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Hi am new here, my son is 18 months old, and I consider my self AP but also a little mainstream not much just a bit.

I was going BF my son, but couldn’t ever produce enough milk, never leaked or got engorged. I did wear my son until he about 4 months, when he decide he didn't like it anymore My son also slept with me until 13 months when again he decide he didn't want a bed partner anymore, he would kick move around until I got out the bed with him, then he was fine that makes me sad that my son growing up and becoming a very independent guy. I did use cloth diapers, up to he started daycare, I didn’t want to put hassle on them, there already busy as it is.

Now the mainstream parenting: LOL, My son circ, I do occasionally let him CIO, if you want to call it that. I ignore is tTemperttraumes , is the only time I let him cry. Umm I do believe in a smack on the hand now then, especially if he pulling mommy hair, it's the only way he let go, I tried other ways but that seems to work, lucky his doing it less and less now.

I am a single mom, and I am 28 and a full time student, trying get better education so my son can be proud of me

So you see I kind of fit in the middlem I hope I can feel comfortable here, and by reading some of your posts I think I will. All though I might feel a little senstive about some things.