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I need all your good luck energy please!

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There is the slightest, slimmest, glimmer of hope that I may be able to get into the ONE birthing centre run by midwives in the city. I want this SO badly.

I've been on the waiting list since I was about 6 weeks preggo and was told that there was basically no hope because I'd called late (everone else calls as soon as they find out they are PG) due to the fact that I was cooped up in the darned hospital! Anyway, I've been trying to fing a new doctor for the past few weeks, someone that is closer to my home and so far the only one I've come up with delivers at a hospital I am not happy about going to. I met with her today and tried to explain to her what I want for a birth and was basically given the routine textbook speech about doing what is best for the baby blah blah blah. She even said that they don't let people go past 41.5 weeks... that it is dangerous for the baby!!! AHHHHHHHH.

Anyway, after that visit this morning I put my entire "nap time" into researching other options. I called all kinds of people and places and came up empty. In a last ditch effort I tried the birthing centre again, just to see if there was any hope at all. The receptionist put me on hold and when she came back she said she'd have to call me back tomorrow after talking to the midwife because a spot had just opened up but she was not sure if the midwife wanted to refill it (they are sooooo busy at this place). So now I am just holding my breath, I think I'll cry if I get in (I'll probably cry if I don't too).

So, please, cross your fingers for me.
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Oh gosh I hope you get in! I'm sending good luck vibes your way!
I know how important this is. We've had weird good luck things happening to us lately, so maybe there's something going around.
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*crossing fingers for you*!!!!
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Good Luck! Wow, sounds like Montreal has a shortage of midwives...
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I will definately be thinking of you and sending some extra positive energy your way! :
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I am so friggin' excited, I"M IN!!!!!!

I can't believe I finally caught a break in this whole birthing drama! I go to the birthing centre next Wednesday for a tour and have my first midwife appointment the next day!!! The midwife appointment is a whole HOUR long!!! What a change from the usual 10 minute manhandling session I've been used to getting.

DH is trying to be excited for me, he just doesn't get it but who cares -I'm getting what I've wanted since the beginning of this pregnancy.

When I spoke to the receptionist she said I was just lucky that I called yesterday because they had just had a cancellation around my due date and it was easier for her to give the spot to me than go through the waiting list one by one (most people don't want to switch caregivers this late in pregnancy apparently!). I guess I kinda cut in line but hey - fate must have been on my side.

Thank you for all your good luck wishes - they worked like a charm. Now I get to have a birth centre birth with a doula, what an amazing change of events. Yipppeee.
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Wow, what an awesome turn of events for you! It's cool that you listened to your intuition and called. Happy birthing.
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I love happy endings! Congrats!
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Congrats, Jillerina -

That is so awesome!!!
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That's so cool! WTG!
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