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speaking of crying at the drop of a hat, I'm sitting here wiping away tears at your birthday party story, Katie. What a lucky little girl.

I haven't gotten any new stretch marks, just have a ton from the last go round. I never got any on my belly - just everywhere else conceivable.

I need to get off the computer, I spend way too much time here.

I really liked your blog site Beansmomma! The nursery is gorgeous!
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Beansmomma, I LOVE your nursery color! What a nice paint job! We're painting our whole house right now. I know what you mean by a lot of work!!! Our house had a lot of peeling lead paint, so DH wet-scraped/sanded it all off, and now our friends are helping us paint. I'm not doing any of the work, just helping with supplies, food, etc. I feel very silly, but I even wear a "P-type" respirator when in the house. It was $30 from Menard's, but removes 99.7% of all paint fumes. Great idea for anyone living with fresh paint!

My belly-button popped out permanently last week! No stretch marks yet, I wonder when those will start?

KateMary - I'm so sorry to hear about your husband's job. I'll be thinking of you. I'm glad you're staying positive! It's so important to not get too stressed right now!

Emotional? Me? I started crying during a discussion with my brother about homeschooling. It turned into a heated discussion, and I just started bawling, upset that he was "yelling" at me. Oh, and I cried in front of a professor at work. Talk about embarassing!
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25.5 weeks (although I am starting to count down instead of up...so 15 weeks to go!)

Gosh, I don't think I have ever posted this late in the thread :LOL I am sure I will forget to say something to someone because there is so much to catch up on so no hard feelings if I missed something, 'k.

KateMary- Sorry about your Dh being fired...hope it turns out to be a blessing in disguise!

Letia- Sorry you had more contraction worries. Wow, sounds like you have a lovely 3pc diamond set with beautiful sentiments now, that was really nice of your Dh.

Beansmomma- I checked out your room too, awesome! The whole house looks really nice and cozy.

Courtney- My Dh is more along the lines of yours, just to let you know you aren't all alone, I never had a backrub last pregnancy or this one, tho I did get one foot rub. I will elaborate more on the QOTW later.

Katie- , that's the worst time isn't it? Sounds like you are doing a great job of not taking it out on Lucy though...but even still the feelings are hard to swallow.

About the belly button/linea nigra/strech marks....I never got an outie last time and don't expect it this time either...same with the linea nigra (so I guess the old wives tale about that determining sex is just that as I have been pregnant with one of each). Strech marks on the other hand...I've sure been blessed with those : Last time they were climbing so high they almost reached my boobs! It's hard to tell if I have new ones or just the old ones but I noticed there are purplish ones, prob. new. I had one in particular near my hairline that was like a crater, strange!

Now for the QOTW- My Dh doesn't treat me a whole lot different. He is laid off right now so is home more, and does help out a lot more by cooking dinner but that's about it. Well he did fold laundry tonight, I guess that counts too Ember is such a momma's girl and daddy just won't do so I don't get much help in that area, can't even go to the grocery store by myself without bribery (so therefore she just comes). I guess having him home is nice in that way too, he is usually the one to go run errands. The area that he has always been good in though is never getting on my case about housework, and that sort of thing...he knows that Ember comes first and so with being pregnant it's the same
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27 weeks!?

I forgot to respond to the QOTW! Dh is pretty good (when he's home) He works full time, and goes to school full time. We see him Mon. and Wed. he's home by about 6:30. Tues. and Thurs. We don't see him at all. He's gone ALL Day till about 10:30. Every other Fri. He's off which is cool. When he is home, he's all about me and ds. He and ds go play after dinner (outside) and I hang back here. (and the house stays perpetually messy) And they both give me belly rubs befor bed with some stinky stuff that's supposed to keep the stretch marks away. I was complaining about getting them with Miles, and my mom said "oh, you got those because you got too fat" oh! Thanks mom. I gained 45 with him, no big deal. Leave it to mama ya' know!

As far as being oversensitive, I got pretty p.o'd at my sis the other day. She asked me about circing the babe. I told her we didn't plan on it. She asked why, so I calmly told her the deal, and after the many reasons I listed, her main concern was vanity. His penis will look diff. Now, she has a breast job, so I understand she has an "issue" about looks, but it was so hard for me not to lose it on her. She's a chiropractor for god's sake! I just told her, if she was in my shoes, she'd make the same choice, and if she's that interested in the subject, I'd send her some reading material and shoot her to a website that show's a videio of the barbaric procedure. I also asked her how she'd like to have her eyelid removed! Her attitude really made me wanna cry! I don't think my son's penis ever needs to be a topic of converstation like that again :
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24 weeks (beansmama, I get confused on the weeks as well now, I used to just know, but now I am not sure, I have to go to babycenter.com and check LOL).

Wow, I have lots of catching up to do. Haven't been on much lately. DH is unemployed right now as well, although I know he will get a new job quickly. He is a Spanish teacher, but not yet certified, so that is why he is unemployed, he wasn't able to certified in time for No Child Left Behind Act and where we live it is really hard to get certified to teach if you didn't go through a traditional teacher education program from the beginning. So, we are selling the house and moving to another state where certification is much easier to get if you already have a degree in something else. So, that is major stress around here. We need to sell the house ASAP and he needs to find a new job, so we don't really know where we will end up (although we think New York probably). So add me to those movingm pregnant mamas, what a pain!

I can relate to all the hormonal problems. I cry at the drop of a hat and am major sensitive and hormonal. Yesterday I was just screaming and crying at DH because I didn't think he was helping me enough around the house. So, I guess that answers the question of the week. DH is really good with DD, and will watch her for hours and if he is home I can run out and do things no problem. She has no problem staying with him or going places with him. He is really good in that respect, but as for doing housework and such, it is almost all me. He just doesn't see that is needs to be done, and isn't good at keeping up with the house. So, that is hard on me right now, when there is so much to do with selling the house and all. He is helping more now, but I have to ask him or kinda direct him to what to do.

KateMary, I am sorry about your husband's job.

Katie, That birthday party sounded so much fun. What a sweet idea. I can totally relate to you not having as much patience. My patience with DD has dropped considerably. It is soooo hard at times, and I feel like such a bad mommy because I just don't have as much patience, (especially when it comes to nursing, she is driving me crazy with constantly wanting to nurse, whenever I sit down).

I don't have an outie belly buttun either, it never went out with DD and is really in with this one as well. Darn, I kinda wanted one, but oh well. I also don't have linea negra or stretch marks or anything like that, so I guess I can't complain.

My complain right now is my back hurts, a lot. If I am standing too much or sitting too much in one position or bending over to pick things up, it hurts. This morning, I was outside doing some yard work, and I was bending over and went to stand up and couldn't get up. My back was just killing me. It is a little better now, but I feel like I am 97 years old, with all these aches and pains.

momadance, congrats on the homebirth, That is awesome.

It is so much fun to see pictures of everyone. I have to say that no one really looks the way I had pictured them to look. Funny, how you think someone looks a certain way and they really look completely different. LOL
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Hi everyone! I'm new here And 26 weeks today. Why is it that weeks 20-30 crawl by so slowly?? Seems like I was in my first trimester as soon as I found out I was pregnant, then before I knew it, I was having my ultrasound, and now it feels like I've been 20-some weeks forever.

QOTW: my DH has been through this two times before, so he is not treating me any differently. I wish he would, though - I'm pretty emotional, so one wrong word from him sends me into tears. I think he should be a little bit more sensitive towards me when I'm pregnant.

doula and mom to:
Darien (8/12/00 C-section for failed induction, malposition)
Adam (9/19/02 unmedicated 41-week VBAC)
*surprise* (due 10/19/04)
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29w 2d

Phew! Do I have a lot of catching up to do!

I know that if I try to respond to everyone individually I am just going to forget someone, and I'm trying to get this post out before Alias wakes up, so I'm just going to send out some and : and to all who may need it. And of course a to JenDoula.

QOTW: My husband has been great helping out. He shares in the house work and meal prep, but he always has. What has been really helpful lately is that he has taken on more of the Alias stuff. Yesterday he made Alias dinner, gave him a bath and put him to bed. And I got to spend the evening on the couch reading, it was reading for school but it was still relaxing.

As for the stretch marks, linea negra and belly button... No new stretch marks yet, seems the ones I got last time are providing enough stretch room. but I seem to remember not getting any sign of stretch marks until pretty late in the pregnancy so I won't be surprised if I get any new ones by the time Harrison is born. Never had linea negra and don't think I'll get it this time. I'm probably giving Katie a run for her money on the palest gal here. So I don't think I have enough skin pigmentation to get one. And my belly button is starting to pop out. Most of it is flat but the top part of popping out. So it's kind of at a down wards slop.

The condo is once again free of house guests. I love having visitors but it is so great to have our home back. And now the craziness of school begins. It's a year long class that is being condenssed into 6 weeks, so I'm going to be insanely busy unitl mid-August. But it'll only last 6 weeks so at least it won't be for too long.
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Welcome JenDoula!

Mirthfulmum- Yikes, I can't imagine trying to cram a years worth of learning into my preggo brain right now...although I am sure you will do fine with it

Amelia- Good luck with selling the house, moving and Dh finding a job...I've got my for you.

Momadance- Gosh I hate that "it'll look different from his peers" argument : When are these people going to wake up and realise that times have changed and they will be the norm...at least where I live, there is only about a 30% cir. rate so he'd look like 70% of his peers! And what's with this notion that men stand around and compare with each other!!! I'm with you And congrats on the HB BTW!

3Boyz- I probably am too late to be of any help with the sunburn thing...but aside from Aloe Vera the only thing I have heard of is soaking a washcloth in milk and laying it on your burn, thought about that while I was lying in bed last night. Hope everyone is feeling better today tho!
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Congrats on the homebirth, Momadance!!!!! I hope you have a beautiful labor and delivery!

JenDoula! I had a failed induction/c-section with my daughter, too. We are planning a home VBAC with this baby. I agree with you, the 20-30 week stretch goes by really really slow. But I remember 39-41 weeks going by even slower! That whole two weeks I was like, "C'MON BABY!!!!!!"

To all those with unemployed partners. My dh was unemployed for 16 months straight. It was great to have him around to be with Lucy, but man! It was really stressful, too.
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I always forget....27 weeks! Hey! is *that* 3rd tri?????

I forgot to say to our newbies!

Naw, I didn't get the earrings b/c dh wouldn't get up. It was already planned;but, he redeemed himself after makin me mad!

Went to the doc for my *regular* appt today. I wouldn't have gone; but, we have classes and they are informative. The MW behaved herself. The peri told me to just be examined just in case, even tho I did it yesterday. She didn't measure; but, checked the hb. The couple in my group was *so* loud she couldn't hear, so I let her use the doppler. That couple is soooooooo annoying. I don't usually feel that way about folks but MAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!! I talked to the peri after....she asked me if I was more comfortable today and I said yeah. I said did u talk to her and she said she'd been giving her the evil eye all day! :LOL I really like her! We talked about the wb, and she said that we can request a room and that it was just crazy the whole wb fight. L&D is fighting but infectous disease said no (due to outside pools being brought in and cleaned by an outside firm. the hosp is NEW they shoulda put in tubs!!!!!) and legal. She said we can request a room on the corner with a jacuzzi, and the only issue is membrane that are ruptured prior to getting in the tub or something. She said my team is really laid back. The L&D nurses are the ones. They think fmy practice are s. : She said just tell them that you want to talk to your doc and they'll back off. My team is all about if I'm comfortable. I felt more assured. We're gonna talk some more throughout the whole thing and she's gonna work with me. I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally don't want to walk and she doesn't want me to. We're gonna work together. My fear of being pulled out...well, I'll just tell them to get my doc. He/She will be the final word.

The MW isn't convinced I had round ligament pain. She thinks it sounds like I was having ctx. They're gone now tho. Oh! The baby kicked the doppler today! :LOL Po baby! He probably said ummmmmmmmmm....is this my mom. He's only had it twice and then the EFM in the L&D. He was going s then! Running and they couldn't find him!

OH! But yall! the BEST part! I went to do the urine. I had a full bladder so I was ready to catch a good bit! OK, I'm feeling good. I did a good catch and then I pull it up and its coming out! : I'm thinking am I spilling it! Butthen I see a HUGE hole in my cup! I toss it and try to clean up and hope that it didn't get all over my clothes and walk to the classroom and announce no pee today! Good grief!!!!

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I'm so feeling the love here, ladies. I was just thinking this morning about how close I feel to all of you, and how great it will be to share our joys of birthing and having our little ones...last PG I was in a great group - who soon began with the weaning and the CIO and the sleep training stuff not long after birth...was very heartbreaking for me. So hugs to all of you!!

Emotional? Oh yeah! In fact, I had to edit a post of mine yesterday that came out SO snarky and I had no idea until I read it the next day. I apologized and everyone was cool about it, except this one newbie who said she thought I was opinionated! 'Scuse me? Try hanging out here for more than a couple of posts and then pass judgement on me. Sheesh! (and let's keep my very un-mod-like comments amongst just us PG gals, 'kay? lol)

And Katie, holey smokes you win mother-of-the-year for that "un-Birthday" party. I'm with CourtneyandLogan...it brought tears to my eyes!

Fortunately, I get to do the REAL THING with DD this Friday. It's her second birthday and she is so into birthday's right now I just know she is gonna be thrilled!

Letia, OMG, your "cup with a hole" story had me laughing. I have to do the "pee in the cup" thing every visit and I can just see the mess. Poor thing!

amelia: I can't believe another one of us is moving. now, had you told us about this already and my PG brain forget? seems to me this is new news...New York sounds cool - where are you now?

3boyz: I used to have this aloe vera gel with eucalyptus in it that I used for sunburns. I don't think it actually did anything but the cooling sensation of the eucalyptus was very nice. unfortunately i have no idea what it was called.

Well, I had better get home. DD woke up at 1:30 am and didn't get back to sleep until 4 am. I got to sleep a little bit this morning but DH is bagged so I'd better get home and relieve him of duty.

PS - I know THREE people who are all due with their first babies in the next 2 - 4 weeks. Two are colleagues, and one (due friday) is a dear friend who I totally convinced to AP - I told Mum to give her Sears Baby Book as a shower gift (I got her some cloth diapers) and she LOVED it...I'm so feeling the baby love!!
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Ya know.. I think I'm in love with you all. LOL. It's so unusual to read words like "the joy of birthing" on a message board. I host a babycenter board and I swear, ALL I hear is "my doctor says my baby will probably be too big for me to push out if I go to term, so he's gonna induce me at 37 weeks." There's so much wrong with that statement, I don't even know where to start. I just read something today that absolutely broke my heart - a mom saying that she doesn't think she can afford to stay home AT ALL after her baby's born, a week maximum. They have a brand new house and two brand new cars (?!?! and you knew you had a baby coming?!). I know affording a baby is hard, but it just makes me physically ill. We made SO many sacrifices - we put off buying a house, sold one of our vehicles and lived with just one for a while, got rid of satellite TV, long distance, stopped eating out so much.. well, I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir here.

The rest of the internet, as far as pregnancy and birth is concerned, is like downtown Manhattan to me, and coming here is like walking into a spa with gentle music playing and candles lit. Aaaaaaahhhhhhh. Thank you for the respite.
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I just realized my post may have offended moms who do need to go back to work after baby. I didn't mean for it to come across that way!
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Happy Belated Birthday Letia!!

I kept thinking I should be getting a notification for this board then realized we started a new week-duh-pregnant brain strikes again!

Well I'm still working on the birth ctr I want. I talked to their insurance person yesterday and they are checking on coverage for me so I'll know just how much it will be so DH can lighten up. It doesn't sound like it'll be as much as he thinks.

DH is gone all week again in WA-only 2.5 weeks to go until the BIG MOVE! We fly out on July 31 and I can't wait. I hate just biding my time....

Reading "Active Birth" and "Gentle Birth Choices" this week.

Take care
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I know what you mean about the babycenter board, JenDoula. Before I knew MDC existed I frequented the October babies board there and every day it got my blood boiling. (ie comments like "breastfeeding baby girls is weird and gross and will turn them into lesbians" and "not circumcising is just unnatural") I felt like I must be from another planet. Then I discovered mothering.com and realized what planet I'm from!
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thanks for the suggestions on the sunburn....yesterday i used the last little bit of some vit e lotion with lanolin in it...and tonight i bought some suave aloe vera lotion. thankfully i'm the only one that got burned so bad...ds#3 did get a little red despite having the baby sunblock on...i didn't see any redness till after we had gotten home...i did notice his shoulders starting to turn pink and put more sunblock on, but didn't see any pink on his little tummy till later, thankfully it isn't that bad and doesn't seem to bother him.

welcome, JenDoula!!
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to the JenDoula!!!

And Letia---I was : at you "peeing in the cup" story. I can just imagine. Oh and I hope everything gets worked out for you concerning the wb. If it doesn't just try to think that God has some reason for it.
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Hello Mammas,

I just wanted to send out vibes to everyone needing them. Pregnancy is tough enough without having to deal with any extra stresses.

I'm starting to feel big and uncomfortable now. It's hard this time around because I can only compare this pregnancy with my last one but two babies are a lot different than one. No stretch marks or anything yet. I had the linea last time but avoided the marks. I carried compactly last time though. This time I think it is sadly only a matter of time...

Dh is pretty good. No massages or anything but he does sweet little things for me. He can get grumpy sometimes though, about my moodiness etc...

I finally have an appt. with an Ob group that is associated with the birthing center close to where I will be living. I hope that I will like the practice as much as the one I was going to in NJ. I'm a little nervous that I won't be able to have the birth experience I want with twins. And I'm terrified of my increased risk of having a C-section.

I was also wondering what everyone who is moving is planning to do with their older ones while in labour. We have family staying with us as time gets closer but I feel like I need other options just in case these little ones come when no one else is here?
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26 weeks!

Welcome JenDoula!

Re: circumcision - glad to hear that the % has dropped to 30% in some areas. I'm not sure what it is here in Portland, but I suspect it's pretty low too. When we toured the hospital a few weeks back one couple asked about when and where that happens and our tour guide / birth educator handled it so well. She said that the hospital no longer does that procedure; that they would need to check with their pediatrician. When the couple asked why, she said that most medical professionals no longer recognize it as being necessary and thus it's usually not covered by insurance nor done as frequently. It was a sobering conversation for me because it was like this couple just assumed it was standard procedure, etc. When Sheryl and I got to the car, we were both simultaneously like 'OMG - can you believe that?!?' It was all I could do to not pipe up - but not my place, you know?!?

As for belly changes, I've got a couple of new stretch marks showing up and my belly button is basically level now - not quite an outey. Linea negra - I'm super pale too, but I do have a very very faint line starting to show, but it's more like a shadow now.
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25 weeks!!

Wow I'm so excited to almost be in my third trimester.....

I'm suddenly starting to feel kinda big. Which I should, I gained 1.5 inches in my waist in two weeks!! Anyone else have big growth spurts? I feel a bit suffocated when I sit back on the couch sometimes. I have to lean forward to breathe again!

My maternity shorts I bought are all getting too small....anyone else finding they have to buy new stuff? Mine don't fit my thighs and are really tight in the hips now. It sucks! Sure it doesn't help I've gained 25lbs already, but I'm still about where I was in weight gain last time with DS. But I guess since I started out heavier last pg, my clothes were mediums to begin with....I wound up starting with smalls this time and there is no way I can wear them anymore LOL except the ones with spandex blended in! SO we're taking a trip down to my parents' this weekend so we can go to Gap maternity. For some reason Motherhood's shorts look ridiculous on me.

Jillerina--Congrats on the birthing center!!!

I met a new mom to be in the grocery store yesterday, who was new to town. She asked me about OB's in the area. I really wish I had taken her number (I gave her mine) bc she really needs help, and I didn't register how much til afterward. She didn't even know what an episiotomy is! She is due in Nov. She didn't know the word epidural either, though she was fairly sure she didn't want one bc her sister in law or someone has a back problem from it (poor girl still has numbness in her back 5 months later!!!!). Anyway, I really hope she calls me so I can take her under my wing.

I think I'm going to order hynobabies this week. I know it's like a 9 week home course, and I figure by the time I get it, and start, I can at least be prepared in case this babe comes early. Anyone else going to try this?
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