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Cloud Nine!

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Oh I am soooo excited! I got to see our baby's heartbeat today!!!!!

The 2 hr each way drive was awful, nothing like DC/Baltimore traffic at rush hour. THe appointment itself was fine until the 3rd doc joined us and proceded to tell me that I should have a c-section and to to refuse a c-section I was putting my baby at a significant risk of death and that it would be on my hands if that happened. I still can't believe he actually said that to me! I'm still processing it I think. His reason being that dd was 9lbs 10oz and had bilateral shoulder dystocia, (stuck at the shoulders) both of her arms were paralyzed at birth. DS on the other hand was just 5 oz smaller and delivered beautifully with not a single tear! So based on dd birth I'm at a greater risk of that happening again, between threats I think he said 10-15% which really isn't much. If Koen had had the same issues there wouldn't be a question. But I'm sure as heck not going to volunteer to be cut open and all the risks assotiated with MAJOR SURGERY especially with the asperin and heperin in my system just because of this docs threats!! Is it just me or does this seem rediculous?

Anyway, they want to follow me up there for the next couple months then hopefully refer me to a civilian OB in town, only 1 hour away for the remainder of the pg. Hopefully that will be ASAP cause the drive sucks and I really don't want to ever be in the same room as that doc again!

Ok, deep breath... I GOT TO SEE THE HEARTBEAT!! It took my breath away! This tiny, perfect little person with her tiny perfect little heart beating away! THANK GOD!! :
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Oh yay! Such good news!

But on that doc!
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wow how exciting, mama! i had no idea you could see the heartbeat that early! you mean there's a little heartbeat in my belly too?! OMG!

dr's say all sorts of crap based on their fear of being sued rather than on mom/baby's best interests. i was told with ds i'd need a c section. BS. perfectly healthy homebirth.
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That is wonderful! There is nothing like seeing that little heartbeat for the first time no matter which number it is!
I am so fed up with doctors myself. Someone hit the nail on the head when they mentioned the doctors being more concerned with being sued. And then we are supposed to TRUST them with OUR best interests? Yeah, right!
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