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March Mama's Week of July 11th

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Hey mama's.I am back from Big Sur.I am so exhausted and nausous.It was tons of fun but colder then i expected.My U/S is on Thursday and i am hoping to see the heartbeat.I will be 7 weeks so if all is well we will!

So yeah,just tired and feeling yucky all the time.With my dd's i felt like this.

How is everyone?

I see a few mama's lost their babes i'm so sorry.

March Mama's Arrival Dates for 2005
Ravenmoon 3/1
Cholderby 3/2
Ekblad 3/3
Doulamommy 3/4
Finnsma 3/8
Fiercelove 3/9
Somewhere to grow 3/13
Joan 3/20
Patchfire 3/21
Mimim 3/21
Simplehome 3/23
Morningtillmoon 3/24
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Should i add this is a weekly thread where we can talk about what is going on daily?

I am so sick this morning.I was hoping the B vitamins would kick in more but no.In the morning i know i need to eat but i'm too sick to make anything.

I have lots of catching up to do and i need to meet with some midwives to pick the one for us.
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I personally like the idea of a weekly thread for most conversations -- just because it's easier to keep up with.

The midwife we're going to use is out of town at present, but I need to get dh to call and leave a message - I hate using the phone, in general, so one thing he does for me all the time, but especially when I'm pregnant, is make all the phone calls.

I went out this morning and bought some Preggie Pops. I think I'm going to have to buy a box off their website.
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I'm doing pretty well here. It's our busy time of the year in our business -- we do a lot of year-end reporting for schools, so we have a lot to do before the new school year. I'm downloading a bunch of stuff now and decided to make my online time a bit more interesting.

I'm feeling good. I've have the slightest bit of nausea at times and a little more fatigue than usual. At this point in my last pregnancy I was tied to the couch for weeks, so I consider myself fortunate. Thank goodness too -- I don't know how we would get our work done otherwise.

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Kash, where do you buy the preggie pops? I've never seen them for sale IRL.

I went to the library today and checked out a monster stack of pregnancy books. I'm going to be reading up a storm, because I only grabbed about 1/3 of the books that interested me and there's more that I want at other branches. :LOL I was surprised to see so many natural pregnancy and childbirth books!
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I can't keep track of all of the threads, but can you count me in here? Due March 16th. I am sooo incredibly tired all the time, with occasional waves of nausea, a big bloated belly and very sore boobs.

Big hugs to mamas who have lost babies.

ravenmoon, Big Sur? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
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Molly, I went to the Preggie Pops website - here and put in my zip code... it turned up a bunch of Mimi Maternity stores and a couple of local maternity/kids stores. They only had the variety pack, one each of seven flavours, which I'm not wild about, but it'll tell me enough to make it worth placing an order online, y'know? Course, variety pack is the only way to get the lavender ones, so I hope I don't end up loving those, lol.

What books is everyone reading? (Yes, that's proper grammar, I just spent three minutes mentally diagramming the sentence. : ) I went through some of my books when I was moving three months ago and tossed out some, and I'm starting to think I could have gotten rid of another couple. My favorite book at the moment is Aviva Jill Romm's The Natural Pregnancy Book. She actually lives near me, but apparently she stopped practicing last year (she's a CPM), and decided to go to medical school. I made up a list of books I'd recommend to give to a friend a few months ago and it was an interesting exercise!
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Doing well here at 5 weeks. Just trying to stay rested (is that possible with a toddler?) and avoid becoming morning sick. I was nauseous with my last pregnancy, but never vomited. But, I don't remember it coming on until about 6 weeks. We shall see...

Feeling apprehensive about my weight. I'm starting this pregnancy 20 lbs. heavier than the last--and I had 20 lbs. to lose to begin with! I don't believe in restricting weight gain in pregnancy. I do believe in eating the best foods you can and letting your body gain what it wants. I didn't gain weight until my 26th week with my daughter (just checked the calendar to confirm that crazy statistic)!

All that said, I'm worrying about coming out of this one looking like a stretched-out cow. I'm the heaviest I've ever been, and getting used to this new...er..."voluptuous" body is taking some work!

Thanks for letting me get that all out there. It's nice to have a place to talk pregnancy stuff! Blessings to all!
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New here, not sure of due date, my lmp was june 12. Anyway I posted another thread and saw this list after that... NOthing going on here except finally getting a positive after many negatives but no period.. ugghhh I hated being in limbo!

Oh Patchfire... I just saw Aviva Rom speak a few weeks ago and I talked to her a bit personally. She is sooo great. She really misses practising but because she is going to medical school she can't risk the practising without a liscence. Do contact her for ideas on other midwives, she was so wonderful and she would help. She is going to medical school to see if she can make herbal medicine and natural things more prevelant if she comes with a recognized medical backgroud .

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I'm hanging out here and in the Feb due date club. My official due date is Feb 25 so I'll probably deliver the first of March. I'm hanging on by a thread. Feeling very :Puke and tired and basically useless. I actually took the kids out yesterday for the first time in three weeks! I think we're going to go the library today. I just feel so crappy. Dh and I are going to CA on business (for him) next week. We planned it a while back. We've never been anywhere alone. I'm hoping I'll feel OK by then. I should be 11ish weeks while we're there.
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Just want to jump in here - found out today that I'm expecting #1, edd 3/23/2005! My husband just moved offices last night (and is now sharing an office for a few weeks), so I can't talk to him about it yet! I have quite a few friends who have found great support here on MDC, and I'm looking forward to joining in the conversation.

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Hey all. My folks left this morning and we're slowly getting back to normal. My mom gave me a nice big dose of "You're a worthless housekeeper." Nevermind I"m pg and have been sick and sleepy but oh well. She's so odd, on the one hand, she thinks I'm the best mother to ever live... but can't keep a house to save my life... Gee... which is more important.

I have my perinatalogist appointment tomorrow afternoon. It's a 2 hour drive to get there so it'll be a very loooong day. Fortunately dh is off tomorrow so he's going to stay home with the kids. No sense strapping them into the car that long. It'd be nice to have the company though... I'm feeling pretty nervous at the moment. I just don't want to be patronized as so many doctors love to do... The doc I love here says she'll be putting me on lovenox tomorrow so we'll see if that actually happens. I doubt they'll do an u/s, I'll only be 6w2d. We'll see. But I'll definitely be asking for one at my reg OB appointment on the 21st. I'll be 7w1d so should be able to see a heart beat. I'll be able to breath a little easier once we see a heartbeat... It's all I can do not to dig out my doppler! LOL Obviously entirely too early but it's sooo tempting to try! I found ds's at just 9 weeks. I rented it during the 5+ months I was on bedrest with dd and ended up buying it. It sure helped keep me sane between appointments!

Anyhoo... have a great night everyone! Welcome and congrats to all the newbies!
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I just got a positive Monday night--due March 20th. I couldn't wait to tell my midwife so I called her on Tuesday, though I won't be seeing her this soon, of course. We were going to wait before telling anyone--but dh and I are both blabbing the news. The kids don't know yet, but we'll tell them soon. So far, I feel a little light-headed from time to time and my breasts feel bigger, but that's it as far as symptoms go.

Kash, you asked about books--I'm reading From Conception to Birth (the photography is amazing!) Other than that, I'll probably re-read Birthing From Within
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Hey everyone, doing pretty good here! Four weeks today. I am up waaay earlier than usual. I can't stop thinking about the baby! Anyway, I gave all of my pregnancy and baby books out to a friend, so I am going to get all new books this time. I want to get Your Pregnancy Week by Week and I am going to check my amazon wishlist to see what else in on there.
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Hi ladies. I just got my positive (although I've known for about a week) yesterday and am very excited. I'm about 6 weeks along and feeling pretty good, a little nauseous. This pregnancy is very different so far from my first. My breasts aren't sore at all and last time they were killing me as the first sign. Also I have some lovely gas, burping and pooping a lot. That is different as well! It's almost as though my iinner system is saying, "Ok, everybody out, make room for baby!"

I am also at my heaviest weight, but I am strangely in better shape then I have ever been. In April, for my birthday, I started an exercise routine that I've kept up with - Pilates ab workout 3/week, 20 min on the norditrak 2-3 times a week and walking whenever possible. I already can't reach the handles on the norditrak and be comfortable so that's out!

Anybody got any ideas for indoor aerobic exercise (for during toddler naptimes)? If I don't get those endorphins I will not be able to get out of bed every morning!!!!

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hi everyone, just checking in.......I'm still doing well, just starting to feel a bit sick now and then. and feeling very - restless - is the best word I can think of. nothing is appealing to me, food or activities, I just feel kind of blah! but I am not complaining because all in all I feel good.

will have my first meeting with the home birth midwife this sunday. she lives about 1 1/2 hours away!! I am so much more laid back about prenatal care this time around. I feel like I could probably do without most of it. I just don't want to be bothered with anything these days! Ugh!
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Hello everyone! I'm finally catching up on the DD board! We've had a busy week already, Monday, I think it was Monday lol, we went to the mall and met with Kash, then did nothing on Tuesday, yesterday we were supposed to interview a new ped. for my son, but she had been 'over schedualed" and I'm going back tomorrow morning to interview her.

I guess I'll have to ask how often she is over booked? I did like though, that their well and sick rooms, were literally seprate, 2 different doors and a wall in between. Not like our last place, where it was all open, but the better toys were in the sick side! So duh, where did ds always go?!

Anyway, I have an appointment with the OB's office next Wednesday, and a meeting with my HB MW the first week of August,probably Tuesday, not 100% sure yet. One of thoes visits, I'm sure I'll run in to you Kash! lol

I have been very bad in the last week, buying maternity clothes. But I think I'm done until it gets cold, then I'll buy a sweater, maybe 2 if they are on sale.

And to top it off I had a horrible dream last night where I went to the restroom and there was blood everywhere. Scared the crap outta me. And of course dh just snored on....I hope I don't have anymore dreams like that.
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I had my first baby dream last night! I dreamed I had a son and he was about 1 and a half in the dream. Hmm. Now that I think about it he had blonde hair too which isn't too darn likely since my husband is part Lebanese...
Anyhow it was very cool. Nothing really happened but it was truly that first time I have ever visualized my baby as anything other than a newborn.

In other news, I feel like my stomach is so huge! This is my first pregnancy, I just don't understand why I have such a big stomach so early in the process. I also wonder if my coworkers, whom I have not yet told, wonder if I got a boob job. I was gone for the last month or so and now I'm back with these huge gazongas...
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That is cool Cholderby!I dreamt i had an U/S and it was twin girls but i won't put too much into that.

Welcome Wildcrafter I am sticking with walking fast on the treadmill and yoga right now.Running was my thing but it makes me feel very crampy.

Going to meet with an OB today as my back up person.He works for the nearest hospital so that works for me.I will meet with a few midwives next week.I am having a backup because our insurance doesn't cover the midwife.So just in case!

Still feeling very yucky and food is always making me gag.All of it too.I tried eating ice cream and i got sick.Now my boobs are finally getting sore.They haven't hurt once and now the nursing is getting painful and the shower this morning
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We're supposed to be hearing back from the midwives sometime... I don't know, lol!

My week's been crazy... a good friend from RI is visiting, got her Tuesday evening. Today I drove her and her teenage son around Atlanta and tried to convince her she wants to move down here.

My boobs are just killing me. Not my nipples so much, thank god, but overall, it's no picnic. I've got the hypersensitive sense of smell going on too, bleh. No uke yet, thank goodness. Just feeling a little Definitely on the 'must eat every three hours at the maximum plan.'
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