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Any of you still around???
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Hey! Is there anybody out there? (I was so happy to see a JW mama thread...)
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I'm here I'm here! I'm so surprised to even SEE this thread lol! Looks like it started 2 years ago darnity!
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Hey, I am here too! Did not know this existed either!
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Good morning! I'm on line today - let me know if you're out there this morning & we'll type at each other...
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YAY I'm not the only one!!!! And wow! Y'all were up early!
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Good morning! Maybe if we keep at it, we'll actually be on line at the same time!

If I don't hear from you today, have a great day, mama-sisters!
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I'm here I'm here! Though I won't be for long, ds is screaming
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Hey! We're here at the same time! woo hoo! I'm at work, so will be on line for another few hours. If DS calms down, shoot me a line!

By the way, my name's MaryBeth, I have a DS - Caleb, 6 yrs, a DD - Ella, 2 1/2 years, and DH - Chris. We live about an hour east of San Francisco, and attend a Spanish congregation. Still learning Spanish-I don't think I'll ever get it completely!! :

How about you??

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Hey there,

I don't think any of you are online right now either! I am in NE Florida for now (moving south a few hours in a few months) and have two sons, 6 and 3, that I homeschool and work PT at home. DH is an MS and is very busy with work and cong stuff.

Looking forward to chatting with you all.
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Hi, FLDoula! I'm still here, and will be for another two hours. Are you really a doula?? I'd love to hear about that...

How cool that you're able to homeschool & work from home! I'd love to do that, too, but cost of living out here is awful. Unfortunately, my job makes lots more than DH's, so it makes a lot more sense for me to work full time than he. He's home with the kids in the mornings (well, they're out in service this morning ), and then I'm home with them in the afternoons. Of course, I'm grumpy & tired by then, since I get up at 4 to get ready for work!! Oh well. I need to be patient...I'll have the PERFECT schedule in the new system, right?

Ok, back to work. Nice meeting you!!

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Oh, and look how close in age our kids are! mine are 6 & 2 1/2, yours are 6 & 3!
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Hey there,

Just popped back in to see if anyone was online. Good to see you.

Yes, that is neat that our kids are so close in age. I have two boys.

It is tough working and trying to raise a family for sure. Wish things were more simple, but soon they will be.

Did have have you DC yet? We are with a foreign language cong here so went to that one and I went to two days of English and going to the third in a couple of weeks. I am so excited. Nice to sit and understand completely with no translation and thus losing some of the meat of the discussion.
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Oh yeah, I am a doula but not practicing right now. I need to mother my own children right now so they are focused and on the right path. These years are so important and I want them to be on solid ground, so "mothering mothers" through labor is on the back burner for now. I love doing it though and miss it, even though the majority of the time I was up all night with the moms and lack of sleep can cause you to be "loopy"! :
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Oh, man, I can totally relate about going to the DC...we attended two days in English, and then one day in Spanish. It was so refreshing to hear so much "food" in English! We'll probably do it that way again next year.

What foreign language are you in?

One day you'll have to tell me about how you became a doula. I'd love to hear about it! We used the "Bradley" method with our kids, and it really made me want to be able to help other mamas have such a great experience. Ahh, one day, right?

I'm really grateful that we have the schedule we do have right now, so the kids are either with DH or me all day...on Fridays I work longer hours, but they stay with a young sister (whose parents studied with us!), and they love her. She's a reg pioneer, and soooo grounded. I love to spend time with her, too, just cause she's a great sister!

I'll check back tomorrow. So nice to talk to you!

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I'm here! Sort of.

My son is only 6 months old, almost 7 actually I'm in Arizona where it's hot and NASTY right now!
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We are in the French cong here but will be changing back to English in the next few months as both DS's are requesting it and they just are not getting everything they need from me since I am struggling to learn French.
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thefragile7393 - I think I "know" you from a private message board we are on! :-) Recognized your live journal from there.......I am Bakerswife
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Originally Posted by missingthetrees
One day you'll have to tell me about how you became a doula. I'd love to hear about it! We used the "Bradley" method with our kids, and it really made me want to be able to help other mamas have such a great experience. Ahh, one day, right?
I started with a DONA certified trainer and took the 3 day training course from her with a friend of mine, then observed a Bradley class, and then started attending births. I never got my certification completed though, but have done about 15 births. It was so wonderful helping moms get the birth they wanted
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Good morning!

Hey, thefragile7393! Thanks for checking in...let us know if you're around today!

FLDoula - Do you think you'll get your certification one day? Or is really necessary, once you've participated in births & gotten the experience?

Again, I can totally relate to wanting to move back to English. We've had that thought MANY times. DH got the language much faster and more completely than I have; he was a reg pioneer when we first switched, so he had lots of time really having to listen & learn. And since he's an elder, he's given so many talks that that has forced him in to learning. Sometimes I feel so behind! I mean, I've had some distraction - having two kids while trying to learn, helping to care for my mom who required 24 hour care (she died a year ago) while trying to learn...but still! I wish I could push a button & be totally fluent! I did have a good experience in service on Saturday, so that helps. DS says he'd rather be in English, but he really understands a lot more than he wants to admit. When we're at hospitality and the only way he can get dessert is to ask in Spanish, he's the first to speak up! He gave his first talk a few weeks ago, reading a portion of Psalms 1, and that helped get his confidence up a little. We'll see how DD does - she asks for stuff in both languages (in fact, in the middle of the night she was asking for jugo (juice - she actually pronounces gogo ).

Anyway, I'll check back later. Have a great day!
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