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What's your most extravagent Diaper Fairy wish? - Page 3

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I think Id love some embellished longies or shorts too! Maybe in a gorgeous blue color. Or I dont have any oranges and yellows.
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I'm always drooling over the soaker longies.

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Hmmm... since we are dreaming madly here...a custom MM soaker (had to think about that for a long time :LOL ) Actually, I don't even want the fairy to bring me the soaker, just the opportunity to buy it.
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Shoot, I think ANY fairy gift would be extravagant! But I would die for a pink hemp Firefly, organic velour Loveybums fitted or organic cotton Sugar Peas. I'm boring, I know.
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my most extravagent diaper wish would be some more bottom bumpers fitteds or a fuzbomb. i love bottom bumpuers on dd and missed out on the custom orders opening. and i just can't bring myself to pay for a fuzbomb even thoug i think they'd be a great fit on dd.
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My question is ...

If you see that a mama has a fairy wish .. and you have surplus of the item .. how can you fairy them if they're not on the fairy list? *LOL*
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FMBG AIO or VK AIO (I've got my eye open for whenever they stock but just never get there in time).
or Kiwipie cover - I'm dying to know what the craze is about!
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I don't think I qualify for fairying--or being a fairy (which makes me sad because I have so much stuff I would LOVE to pass on)--but I've been eyeing those silk liners that Luxebaby makes. Everytime my daughter gets a slightly red tush, I wish I had one or two.

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hmmm, if i had to choose it'd be a med fuzeasy, a luxebaby wio, or a minishower lol...those are the only things i'm currently drooling over, but i've got to pay for the double maclaren i just won on ebay!
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Jessica- I agree.

For me, it isn't a "What would you like." It is more of a "What would you like to have the opportunity to buy."
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An Elbee!Or directions fof making something similar out of sherpa(I have alot of yardage)and a snap press
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Yarn. Gallons and gallons of beautiful, luscious, lanolin rich yarn.
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Originally Posted by ustasmom
Jessica- I agree.

For me, it isn't a "What would you like." It is more of a "What would you like to have the opportunity to buy."
So, what would you love to buy?
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Um, some people forgot to include sizes, measurements, etc :
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I would love fitteds, covers and maybe some wool. I can't get rid of my wonderoos. Nothing extravagat, i just want more.
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Newborn longies with embellishments done in a fall-ish theme...like with pumpkins or leaves.
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this is REALLY extravagant...i would want the df to take away half of my CPF and turn them into either AIO's or fitteds
we love the diaper fairy!!
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oooh I'm right there with most of you! I would love Maegan to have a pair of beautiful wool hand knit longies, with flarred ruffled legs, so she can wear them out, like under a dress...... longies love going on here!!! I love variagated, thick stripes, or one solid color with any embelishment, like fishes, fairies, or a big red and white polka dotted mushroom!

Knitted wool shorts in a fall or winter print would be my next desire

Then, hmmm, I would love a fuzeasy too in med, a med VK aio

But, believe it or not, my true secret passion is wahm clothing! I love Terri's clothes from fmbg on my dd or patchwork pixie's awesome dresses. My dd is so snug in the cutest pair of pj's right now, they are a yummy dark purple flannel top and matching bottoms with lil miss naughty all over them(from the lil miss books).

Oh, one can dream in the fairy realm!
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Super extravagant: a Whimsical Wear backpack diaper bag! especially in cabana stripe or primary stripe

Sewing and/or knitting skills!

Honestly, nothing. We were just fairied the sweetest nb dipe and I just want to bask in the fairy dust for awhile - so sweet!
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How fun!

Ok, first of all I want a snap press. I would be Miss SnapHappy with one of those, everything in my house would snap together, LOL.

#2 - For my future (G-d willing), yet to be conceived baby, I want a bunch of newborn fitteds - I don't have an opinion about WHICH ones, but some cute little snappy ones.

#3 - Of course I will need cute little tiny soakers to go with the fitteds, maybe a set with the days of the week on them, and different embellishments and colors for every day?

#4 - I also want someone to knit this future, yet to be conceived baby a wool sleepsack - I was thinking it could have a ribknit top that was to go around the chest, and then just a long skirt with closed bottom attached to the ribbing? I thought that would be great to keep my bed dry if the aforementioned fitteds and soakers leak , and also would keep baby warm!

#5 Eliza better have a new soaker too, LOL - a beautiful embellished one with her name on it would be lovely! AND how about a set of WAHM underpants in case she decides to go potty learning on me and break my heart (no signs of that yet though! LOL)

BUT all in all I am pretty pleased with Eliza's lovely STASH and am even more pleased with and grateful for my lovely MIRACLE BABY (with mommy in this pic), Eliza, who could really ask for anything more?
It is fun to dream though!


P.S. If the Diaper Fairy has any connections upstairs and could arrange it so that I could just conceive #2 naturally, that would be really awesome, and she can forget the rest of it because I will be able to afford all that and MORE if I don't have to pay for any more IVF cycles!!! :LOL
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