybean! i'm glad you were able to use your pregnancy to get your AC fixed quick, too!

a friend just called and invited us over to swim in their community center pool, so i'm going to go float and be a whale for a while...

take care, all!

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Thanks for the wishes guys

On term.... it so depends on who you ask.... anywhere from 37-42 weeks is "term". BUT some people say 38-42. Heck, I even read one book that said 36-42.

My sister had a 35 weeker and 2 37 weekers, and her 35 weeker she had to sign papers saying she understood her baby was pre-term (when she left the hospital) but she didn't with the 37 weekers....

I guess it's like the ole 12-13 weeks, when does the first trimester end rule....

Feeling remarkably healthy today... wish I'd started my fruity drinks earlier!!! My feet are getting SO much skinnier!

Oh, and madrone: I've been taking EPO (which I read helps bp, who was it that said it doesnt? I panicked, but my googling all came up with helping bp) and drinking 2 qts a day of RRL tea. I figure that's stuff that would help, but not initiate. I'm so reluctant to actively PURSUE labor.... I don't know.

Do you think sex works if there's no sperm? My dh has had a vasectomy.... isn't it the sperm that does something??

With Libby, this is SO gross, the night before my induction for pre-e, I made dh umm, do his thing into a cup and then I drank it. (He is disgusted by oral sex, and can't "finish" that way... yes, I know I'm lucky) I did it 3 times in one night, and it sure didn't help!!

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Back from the ENT

Sean has an infection in his cheek. ENT said he thinks it started in his gums and has spread (no fever, but has been cranky) if the swelling is not better by tomorrow night he wants to admit him to the children's hospital.

Ped didn't think it was from the gums....it is so swollen! He looks like he had wisdom teeth pulled or a chipmunk on the right side. Doesn't seem to bother him.

So glad this baby is still put......
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Oh Jenn! Give hugs to your little one! OUCH.

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Jenn, did they give him antibiotics? What a strange place to have an infection...........sure hope it doesn't last long for the little guy.
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Oh yeah, he did give me 5-6 days of an antibiotic with a script for more if it works. If it doesn't, that is why he would want him in Children's- for IV ABX.

This has to be the most messed up thing I have encountered so far in my life as a parent.
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That is terrible Jenn. I'm so sorry to hear that. It is a strange place to have an infection unless if it's from a tooth or from a sinus infection. But getting a sinus infection at his age - bless his heart. Poor little guy.

Kimberly - the EPO will help to ripen your cervix, but not initiate labor. But your cervix has to be ripe to go into labor, so it is important. The RRL tea will help strengthen your uterus, making labor easier. But it will not initiate labor or ripen the cervix or anything like that. Sounds like Katje knows more about prostaglandins than I do. Maybe she could tell you if they would be present with the vasectomy. Because he would still have something, right? I really don't know what exactly gets cut during the procedure and I don't know where the different things are made. But something I just thought of, I have heard of people taking a turkey baster and doing a self artificial insemination with some fresh stuff. If the prostaglandins are still in his stuff, perhaps you could do a combination of drinking and inserting them with a turkey baster to try to initiate the labor. Just a thought. The drinking idea you came up with Libby was a very good idea. I'd probably have to do it that way with my DH if I decided I needed that. Maybe it didn't work though because your cervix wasn't ripe. The EPO is hopefully softening it up well this time.

Take care - Tiff
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Yeah, I know that stuff wont' start labor. I guess I'm not comfortable initiating it unnaturally, but I'm willing to give it the best "set-up" in case it's ready to go... make sense? Like a ripe cervix and a tone uterus are a good place to start if my body goes into labor

I really want to know about the post-v semen. I will post it on birth&beyond. Watch, I will get flamed out the wazoo for saying anything when I'm not 40 weeks.

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Kimberly, it is prostiglanden in semen that helps with dialation. Not that I spelled it right. I did read something and DIDN'T point it out to DH about swallowing. TMI- I just can't do that. But it might help you since semen is still present even if there are no sperm.... what'll it hurt?

Sounds like you are doing all the non invasive things to prep for delivery. I should do that, but was a tad distracted today Maybe I can hit the store tomorrow.... sily me was even in Walgreens today....
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Kimberly, I just dug around and tried to find out if prostaglandins are still present post vasectomy. Didn't find anything very clear, but a lot of YOWSA websites! Yikes! The one thing I did find is that if male fertility is an issue, it is sometimes helpful to use prostaglandin *inhibitors* which help increase sperm density and motility. Not sure if there's anything to be concluded from that, but it seems like there might be something there. This preggo brain is too befuddled to figure it out.

And, it was me who said that EPO is something to avoid if you're concerned about BP. That's what they told me at the health store. But, I just did a search too, and it actually looks like something to *lower* your blood pressure. Go figure! And, then I thought "Well, maybe my befuddled brain is confusing EPO and black cohosh" (which I'm also taking in the form of 5W, a supplement to prepare for labor) and even black cohosh is found to lower BP. So, I don't know what that's all about.

Had a chiro appt today. Are you supposed to hurt after them? My right hip is killing me! This was my very first visit, and she said I had a right pelvic subluxation which could be why the baby hasn't turned, and she corrected that. Whatever it was she did hurts like heck! She also did the Webster Technique, until I couldn't lay on my back any more. I thought I was going to pass out. I'm not sure I liked this appt, to be honest. I had to lay on my stomach on top of a pillow and a child's swim ring. Very uncomfortable, hard to breathe, and I was bracing myself so hard with my arms that I never quite relaxed, which I would think would be counterproductive to the visit. Add to that the fact that the visit was $50 more than I'd expected (because they told me over the phone one number, not counting on the fact that I'd get an adjustment today as well) and I'm really hurting from this visit. She wanted me to come back on Monday, but I honestly don't want to spend that kind of money, so I scheduled for Friday, and I'll see if I want to keep it. Those that love their chiros, tell me, what am I missing? People around here really love this woman, think she's the greatest thing since sliced bread. I'm just not so sure. She even commented on how the baby was just hopping around in there during her exam, and well, I couldn't feel it move at all. It didn't start moving until I was home again. Not sure why she thought she could convince me it was moving when I know full well it wasn't. And, she also tried to tell me the baby isn't still breech, but I could feel the head, and after a little while, she conceded that I was right. I was climbing all over the table for the whole appt. On my tummy, on my side, on the other side, on my back, on my tummy again, up on all fours, on my back, I was exhausted! Very odd experience. And, now I hurt.

Big weekend planned. Going to unpack the baby room. Hope we get a lot done! I'll check in later, but will probably be scarce, unless I get too tired out. I really need to get our baby stuff out and ready to go! It's almost time!
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Caroline, I always feel worse right after an adjustment, then much better. That appointment sounds weird- her saying she was feeling baby move when you weren't.

I plan on seeing my chiro first week in August- when I have money again. Not sure that will ever happen, but that is the soonest!
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Caroline- my chiro has a table that adjusts for belly, and it automatically lifts up and down so I don't have to get up and down either. That table you had does sound very uncomfortable. The average for an appt. here is $40.00. I don't know, sometimes I think it is hard to find a good chiro. But if you are really concerned about baby being breech, it can't hurt. My c/s was due to breech, so I want to make sure I did everything this time to make sure baby is in good position. Sometimes they are stubborn though and won't move for anything!

Re: semen-in Dr. Sears pregnancy book he says that there isn't enough prostaglandins in male sperm to initiate labor, but rather it is the oxytocin released in the mother during orgasm that initiates it more. So...maybe doing some more pleasuring instead of turkey basting? I know it is harder now with lack of mobility...
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Hi Everyone,
Trying to catch up with all the posts... Geez-there's a lot going on...

Kimberly-I'm thinking of you tonight... And thanks for the hotsling reccommendation... I checked out the site. I have a New Native-which I haven't used yet, but I'm excited to. I like it b/c it's simple and has no rings-like the hotslings.

magemom-Sorry to hear about your son.. Not what he needs or what YOU need, I'm sure...Thinking of you, too...

I know I've not responded to you all, but I wanted to see how everyone was doing.

Things here are fine. Although I am SWOLLEN like crazy. My one ankle just looks kinda, ALIEN! YUCK. My tingling hands continued throughout the day today, too. And I haven't done much, so I don't know why...

Started feeling some cramping tonight after DS was asleep. Like the babe is finally getting lower and lower. Also, I have a dear friend who is preggers and due this week who called and said she's 90% effaced and 3 cms dilated. WHOOO-HOOO! Someone might have a baby soon-even if it's not me!

Sorry for the randomness of my reply tonight. I'm a little scattered. Still so much to do, need to do some shopping this weekend, perhaps pack those bags, and install/set up carseat and co-sleeper. Oh, and the house is a mess.... :

Okay, that's it for me. Gtg to sleep, I think... sleep well, ladies. And I'll check in again with you all as soon as possible.
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waking up queasy and reading these posts...you ladies crack me up. Now I can't get the thought of a cup of sperm out of me head though and really want to gag.

I do RRL tea and 5w - my mw likes it because her hbers that do it have less bleeding problems and EPO because with DS I never ripened or dialeted so we try and be proactive. Since I go late it all helps with keeping my waters intact too since they broke with DS and then nothing happened.

I have chux and a bulb syringe so I am ready for baby! Don't know where any diapers are but did find some clothes. Last night go interesting and almost called DH in Baltimore but once I was able to fall asleep things seemed to calm down. Kept reminding myself with each kid there is more false labour.
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Caroline, I usually feel pretty sore for a bit after an adjustment. A month or so ago, I thought perhaps my chiro had injured me b/c I felt soooo uncomfortable. I ended up taking a tylenol so that I could sleep and it really, really helped. My OB continues to assert that a visit to a good chiropractor can only do you good, so I gave it a whirl again and started up with this new guy.

My chiropractor (both the new guy and the one I used to see) has a table that tilts and has lots of support options like ilovebeingamom is talking about. This new chiro was very careful about how is placed the supports since I'm so far along. I'm wondering if you would have been a lot more comfortable on a table like this. And an initial exam and adjustment with this chiropractor was $37. Would have been more if we'd had X-rays, which of course, are not an option now. I live in a small town, so maybe rates are lower here......
Anyway, sounds like you weren't at all comfortable with the woman who worked on you. Maybe there are other options where you live?
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