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cramping too

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I've been cramping off an on, never really seems to be a reason for it, like raven said, running down the drive way. I haven't really done anything like that. Mostly I'm sitting relaxing. But I guess it does feel more like an expanding than a cramping.

I had them with ds, but I think I was like 12 weeks along, not 6.

And...who ever said about the BM thing...oh yes, I feel you there. I've always been regular, but since about a week before the BFP, I've been having the cramping, going to the bathroom, and it just isn't what it felt like it was gonna be. THAT I know I didn't have with ds. I had 1 day of diareeha, well, one evening, then I was sick until 23 weeks, after that I was regular again, but only went once a day, and it was NORMAl...this is not normal lol!

Well...hopefully all of our cramps will go away....

What about Round Ligament pain? Am I the only one starting in on that one? I feel it when I lift ds into his carseat, or into the stroller. When he sleeping and I carry him to bed....ugh....to early!!!
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I really wouldn't worry unless you start spotting.It is so normal.

Any yes i hear you on the ligament pain!
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Oh, yeah. The round ligament pain is awful! I know I didn't have it this early with dd.

I've noticed already that that my feeling of cramping is influenced by how much water I'm drinking. (We really need a floating smilie, 'cause that is how I feel...)
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