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Feel Like a Heel Asking

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I think I know the answer to this but keep wondering about it anyways because it could mean giving my husband his dream or giving my kids my dream for them, homeschooling.

Financially it has been very tough on us me staying home with the kids. I was homeschooled from 5th grade on so feel I want to give my kids the advantage I had by homeschooling them.

If and when the kids get school age and I could go back to work full time we could afford for my husband to go for his dream to start his own buisness. At present we couldn't afford for him to quit work long enough to get a buisness off the ground and running.

He is a wonderful man and would not think of asking for me to put his dream above the kids. I just wish there was a better middle ground.

Any of you hesitate to homeschool for financial reasons?
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I guess my dh started a business my first year homeschooling and it has been tough but not impssible. He works 15-18 hours a day and I work about 20 hours a week at his business and we are making it work. Homeschooling only takes a few hours several days a week. I am assuming you would have to get a sitter for the kids anyway or pay all the fees, supplies etc, it takes to send them to public school. Don't be duped into thinking PS is free. Not to mention you would still have to fill in all the gaps from what they aremissing, retaeach anything that is contrary to the truth, and handle all the social fallout from the bad habits and bad happenings at school. So my point here is:

although it may seem hard to homeschool and work full time it is certainly not impossible and I don't see that the benifits of PS outweigh the benifits of HS for you. Get someone to babysit (perhaps a homeschool highschooler) while you work. If the person is even mildly intelligent they can even shoulder some of the schooling responsiblities. Do the rest before or after work whenever the kids can handel it and on your days off.

You may be wondering where you will be saving money by homeschooling. I will start a new thread in this forum so others can add to it. I think you will be surprised at how it could almost equal daycare.

Also are you sure your dh business will fly? Not to be a downer but now is not the time to be taking huge financial risks at your childrens expense. A childs education and essitially thier life (since school, activities and homewrk will take almost thier whole day and soon with year round school thier whole life) do you really want to risk it? Just a thought.

Good luck deciding.
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That sounds like a really tough decision. I have a few thoughts.

I don't think homeschooling is necessarily all or nothing. If you need to go back to work for a few years while your children go to school, you may still be able to homeschool afterward.

I have heard about people who manage to arrange their hours and work things out with friends so that your children are cared for while you are working and you have other children stay with you while you are home.

Another idea is that you might also think, now, about learning some skill that you can use while working from home. We are homeschooling. My dh has steady work, but it is always a struggle for us, so I am in the process of becoming certified as a childbirth educator. I am hoping I can bring a little extra into the family by doing that evenings and weekends and, once my children are old enough that I am comfortable leaving them with someone at night, being a doula.
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good answers

Thank you for your nice answers. I also followed Lilyka's thread on the hidden costs of homeschooling.

I talked a lot this week-end with my dh and friends from church and family and I have come to another realization about homeschooling or ps.

When you look around at families who's children have not rebelled against thier parents when the grew up and those that some-what followed in their parents foot steps it all comes down to taking lots of interest and participating in what your kids are doing.

I have some friends who's kids went to ps and turned out great, I asked her the secret, she said that she volunteered a lot at school, she went back to college after her kids started school and got enough hours so she could substitute teach at her kids school, she did as many of the school activites with them that she could and was always there emotionally and in person for her kids.

I think when you homeschool besides knowing just what your kids are exposed to you are much more aware of their needs and aspirations.

The conclusion that I came to is that even if I did send them to ps I still would not want to work full time because I would want to be more envolved in their schooling than what they bring home in the evening. I think this has convinced me to stick with my original dream to teach our kids at home.

Thank you all for your input.
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I am glad you came to a decission you can feel at peace with. I think it would be very hard to send my children to public school if I had had a great homeschool experiance (and it sounds like you did

If I were there to help physicaly I would but I am not. If you ever need just encouragement or support feel free to ask
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as for your husband's dream - it may still be able to happen. this year I am working full time (yikes) and my husband is staying home with the kids. because my work schedule is flexible, we are planning to give him 20 hours a week to work on his book and start up free-lance writing. so some day you may be able to make it work, but it may mean that his business will have to start more slowly than he wants, and that he'll have to take over most of the household responsibilities.

another way to look at it is when the kids are older they may actually be able to help get the business started (and what an education that would be!)
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