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Update on me

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I'm not doing so hot. 159/98 was my last bp reading.

I'm pretty much not able to come to the computer anymore, just laying here at it raises my bp too much.

So I'm okay, no baby, just resting hard core. I have to pretty much lay perfectly still in a dark room to keep my bp in the 130/80-140/90 range.

Hoping to wait till tomorrow's ob appt at 9... but we might have to go in tonight.... I think this is the end of the road for me.

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I posted on your one in diapering, but just wanted to give you extra I really hope it goes okay, and you should be so proud of how well you've done getting her and you this far!

Let us know once you're up to it, 'kay? Thinking great big positive thoughts.
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s Kimberly.
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Hey i got your message & was just coming to check on you cause I knew you would have posted here. Call me if you want to talk or need anything. I'm switching from the pain med to tylenol so I can nurse loch again tommorow.

Praying for you, Kimberly

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::: you've held out for so long! i hope that you make it to morning, but if not, know that the aug mamas will be holding you and your babe in our thoughts and prayers!
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Thinking of you. Good luck, sweetie!
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Kimberly..dang I always forget to read in our due date forum excpet for our friends thread....
pleeease take care and let us know what happens
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So glad I saw this! I rarely actually check the whole forum.

Kimberly, hang in there sweetie. You'll do fine, I just know it. You've given your little one everything a mama could. She's full term now, that's such an amazing blessing!

Lots of (((HUGS))) and I hope everything goes well.
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Kimberly-You are in my thoughts tonight...
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ya did sooo good, mama! hurry back and give us all the news when you have some... until then, rest and dream and sing to your babe and enjoy these last few precious hours!

we are all thinking of you, girlfriend...

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Kimberly. You two take care and let us know how it all goes when you are feeling better!

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I was thinking about you last night at the Bastille Day thing because I hadn't thought that I had read a post by you in a little bit. Thank you for updating us. I was wondering if you were okay or if you had had the c already. You've gotten your babe quite far already and have exceeded your doctor's expectations. Aren't you right around your own now? Someone had said that they thought you were. Good luck, hugs, and take care - Tiff
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I'm behind the times these days but am thinking about you all the time. Maybe your munchkin is restless also and wants out and about with you guys. I'm always amazed by you - talk about being selfless and doing so with amazing dignity.

Keep us posted. Lots of love and healthy baby and mom vibes.
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Oh Kimberly. Many hugs honey. You should be so proud of yourself for making it this far. I know many moms who get sick of the bedrest and just give up but you have really stuck with it. I am praying for you and hope I get to meet you and your family soon.

Laurie Campbell
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wanted add my well wishes! Hope everything goes well. You have done such a wonderful job growing this babe! You are in my thoughts
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