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How does your Hubby diaper? - Page 4

Poll Results: how does your partner diaper?

  • 73% (104)
    my partner uses cloth on the baby.
  • 7% (10)
    my partner uses disposibles on our baby.
  • 9% (13)
    mine uses a combanation of both.
  • 9% (14)
    I'm single or my partner doesn't change them at all.
141 Total Votes  
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My DH uses cloth and will even rinse out a poopy with no problem........ but he to each there own.... I dont wash cloths My DH does all the cloths....... I hate to do any thing but diaper laundry.......DH will be with the baby all weekend I am going out of town and he will use ony cloth.........
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Mine likes cloth, but hates changing diapers. All we have is cloth so there is no change he'd use sposies. Al song as I have a fitted and a pull-on soaker available for him, he'll change her. (that is, if I'm not available to do it).

I'm kinda scared, I just sent him and our two girls out of the house for a couple of hours. Lulu is wearing a Luxe Baby WIO. Who knows what he'll do with that thing. There's snaps all over it.
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Mine thinks cloth is too hard, so he doesn't do any changing at all. : We do have *some* sposies (*GASP*) and he will change them with those, but not very often. I'd LOVE to not have ANY sposies in the house AT ALL. Once these are gone (if they ever will be- I'll probably GIVE them away), I'm not buying more, and neither will DH : .
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My dh changes cloth. He will do prefolds if that's all there is, but if given a choice he'll grab a fitted and a fuzbomb. He changes about 95% of the diapers while he is home...its the least he can do.
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He uses cloth and does about half of the changes. He even knows the difference between the different brands of covers.

He does have a preference for aplix though. And he could not STAND to pin her, so he usually only lays the PF in the cover. (I'm going to work on getting him to snappi them.)
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