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How does your Hubby diaper? - Page 2

Poll Results: how does your partner diaper?

  • 73% (104)
    my partner uses cloth on the baby.
  • 7% (10)
    my partner uses disposibles on our baby.
  • 9% (13)
    mine uses a combanation of both.
  • 9% (14)
    I'm single or my partner doesn't change them at all.
141 Total Votes  
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Oh, crud! I voted wrong---I can't use a mouse w/ my left hand (babe in right arm snoozing) for anything. I meant to vote that he uses cloth (clicked sposis by accident!) bu only if they snap!
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He uses cloth, but only if I'm not home and ONLY AIO's.
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Totally cloth!!! I haven't had sposies in my house in over 2 years
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Dh is totally on the cloth train and uses whatever he grabs. He's partial to wool for covers tho. He is good w/ a snappi, generally snaps fitteds correctly and will occasionally grab for an aio.

He does diaper laundry too. (he's the sahp, in case you're wondering why he's so involved )

I dyed some of my plain hemp diapers w/ their soakers to help him coordinate them out of the laundry.
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My dh is pro-cloth and has his own favorites. He changes with cloth and even cleans the poopy ones out!
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My DH stills grumbles after almost 2 years but he always changes dipes when home. He grabs pocket dipes first but if none are avaliable he takes what he can get.
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Lately my DH has been doing more diaper changes than I have. :LOL He fully supports our use of cloth. Sometimes he'd wish I wouldn't have such a vast variety because he gets a little bit confused but he "usually" figures it out without too many problems. He's happiest with AIOs... though he has been getting into using the wool soakers lately... As long as I keep everything well organized that he know what stuff is, and what needs what... he's happy.

Can't refill a wipes container with solution to save his life though. Even with a full jug up on the shelf next to his head.

It's so hard to see what's right in front of you...

: : :
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Mine NOW uses cloth 90% of the time but used to always use sposies... until he learned how much they cost.
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Dh gladly uses cloth. He has his favs like front or side aplix. He doesn't like snaps at all, but will use them. I should have listened to him when we had our first he wanted to do cloth then. Wow, theres one for the record book huh.

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We just switched to cloth last month and dh used to do about half of the diaper changes. Now he does none, lol. I knew that was going to be the case when I switched though. He won't even change a diaper if she's peed in it. I left her with him one night and told him she's in cloth, and when he changes her, if the diaper has just been peed in put it in the wet bag, if it's poopy (which I was sure it wouldn't be, since she'd already made her poop quota for the day) that he should just put it in the bucket in the bathroom and I would deal with it when I got home...unless of course he felt like trying a toilet dunk, lol.

When I got home she was in bed in a disposable and the POOPY diaper was in the wet bag ! Just tossed in, making a mess. Men!
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I'm single or my partner doesn't change them
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My dh will use cloth but he will either only use a pocket diaper or lay a trifolded pf in a wrap. I am just thankful for his help
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Dh changes dd's diapers and I don't have to ask. He hates sposies probably about as much as I do. He prefers either side-snapping diapers (esp the FCB AIOs), but he can do a mean Snappied bikini twist, too. He also tells his co-workers and friends at church all about cd'ing in an effort to win them over.
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Dh will change ds's cloth ... he hasn't put a sposie on him since he was in the hospital (when he was born) and actually wants to make sure we only take cloth for the next one to the hospital! He is awesome with a pf and snappi, and even is learning how to do flats (though he doesn't want to pin, although he wants to learn how to). He's
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DH only uses sposies. When DD was in dipes, she had "daddy diapers" (sposie) and "mama diapers" (cloth). Now I'm hoping that if I have enough fb's or hh's all pre-loaded and ready to go, he'll use those while I'm at work. We'll see though.....
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I do about 95% of the diapering only because I do most of that stuff. We haven't had diapers in the house since DS outgrew the newborn diapers people had given us. I refuse to buy them. Dh just uses a fitted with wool cover since that is all I use.
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DH is very good about using cloth and only cringes a little bit when he flings the poo into the toilet. He's learned quickly what needs a cover and what doesn't and where to put the dirties and not to put wool covers in the washer.
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DH always used cloth. Has never blinked an eye at it. He changes as many diapers as I do.
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I voted both. Ds never got switched successfully to cloth, in large part because we were having problems with stinky hemp which was turning dh off. Dd is 99% cloth and dh generally will only use cloth on her, unless he gets really stressed out and then he'll grab a sposie. He does really well with her diapers, especially considering our "system" is AIOs, pockets and fitteds! He always grabs a fitted and wool cover. My only real complaint is that he doesn't understand the "nighttime diaper concept" and will use up all my hemp fleece SOSs (my fave night diaper) before I get home from work! He's NEVER shied away from a diaper change tho', even the horrible poopy ones!
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Dh uses cloth and LOVES it. He has to use fitteds though because he can't snappi a cpf on well enough to hold in ds's bf poopies. :LOL

I remember when ds was first born(9 months ago)and we were using a little Haier portable washer. It was tiny and ds was going through about 20 dipes a day. We had to wash diapers twice a day and then hang them on a line strung accross our bedroom. Dh was wonderful at diaper laundry! Even when friends and family gave us sposies as gifts dh kept on hanging little dipes around our room.
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