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week of July 15th -July 22nd

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A new weekly thread How is everyone doing?

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So many of us have had our babies, who is left? I am still here Due date is tomorrow!!!! I will also be turning 28 tomorrow too Hoping for a nice baby birthday present!!!!

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I'm still here! I am still on modified bedrest, at least until tomorrow, when I have my next appt. Yesterday I had a chiropractor appointment since my back and head are killing me. Usually an adjustment takes care of the headache and back. Not this time. : My head still hurts this morning and I'm hot. The A/C is on so no reason for me to feel hot. I just feel "funny" My oldest dd has been telling people even before we were pregnant that she was having a brother born on July 21st. We'll see how that is!

I hope everyone is doing well!!
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I'm still here too... due in 11 days, although it really could be anytime. I started having contractions sporadically yesterday. I'm hoping for next week.

Getting big and sick of the heat and humidity!
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hot hot hot...tired tired tired...cramp contraction cramp contraction...
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Still here. Lost my mucus plug last night and am having intermitent pelvic pressure and mild contractions that are relived by changing positions and only occur sporatically, though they come in groups. So, lots of prelabor over here! The midwife thinks the baby will be a bit early, but we'll see!
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I am due in 9 days.. :P

I feel the same.. I wish I felt more.. done lol

I guess I am carrying small because no one beleives me when I say less than two weeks when they ask when I am due lol.

*yawn* so much to do.. I've gotta get my butt out of this computer chair and back into 'nesting' mode asap.

I need to go to the mall, get my ROE, ship some stuff.. blah blah blah..

may as well do that now!
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I am huge....I look as if the baby is lying down , feet towards my spine, head sticking strait out- LOL thankfully that is not the case

I have 2 weeks left to go....its 115 degrees today, c'mon contractions.
I have to take my final today and a few pkgs to mail, then I will be done with unfinished stuff.

yesterday I cleaned out 4 cabinets in the kitchen and organized the bathroom cabinets and all the drawers, craziness.

my midwife offered to strip my membranes and gave me the ok to drink senna tea or caster oil....but I don't think I will just yet..

ok dd wants some love-
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as salaam alaykum

i'm still here... though i haven't been too active on the july due date club (i've been over on the birth and beyond board)... i have about a week left... midwife thinks i'll have the baby over the weekend! or at least before my next prenatal appointment on the 16th. i've been having some contractions all day about 10 minutes apart... but it could be because i got checked this morning. i've been going through the prelabor thing for weeks now... i'm carrying REALLY low and my hips feel like spagetti, my back and my tummy HURT...

so... we will see!!!!

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I haven't been posting here much either...more in homebirth etc. But I check in and lurk a little bit :LOL Anyway I am due on July 20th but date is from an u/s at 12 weeks (no other u/s's) because I had no period between this pg and ds#2, so I have no idea how accurate that is...I feel ready!!! I am actually getting anxious which never happened with the other two...I want to meet my baby! Tons of prelabour signs, it's making me crazy I have fast labours so I am scared to go too far from home with the kids...what to do with my days...

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I'm still here and am 'due' right about now but every one in my family has long pregnancies so i don't really consider myself 'due' until next week. I did have a couple of doozy contractions tonight though. I would prefer this baby wait until tomorrow 'cause hubby is on a camping trip until tomorrow afternoon/evening! but fortunately he's only 1.5 hrs away so i can call him to come home anytime if i need too. the really cool thing is i am now officially on maternity leave so i can just relax at home. I do hope this baby comes within the next week though cause i am tired and sore. anyway, i'm going to let my midwife check me tomorrow i think to see if my estimation of how dialated i am is correct so maybe that will stir the pot a little!
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still here ~ 40 weeks, 5 days, no sign of my little sprite actually wanting to be born.
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if anyone cares to know- I'm lactating! :LOL last night dh and I were snuggled up watching TV and he looks at me and says- "uh, your shirt's wet..looks like the right ones gonna be a producer" lol
and it was!
I had been drinking RRL tea, but recently started a RRL, nettles, alphalfa and peppermint tea combo...I think it must promote milk as well as tone the uterus
today is dh's birthday and he's hoping for a birthday baby..no pressure or anything

i aced my final exam yesterday

and for all the rude comments I have had during this pregnancy about how huge I am, how it must be twins....yesterday 2 strangers told me how beautiful I was nice to know some people still say nice things to pregnant mamas! I am seriously glowing with pregnancy
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Yeah, it is my due date! Of course that does not mean baby is ready, but exciting anyway. It would be really neat if baby came today (it is my birthday too!) I was born on a friday and went into labor with both my girls on fridays, so, it would be neat to have baby or at least go into labor today! Come out baby! We are ready to hold you in our arms!!!

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i can't believe how many people think it's ok to make such rude comments toward preggy moms. i'm still hanging in there but now every time i go outside SOMEONE says to me, "still haven't had that baby yet!?" or "you're about ready to pop!" (i HATE that one! HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT! women don't POP they give BIRTH! ARRGH)

whew ok talk about preggy mood swings. and it's so yucky + hot here, all humid and gross. i woke up thinking it was going to be a beautiful cool day because it was all overcast + the sky was riddled with these gorgeous clouds... went outside to take my son to a playgroup (we walk to the park + meet up w/ his friends) and it was already about 90 or so outside and sticky hot. BLEGGH.

k. ~ 40 weeks, 6 days.
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Ok is there anything that I should do before I become a 'mom'?

I was thinking the other night that I should do some wild and crazy stuff before I am officially 'someones mom' lol

any ideas?

I am so so bored. sitting here watching no one bid on my ebay auctions lol.. trolling the TP buying diapers..

I have a midwife appt. this evening.

I have to go to my moms house to make some diapers first.. why oh why did I continue to take custom orders lol.. I'll be sewing during labour haha


have a good night everyone
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bikruca ~ i think the one thing you should prepare yourself for is the hell of the first few weeks of sleeplessness. i never thought i could get so tired as i did in those first few weeks.

with that said...

i really feel the only things you really need are diapers, wipes, mama milk, and a whole lot of love + patience.

everything else is secondary.
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I had my (almost) 38 week appt. today. No protein in my urine like they said there was last week, but my bp was 142/94. It's definitely gone up within the last month. My normal bp has been around 125/75 so it's high for me. She said she thinks I have pregnancy induced hypertension. At this point it's just wait and see. So I'm still on modified bedrest. It's a lot of work being a couch potato! I had a cervical check today too. 50% effaced, 1cm, and baby is at a -1 station. He's much lower than my girls were so that's exciting for me. If I'm still here next week I have an appointment for next Friday.
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Okay, so if I go to the hospital with nothing in hand it'll all be okay, right? I am due in less than two weeks and just tonight looked at the "to bring to the hospital" list that I had with the other two. I have NONE of it packed.

This week we readied our birth plan and signed it and dh made copies.

With the others I at least had bloody show 12-24 hours before good contractions kicked in. I haven't had that at all, but I feel so yucky tonight (nauseous basically) and like I have to have a huge bowel movement (sorry TMI) and I am peeing every 10 minutes. Every movement she makes is bothersome to me (I am in one long braxton hick contraction so her movements against the tightness are what are bothersome).

I had this same feeling earlier in the week and it went away, but please God, I simply CAN'T have this baby yet. I don't even have anyone to watch the boys if I go into labor now! My parents are out of state until late Sunday night. I also don't have a home to bring baby home to (our throats are all irritated from all the drywall dust that is being stirred up with the post flood repairs). My co-worker is supposed to be giving me her infant carseat (the one we had is too old), but hasn't yet. I have to at least wash a coming home outfit for her.

Dh is home tomorrow, so I'm off to buy the things that are on my packing list!!

Sorry to vent, but I'm starting to panic!
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Oh, and what is with this doctor.

He has not seen me at all this pregnancy (my regular FNP was on vacation) although he was my provider with my first baby. He measures my belly (didn't tell me what the measurement was, but it is always small) and tells me this baby is going to be really little. He hadn't even palpated her position yet. I was still over two weeks from due date and he is predicting 7 1/2 pounds. Is that today, next week, at 41 weeks? When exactly does he think she will be that size?

Just bothered me for some reason!
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