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LDS mammas #5

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Okay, so I am now more pregnant than I have ever been. It is so frustrating to have no control or way to plan! I spent all day Saturday trying EVERYTHING to get things going to no avail. I finally just collapsed on my bed in tears and gave up. It is out of my hands. Since then, I've been fine, so I guess I needed that. I'm not good at waiting. My parents will be here tomorrow from Idaho. They have not been out here since we moved almost a year ago. I am very excited, so that takes some of my focus away from the baby.

Lisa, I want to add my deepest congrats to you. I was thinking about you the other day, and thinking how great it would be to hear that you got a baby. The next time I got on, there was your announcement! Better get sewing those cloth diapers! I hope everything works out. I know your anxiety must be 100X what mine is. I hope BF works out too. I wish I lived closer because I am a milk machine! I always have way too much.

I was wondering what you all do for FHE. I thought it might be cool to hear what you "actually" did for the last one. OUrs are usually pretty comical, so I thought it would be funny to hear some stories.
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Well, I first wanted to cogratulate Lisa. That's very exciting and nervous for you!

Next I wanted to share a little discussion I had on the way home last night--a couple of other moms and I went to the Sunday night broadcast of the Nauvoo Illinois dedication, and on the way home we talked about how devastating it would have been to be the father of your little 3 month old baby girl (Pres. Hinckley's grandfather, I guess) on the plains, but then we talked about "instant weaning" for the baby, and how hard that would be, and then I remembered that I had heard that the pioneer women wetnursed for each other--I've heard stories of "passing the baby." I don't know if they're true, but we all agreed that those maternal instincts don't stop at our own kids. I know it would be devastating to me if someone else died and there was a little baby with no milk for her . . . Anyhow, it was a cool (kidless) mom bonding time . . .

About FHE--well, when we can't get organized, we just pull out our Gospel Art kit and tell some stories while looking at the pictures. One of our more successful ones recently was the parable of the lost sheep. Dd #1 has a veritable "flock" (about 8 different lambs), and so our green couch was the field, and all the "flock" was distributed all over the couch (behind, under, etc.). Then our "shepherd" (baby doll) called for the sheep, and they all came back except one, and so the baby doll looked all over for the lamb, and eventually found it and brought it home. This was a couple of months ago, and the kids still talk about it, even dd #2, who is barely 2. I don't go for deep doctrinal discussions--perhaps I should make more of an effort, but they seem to love simple stories as much as anything. Of course we try to make a principle go with the story.
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Bekka- oh how creative. I chuckled as I read about your FHE. Those are the kind the kids will always remember.

About 9 months ago I got a neat idea of planning FHE every Monday. I typed up a paper with the theme, song, prayer, and story and assigned each to one of us (dh, Annie or me). I have LDS Clips software so I had cutesy, tootsy graphics on them and everything. I was so pumped. Well I was looking in the filing cabinet today and saw the folder where I keep all 2!!!! of the sheets I created. Yep that is right we did it for 2 weeks. AAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Now don't get me wrong we spend Monday nights together as a family and we don't do ward or church business that night but we are terrible about getting a "spiritual" lesson to the girls (or any lesson).

With that said we have planned to visit dh's paternal gramma tonight for FHE. FIL said that her health is failing. He doesn't expect she'll make her 90th birthday in October. She is a wonderful lady and we don't get to see her often enough although she only lives 20 minutes away.

One of our lessons for FHE last fall was Lehi and the Liahona. Dd#1 knows the story well cuz of Living Scriptures video so she told us most of the story.
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Hi LDS Moms again.

I'm posting over here, b/c I checked out the miscarriage thread and it's for people who are grieving the loss of pregnancy and/or children.

And I'm not. I'm miscarrying, though. It may take a week or two or several. I'm not interested at this time in ways to "hurry it along." Is something wrong with me? Should I be grieving?

All my respect to any of you who have lost a pregnancy and did grieve. I just wonder what is wrong with me.
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Bekka, I miscarried between Asher and Dylan, and at the time I felt totally blessed.We were sealed in the Temple the week before,Asher wasn't even one yet, i was SO sick all 10 weeks.That was my water birth, in the tub, really fast, just like a mini-birth.Shaun gave me a blessing, and I felt so great for 3 days- after being so sick for so long.I always felt so bad for moms when they miscarried, way worse than i ever did for my own.The whole experience was such a blessing, i treasure it as much as my other two births.I did have a hard time later on greiving a little cos I was expected to, so when i didn't, Ifelt guilty, so i'd think about it til it did make me sad. not having a baby 6 mo. later, little things,it was a process and I am grateful for the experience.
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Bekka when I had a miscarriage, everybody around me was more upset than I was. I know that my little one went straight back to her HF, what's wrong with that? She chose a short time on earth and had no trials, heartaches, or illness.
I felt blessed to have carried her for 14 weeks before she came out at home in our tub. We kept pieces of her and buried her in our garden in the spring time.
What drove me crazy, is that people(not LDS)tried to council me on how I should properly grieve and handle a miscarriage. I couldn't have been further from grieving, just felt incredibly blessed, but they couldn't see that.
There's nothing wrong with the way you're feeling at all. In fact, I've talked to a lot of LDS women who've felt the exact same way. Maybe, it's just different for us since we know we'll be with our entire families again one day.
Blessings and love to you,
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Update and comment

Well, we have been back in town for a few days ago since meeting our baby's birthmother. It has to rank as one of the most stressful experiences of my entire life--I was so nervous that I have been physically ill with nausea and indigestion since last week. But, it was a very peaceful and calm experience once we got in there. It was nothing like I anticipated, but was still a beautiful experience, and we are developing so much love for her already. I don't think I will have ever experienced a relationship quite like what we will have with her. We are strangers, yet share such a sacred connection.

It still does not seem real, and I've spent many moments feeling like it will never really happen after all. It has been harder than I thought to let myself go and really feel joyful--I guess I am holding back in case anything goes wrong. But...I have so much to do to get ready! I started pumping yesterday, and that is quite the experience. I am already bored of it, but tell myself it's for a good cause so to just stick with it.

Today I went out and bought some cute girl clothes. I've had onesies and stuff, but need some fun things to take pictures in. (We will be sending tons of pics and letters to her birthmom.) Unfortunately, there's not much in the 0-3 month size, and I'm afraid this baby is going to be pretty tiny. Her birthmom is not very big and neither is her belly! We will have to stay in her state of birth for up to four weeks, so I am figuring not many gifts will pour in until we get home, so we need clothing for that short time period.

Other than that, we are really so ready. I'm glad I collected things all the way along, or I'd be pretty overwhelmed right now. I have been able to find a pediatrician who I have been told will work with me on vaxes, and I have a consultation with her next week. Other than that, it's just waiting. Luckily, she's due in only two weeks!

About miscarriages--I have not had one myself, but I know many, many LDS women who have because of some of the circles that I am part of. I think that there are many factors that affect how you deal with a m/c. I think that however you feel is right. For some women, it seems to not be that big a deal. I think it is affected by things like whether or not you already have other children, how long you ttc'd, your personality and how you handle life events in general, and in some cases, just the grace of God in either sparing you some of the sorrow, or allowing you to be subjected to it in order to teach you something. He knows what you need in your life at that point in order to learn and grow.

I have people close to me--good, faithful LDS women with strong testimonies--who have been completely devastated by a m/c. I am cautious about saying that a strong testimony and belief in eternal families will always protect us from feeling intense sorrow and loss. We're here on earth to experience pain as well as joy, and simple gospel understanding can't (and shouldn't) always erase that pain. Going through so many years childless, I have had people in the past imply that it shouldn't be such a big deal because of course, I can have children in the next life. But it is a big deal, and even though I believe that with all my heart and feel like I have a good understanding of this principle, this life is a long time, and this has hurt deeply. There have been many times when I've been very angry and grieved heavily over it.

I hope I haven't offended anyone with my comments. I say that if you experience a loss such as m/c and find that you are doing well with it--that is wonderful, normal, healthy, and you can count your blessings. Feelings can change at different times too, so Bekka don't be surprised if at some point you do experience some stronger feelings about it. You may or you may not.
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Bekka, I am relieved for you that at this point you are at peace with the m/c!! Just as in most situations in life, there is no "right" feelings....whatever you are feeling is right for you. I am sorry you are going through this, though. I have never had one and feel that if I did I would be very, very depressed. ....but then again, maybe I would be blessed to feel at peace about the whole thing. I think maybe situations like these are easier for us because we have an eternal perspective that is a comfort and we have the knowledge of Heavenly Father's great and powerful love for us and our children (his children). But people, like Lisa mentioned, still can feel very sad and depressed. Anyway, I don't know what I am trying to say exactly. Just let us know how it all goes for you.

Lisa, I am both very excited and nervous for you and your dh!!! What is the birthmother like? Or are you not allowed to talk about it very much? I really don't know very much about open adoptions like this. There was a girl in my ward growing up who got pregnant and made the decision to go through church social services to place her baby with an LDS family. Supposedly it all turned out very well and she was really happy, etc. I also went to high school with a girl who had a baby in like 8th or 9th (!!!) grade and placed the baby with a family through an open adoption and she felt sooooooo good about the whole thing and kept a picture of her baby on her key chain.
I was reading today in the vaccination forum and found a thread that listed the ingrediants of vaccines. Some of the vaccines contain cells from aborted babies!!!!! I had nooooooooo clue!!! And a lot of them contained cells from fetus of other animals. I wonder if vegatarians know about that......But anyway...I am SHOCKED!!!!! Yet another reason I don't feel good about vaxing. I had debated about wether or not I could, in good concious, sign the form that says you don't vax for religious reasons...now I would have no qualms about it if the vaccine contains cells from aborted babies!!!!!!!! I am just dumbfounded. What do you all think? What do you all do about vaxing?
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What is the birthmother like? Or are you not allowed to talk about it very much?

Yes, I'm allowed to talk about it, but to be honest, I have been finding that it feels better to keep most things very private. I didn't expect to feel this way--I thought I would be shouting everything from the rooftop. But our relationship with her is quite unique, it's like we're virtual strangers, yet close in a very sacred way. I'm finding myself feeling very protective of her and her privacy. Talking in too much detail about her feels like I'm breaking a deep confidence. And in the Church, it can get to be such a small world, you just never know when someone is going to know someone.

She's pretty young. She's on the quiet side, yet in talking and corresponding with her, I see a determination, strength, and maturity beyond her years. She loves her baby very much. She is very clear about what she wants for her baby, she has done a wonderful job of taking care of herself during pregnancy. She's intelligent and has goals for her future life. I think she has done alot of growing up in the last eight months--it's hard for me to imagine how she got to the point of being in the situation she's in, because that life just doesn't seem to be "her".

I'm nervous too! I have many worries that it won't happen after all, and I honestly don't know how I would make it through that. I have been feeling quite emotionally detached, and I think it's my way of protecting myself from disappointment. Yet I feel very confident that she will not change her mind. She seems very sure about it and seems to have thought it through extensively.
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Once again, I'm behind. *Sigh* Not enough hours in a day, and Jake is entering an extremely high demand mode. He screams with frustration when he wants something, I feel so bad for him. We work on signing, and he can do the bf sign, but resorts to screaming on anything else.

I'm soooo tired. I'm sooo overwhelmed.

I just wanted to pop in and read up but I had to comment, congrats Laurel, your last post moved me to tears, what respect and love you show the Birthmother. I think that is beautiful.

Jake is MAD right now, so I'm off....
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Laurel, your thoughts and relationship and love for the birth mother are awesome! You seem so together, in an emotionally healthy way. I always feel so much respect for girls who give their babies in adoption...what a hard decision and what a totally unselfish thing to do. And it makes the whole situation even sweeter with adoptive parents who understand and respect that whole process!! What a lucky babe.

Anyone have any thoughts on my earlier post about the vaxes? Maybe no one wants to discuss it? (it is an emotionally tough subject on many levels....) I just was really looking forward to hearing other LDS AP mom's points of views on the matter.... No one in the vaccination forum has responded to my post on the same subject either.....
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Youngnhappymamma- I just have a minute and didn't want you to think you're being ignored. We have discussed vaxes in the past on this thread. My feelings are the risks from the vaxes are greater than the risk of the disease. I get alot of family support on my choice from my side of the family but in laws are displeased with our decision not to vax the girls. I should say "our choice" b/c dh and I have prayed about this decision and have come to it together. I have done enough research to satisfy my suspicions of the risks and dh has trusted my feelings on it. I feel it is just another intervention imposed by money hungry people. (I thought of calling them experts, but in my opinion they are far from experts.) I feel there is too much cover up of the reactions from vaxes. I guess I could go on forever. But here in Utah there are 3 exemptions for non-vaxed children when it comes to public school, religious, personal and medical. Personal works for me.

Must get some sleep. Goodnight!
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Bekka- I think you're just fine. I remember feeling in the first trimester with ds that if I had miscarried i would have been fine and I didn't really know why-perhaps for me b/c I still felt like I was just sick with the flu. It was in the 2nd trimester that I really worried about it. I think everyone handles things differently and I would count it as a real blessing to not feel like grieving.

Laurel- I can say that BIL/SIL had a similar experience when they met their ds#1's birth mom. In their situation they didn't expect to have had such a bond with her as well and find her to be such a nice girl. I know that sounds terrible & they admit the same thing but they always had imagined a different type of person, esp. with SIL having been adopted too. They have kept in touch with her and send her pic.s/she sends Christmas/Easter gifts as well. It's been very good. I feel badly though b/c things were crazy with their 2nd ds and they were not able to meet or keep in touch with his birth mom. I know they were too nervous to even tell anyone about it for a long time and then sitting on pins and needles until they actually had him in their arms and then that was the most amazing moment of their lives. The birth mom decided to bf him at the last min. and that really scared SIL but the baby was in the hospital for 2 days and she wanted to bf him while he was there. I know SIL feels the same way with each baby...reserved until they actually have the baby and it's final. Their sealing ceremonies are the best. I think I cry more than anyone else there. Something to look forward to.

Moonbucket- Keep up your signing. Drew was the same way. Any time I asked him what he wanted he would do his sign for nursing and that's it. So I just kept trying to give him options (do you want food-sign- or nursing-sign? Or do you want a book-sign or to play-sign?). It takes a while but it's so awesome and now he'll actually do the sign. His next predictable sign was banana (his version of it) b/c that's his favorite food besides nursing. That'll probably be the case with Jake maybe? Food is a huge motivator at this age.

Youngnhappymama- I had no idea there were cells of aborted fetuses in vaxes I will definitely look on that thread to find out info about it. I think if I remember correctly that most of the moms here don't vax but I am one that is. I space his vaxes far apart and make sure that he's not sick or teething and that he's only receiving some vaxes (ie not chicken pox and what I deem as totaly unnecessary). For us selective vaccination is what feels best. I have to sayt hat the MMR scares me the most and I would love to find it separated but am not sure that's possible anymore. BIL had the mumps when he was little.
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Hi everyone! Yep, I'm still pregnant. My dd is tomorrow and I've been having some contractions today, so maybe??? This pregnancy has been sooo different than the other two. I feel like it is my first! I don't know if I can handle going to church tomorrow without a baby! I got enough comments last week to make me want to cry. I'll just have to put on a happy face.

About the vax thing... I am interested to see what everybody posts. I've had some qualms about them, but a lot of what I've read seems so emotional that I don't know what to believe. I was worried with my 2nd ds on the MMR and I really prayed about it. I was expecting a fight from my pediatrician when I brought up my concerns. He gave me some statistics and told me he would NOT vaccinate my child until I felt right about it. We waited a couple of months, and I was impressed with his willingness to listen to me and talk it over. I decided to do it. So then I got on the vax forum on here and it was very overwhelming. I was almost sick with anxiety about what to do for my baby. I also have a friend that selectively vaccinates, so I had some pressure from her. I again prayed and talked to the pediatrician here. He gave me some stuff to read and we had a good discussion. As I walked out of his office, an overwhelming feeling of peace washed over me. That was enough for me, and I'm not looking back. I'm sure with each child I will have to decide, but for this one, we will vaccinate. I think it is really an individual thing, and you have to rely on the spirit. I am so thankful to have that direction as there really can be so many voices out there! Can't wait to hear more of your experiences. Hopefully my next post will be an announcement!!???
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youngnhappymama I have been trying to find time to reply as I know how hard the decision can be. We haven't vaxed any of our children. We prayed and attended the temple when we were expecting #1 and decided that for us we wouldn't vax. We have some support from my parents and some of my siblings ( I do have 2 sisters that are RN's that really disapprove but we just agree to disagree). Dh and I had an interesting experience concerning vaxing two weeks ago. It was Sunday morning and as we were getting ready for church I felt prompted to ask dh what would be the number one reason he why he feels not to vax our children. We had an interesting discussion as we tried to narrow it down. We finally decided that if we had to pick one reason that it would be that we are uncomfortable with injecting questionable chemicals and animal byproducts into our children. We finally got everyone out the door to church (I am very grateful we live across the street!) and I didn't really give it any more thought. Well after we got home, fed all the kids and they settled into their Sunday activities dh told me that he had a very interesting experience in Elders Quorum that morning. During their lesson they were talking about the difference between personal revelation and revelation that comes from the prophet for the whole church. His EQ pres then mentioned the letter sent by the first Pres. a couple of years ago in which they recommended that members receive their vaccinations and then he asked Dh to relate our experience with that. We obtained a copy of the letter read in Sacrament meeting after reading it praying and pondering as well as talking with our Bishop we came to the conclusion that this was a recommendation rather than a commandment and felt that our decision to not vax was still best for us. Dh said that he was able to explain himself well and felt prepared because of the conversation we had that morning. Dh usually has a slight problem with stuttering he said that the whole time he was talking he didn't stutter once. He felt that this was inspired as there were several persons in there that needed to hear why, not to change their minds but to give understanding. Our ward is very small (our town has pop of 160) with only about 70 active including children. I feel that children are our stewardship from our Heavenly Father and everything we do concerning them should be with his guidance. I don't think his answers will be a one size fits all. That is why we can all get confirmation in our decisions yet they are all different.

momnloveit I am in complete sympathy with you I will try and send some contractions to you! My baby will be 6 weeks tomorrow I can't believe how time flies yet I was feeling just the way you are! My first was born a week past her due date then my second was 3 weeks early, my third was almost 2 weeks early so I figured I had nothing to worry about with #4, boy was I wrong not only did I make it to my due date but four days over! I know that the due date is just a number and that babies come when they are ready it is still hard to go past the magic number! My midwife told me when I was pg with #3 to have a first, second and fourth but never a third :. I felt the same way with my third, the whole pg was different and after she was born I felt like I was learning to nurse a baby for the first time again! Best wishes for your upcoming marathon!!

Laurel Congratulations! I am so happy for you. How wonderful to have such a great relationship withyour baby's birth mother. I can only imagine how frustrating and hard it could be to pump to get ready for your baby. I hope all goes well in your endeavor.

I need to get busy, we are having a dinner after church tomorrow and I am supposed to be putting it all together while dh has the older two. He doesn't realize that it is the two little ones that prevent my getting things done (not to mention the computer)!!

Have a great day everyone!!
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Hi Everyone! Can I join?

I am brand-spankin' new (First post!), but have been lurking around for a long time. Lisa got me addicted to this board awhile back, and I have just now gotten around to registering, and introducing myself. I can't tell you how excited I am to be part of a group of like-minded moms! I don't know anyone IRL who follows or even believes AP principles, and even in my ward, I'm starting to get weird faces and remarks when they find out that I'm still bf. (For crying out loud, she's only nine months!)

I'm Stacy, 24 years old, mom to Abby who is almost nine months. I live in Salt Lake City, and kind of fell into AP by accident. When Abby was born, she was what we considered high-needs, and I read everything that I could get my hands on trying to ind out why she cried all the time, wouldn't sleep without us holding her all the time, etc. When I found Dr Sears, I realized that I wasn't crazy! So I guess I'm one of those who started AP because my little one wouldn't stand for anything else. But my goodness, I don't know why anyone would choose to do anything else. I looka t this precious little girl, and I know that I would do anything to make her happy. I love nursing, and I love our co-naps that we take as often as time allows. We don't usually co-sleep because Abby is a wigglebug and doesn't sleep well at night if she's in our bed, (which is weird because the only way she takes good naps is if she's with us,) but we try hard to be respectful, loving AP parents.

About the vax issues- I'm learning kind of as we go. I found a GP who's pretty respectful of my decisions as far as vax goes, and I'm still learning. For the time being, we're not doing Prevnar, Varicella, Hep B, and I'm still undecided about the MMR. WE have to keep our opinions on vaxes kindof quiet though, because if parents on either side found out that we weren't following the "recommended schedule" they would freak! Parents on both sides are VERY mainstream, and we're trying to help them understnad what we're doing and why slowly, slowly.

Thanks Lisa for introducing me- I'm excited! (You guys are so lucky to have her here- I wish you could all meet her in person! She's amazing, and is going to make a wonderful mom!)

mom to Abby 10/16/01
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Lisa- I was thinking about one other thing. Don't go too much by the size of her belly unless she's being induced. I've had several friends who were petite and you could _not_ even tell that they were pregnant at 7 mo.s and were very small at 9 mo.s who ended up having 9 lbs. babies. Sometimes people just hide them well (we weren't sure _where_ my one friend hid the baby). Plus I always found that 3-6 mo. clothes can always be rolled up to fit. I wish I had done more of just onesies than outfits. I don't know if this helps but hopefully will.

Welcome to Staceymom!! It's so great to have more fellow AP LDS moms to relate to. I glean so much from the women here.

About the vax thing again: I do believe in selectively vaccinating ds for example I really feel like vaccinations like chickenpox are totally unnecessary. If anyone does any research at all it's not hard to find out that it was created for working moms so that they wouldn't have to take time off of work. Now everyone else is subjected to it and it seems very obvious to me that it's a pharmaceutical/money making scheme. Another thing is that to me even if I hadn't talked to my sis about this and done a little bit of reading it just doesn't make good common sense (to me) to have a 2 day old vaccinated at all esp if you know that you and your dh don't have Hep B. It doesn't make sense to me also to invade a little body with sooo many diseases all at once. Hence my philosophy on waiting to start vaxing until ds ws 6 mo.s (the next one I'll wait even longer-1yr) and even then to do only one at a time. The more I read little articles from fairly mainstream sources they confirm that vaxes take better when you do wait. When I asked my dr. about the Hep B vax and asked her to give me a good reason why a 2 day old and 2 week old should be vaxed for it other than just wanting to make sure that the masses were vaxed she said she couldn't give me a good reason (and she was very pro vaxing). I understand why in this world of sleeping around that they want to make sure that babies are protected but for heavens sake when I _know_ that dh and I absolutely did not have Hep B or ghonorrea (vit K shot) then I just can't see a good reason to rush into having something invade a brand new baby's still forming system. Those are my thoughts. I have done some research but not as much as I should. I would like to believe that vaccinations are here to help us for hte most part and to help irradicate disease, I rely on Dr. Sears' opinion of them as being necessary and know what it's like by living in a 3rd world country of not having some of them and their effects. I just think that logically assaulting my baby's system with 5 shots a visit, let alone knowing that each shot has 3 diff. diseases just can't be a good idea in my opinion.

Blah, blah, blah hope noone is offended by my candidness. I know that everyone does things for diff. reasons and I fully respect that. I just wanted to share where I'm coming from.
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Welcome Stacy!!!

I'm so glad to finally have you here! (Stacy's the friend who is donating milk for my baby--that tells you what kind of friend she is.)

OK, here's my dilemma with vaxes. I would like to selectively vax, and I admit I have a LOT more research to do. But, our adoption cannot be finalized unless the child is "up to date" on all vaxes (including those that are often seen as optional.). This is a policy of LDS Family Services, and they will not budge. I had a friend whose child hadn't yet been vaxed, and they delayed their finalization in court for two months so they could be done. She not only ended up having to be vaxed, but they had to accelerate all the shots so as to not prolong the finalization and sealing any longer. Even thought it was the caseworker's fault for neglecting to tell them that vaccinating was considered to part of the "providing adequate medical care" that they were required to prove, the agency leadership would not allow the adoption to be final until the baby had been vaxed. (The lack of vaxes had not been for philosophical reasons, but just because her husband had been out of work and they had been waiting until they had more money.)

So I feel like my hands are tied. It is absolutely not an option to delay finalization. Prior to the adoption being final, the baby is really in the agency's custody. It is vital that she becomes legally, completely ours as soon as possible. Finalizaton occurs after six months, which means that my baby will have to have every shot that is typically given before six months. At least after that it is up to us.

I would still like to space out those vaxes as much as possible. What would you do?

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Wecome Stacy!! And how awesome to donate your milk!!! Thanks for all your responses re vaxes. I am so mixed up about it all. I would love to not to any, but honestly I don't think I could emotionally handle it if one of my children became seriously ill. I just do not do well when my children are sick. But then on the other hand I've researched and read and read and I know that vaxes aren't perfect and I would just have a total and utter cow if one of my children had a reaction or worse. So I would feel guilty either way. My oldest who is almost four is all up to date on his vaxes. My second is up to date through like 10 months or something (he is now 2) ....I didn't even know a thing about vaxes until he was around 12 months. I just assumed that the ingrediants were purely the disease and nothing else...no formaldahyde, no mercury, and certainly not grown using cells from aborted babies and animals!! I think most people think what I thought and just keep on thinking that. My daughter is almost 3 months. I think I have pretty much decided to selectivly vax. But then that brings up whole other issues that I don't know how to deal with...like one of the vaxes I want my children to have (pertusses) I think was one of the ones culltured with the aborted baby cells. I don't think I could knowingly support that. I am seriously thinking about writing the first presidency about the subject. And I am only going to have my children recieve one vax at a time (and with only one disease where possible). That is what I would do if I were you, Laurel. You don't have to let your precious baby have five shots in one visit. You can spread them out. And maybe take vit C supplements during all this so that the milk that the baby gets from you (I have confidence you will have milk!! ) will have a little immunity booster.
My baby is stirring....
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Lisa, that's such a hard position to be in. I would take confidence and be reassured that most babies are fine when they're vaxed. I would have the shots done mostly on time and just do them one at a time giving 2wk or 4wk intervals perhaps?
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