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I know that commiting suicide doesn't free the people from the pain and heartache they were trying to escape, etc....but don't really know much about church doctrine pertaining to it...what do you think?

I don't know about church doctrine, if much has been said or not. My personal feeling is that by the time a person gets to the point of committing suicide, they are obviously not in their right might. I think they will be judged mercifully according to what they knew in the state they were in at the time of their death. No, I don't think death will free them of their pain, because they will take much of that state of mind with them. But I do think there is a chance for forgiveness and that commiting suicide does not necessarily condemn that person to "hell" for eternity. I think sometimes people judge those who have committed suicide too harshly, having no idea of what they were feeling that led to it.
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Hi, everyone!

Stacymom--Sometimes my husband would give our twins blessings when they were experiencing night terrors and they would calm down. Also, Bach flower essences come to mind as something that would be helpful--Rescue Remedy's been wonderful for our family.

It's late, I just wanted to check in quickly...good night!
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the "big LDS secret" on spirituality

did you guys see this post on the spirituality board? perhaps someone more elequent than I might comment on it!

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Laurel, I totally agree that they will be judged very mercifully. I was actually hospitallized as a teenager for being suicidal.

I will check out that thread, Mollie....when I get a minute...urgh..my boys are bickering a LOT!!
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We are in the 2nd ward in the Eagle Gate Stake but this weekend we are moving to the 25th ward in the Pioneer Stake(mosty Tongan very cool!)
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You are all cool. :)

I just wanted to thank everyone for their AWESOME comments on the big lds secret thread. For awhile there I was feeling very threatened about the discussion, etc., but you all did such a great job at staying level headed and close to the spirit. I feel so frustrated at times when situations like this arise that people just don't instantly know the truth...that they don't recognize the truth that they themselves fought for in the pre-mortal life....I don't know how to put this. .......there are just so many people searching, it's sad that thier search can have so many bumps and pitfalls and pain when Heavenly Father is waiting with open arms. I'm sure that is the way he felt about me when I was wandering......I am so thankful for His patience in waiting for me to come back to His loving embrace. He's cool!
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BOY! Am I out of the loop or WHAT??

I'm trying to catch up on this thread and the other one. Won't be posting on that one though. I live my faith quietly. Never could see myself knocking on doors.

We've been camping and I'm SO SWAMPED... lol, what's new? But this is so much worse. A weeks worth of orders to fill in one day. Did I succeed? No. That's why I'm up at 2:30 a.m. writing to you guys. LOL!

I LOVE you all and I miss ya'll... there's just so much to reply to and my brain is swimming in mush.

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Man, you go out of town for a week and look what happens, it takes me all day just to read everyone's posts, and now I'm so tired, I don't remember what I was going to say!! For now I'll just say hi and that I'm still here (sort of, summer is crazy!!). I hope everyone is doing great and I will hopefully right a more meaningful reply soon!
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Hi everyone!

Just doing some more reading and praying.

I am trying to be calm so I can hear what Heavenly Father wants me to do... Shhhh....

Wonderful memories are coming back from being in Beaverton 3rd Ward...

Baby is awake, more later.

Have a super day!
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You have all done so great on answering the other thread. I don't feel brave enough to respond. Thanks for all of your dedication!! The testimonies you have shared are beautiful.

I am so proud of you for listening for the Spirit! I wish you well and I pray that you find peace and calm.

I hope everyone is having a GREAT day!
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I have been on the other thread, and I am also impressed with your comments. I have a friend who is not LDS, but her husband grew up in the church, then fell away. When they got ready to have kids, they started coming to church. she actually re-activated him and almost got baptized. Then she found a congregation where the pastor was x mormon. He filled her head with all kinds of deep questions that we couldn't answer. It is really sad cuz now her dh is in the sunday school presidency and she got baptized into the other church. They have a major marital rift as to which church the kid goes to; the mormon or the anti-mormon one. Anyway, at our last discussion, we got pretty heated in our "debate", and afterwords were making sure everyone was still friends. She said, "I'm not mad at you, I just feel sorry for you." I thought that was interesting. As if the path I've chosen is one of folly. Even if the church isn't true, it has done more good in my life than anything else, and it teaches goodness, so why all the opposition? Of course I know the answer to that We know who is in charge of attempting to bring down the truth! Anyway, I think it says something that she still hangs out with the LDS moms from my old ward. No strings attatched!

So I'm lately especially thankful for the church, as my VT and other friends are really taking care of me. It has been so nice to know that I could skip the evening meltdown (dinnertime) and just answer the door and say thanks for the food! My friend stopped by this morning. She has 6 kids, 4 at home and is involved in just about everything good you could think of. She was bringing us a turkey dinner to warm up when my inlaws come tomorrow. She even made cranberry sauce and a fresh blueberry pie! She also brought 3 quarts of chicken stew. Some for tonight and some to freeze. Makes me feel like a lousy VT! I really want to do better at it. My partner is one of my best friends, but she lives 20 minutes away. Do you think it is bad for me to ask for a partner who lives closer? I actually lived in her village when we were assigned. It is just so hard to match schedules and figure in the time back and forth, etc.
My sweet baby girl is hungry! I am enjoying her sooo much. gotta go. Sarah
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I was first intrtoduced to LDS when I moved in with a woman who was renting rooms. She had two children who were really good. She was a single mom, aspiring actress, did jewelry for a man on the side, and was really involved with her church. I know she was having problems paying tything, but that didn't stop the generosity of the members when she needed a new fridgerator! I also remember people bringing food over. So the thought that church members are shamed or scolded because they can't keep up on tything is untrue(in that situation anyway).
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I just want to thank everyone who'se replied on the other thread as well. Although there are those who are obviously very anti there are a lot of other people reading the thread who are benefitting so much. These are basic qu.s that a lot of other people who are not members of the church have and I know that for me it's been great to research things myself and also to hear what those who have much more knowledge have to say.

Youngnhappy- Actually my sis said that she purposely doesn't come over here b/c it's like it's my little private nook to relate to people-she's just happy that I'm talking with other AP moms . I think she wonders how long I'll be AP . But she knew that you were LDS from things that you've said on other threads.

For everyone else, I mentioned this to YnH but i had such a good convo with my sis last night and she used to be like some of the people who are so argumentative nad had the exact same stance. Only now with her experience as being a Mom and having had a sis who served a mission and a mom who offers info. from time to time she's started to really research things again. She's very into research and loves to see things from all points of views. So she decided that she would start reading the BoM to see what everyone was talking about. Anyway, it's interesting the effect that things have. There will always be people who take things in a negative way and are unwilling to look at the whole scope of something but it's much better I think to offer the information that we do have.
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I haven't dropped out of the picture--I have a whole bunch of things that are coming "to a head this weekend, and I'm substituting for Gospel Doctrine, too. So I needed my mental time this week to be filled up with that lesson as well as our teacher improvement meeting instead of that thread, so I'll be back over there Sunday or Monday, after I "catch up" with everything (yeah, right!). I have been struggling just to do the basics of life. I am now committed to having a clean kitchen every day for a week. We'll see how it goes.
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Lisa's News

Lisa (Laurel) asked me to post and let you all know that their baby is here! The baby was born on Pioneer Day- they all thought it was going to be a little girl, but it was a boy! He was 8 pounds 6 oz (I think!) and has dark hair and dark eyes. The placement happened at midnight last night, so they're exhausted, but very thrilled to finally have their little one here. They haven't deciede on a name yet. He is nursing like a champ, although Lisa told me that the Lact-aid supplementer that they're using is a pain! They expect to be in CO through the week to get all the paperwork finished. Please keep them and all involved in their adoption (especially their sweet birthmom) in your prayers, and I'm sure she'll post updates as soon as she gets back.

Welcome to the world little man!!!

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How awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hurray!!!
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Welcome sweet baby!!!!

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I absolutely cannot wait to hear more!!!!!!!!!!! This is the BEST news! I'm so excited for her!
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Would you do it?

I have a question for all you wonderful ladies. This is where it really comes in handy to have people that share not only my religious beliefs, but my beliefs about parenting...

I've been working at my current job for about four and a half years. I work in sales for a music store, but I have a very narrow specialty, and I'm pretty good at it- I make the company a lot of money, and the comissions are nice. When my boss found out that I was pregnant, he bent over backwards to do anything that he could to get me to come back after she was born. We ended up doubling my comission rate, and he agreed that I could basically set my own schedule (within certain parameters,) and that dd could come to work with me. It's really been an ideal situation. When she was a newborn, she spent the whole time in the Bjorn, and loved it. Later, there were so many friendly faces and people to see and talk to that she really enjoyed it. It's just been lately that it's starting to get really hard. She's beginning to get really mobile, and wants to be moving and exploring all the time, and it's just not possible in rooms with thousands and thousands of dollars worth of instruments. It's not fair to her for me to not give her my full attention or to restrict her movements or activities, and it's not really fair to my employer that my attention is so divided between the job I'm supposed to be doing and my active little daughter. DH and I have talked about it extensively- we really need me to be making some income. He is working full time and going to school full time, and his job just isn't making the money we need to pay all the bills, plus we're really trying hard to get out of debt. We really feel strongly about not putting dd in daycare, and I don't feel comfortable having my mom or anyone else watch her. We're coming up on the busy season at work, and I know that I can't work another September with a baby who will most likely be walking. I'm teaching some violin lessons, but I don't have enough students quite yet to be financilly stable if I quit my other job. Anyway, today, my boss came to me with a proposal. He told me that they were prepared to become certified as a daycare provider, would hire a daycare worker, have a daycare on site, and not make me pay for it, if I would keep working. I didn't even really have to think about it- I still told them no. He was shaking his head like he thought I was stupid, but I want to be the one to raise my baby. I want to be there when she cries, I want to be the one to feed her Cheerios, I want to see all her smiles, and I want to keep nursing. So I told him that I was quitting at the end of August. In a way, I feel peaceful and free of the hassle that this job has been. In another way, I'm scared to death because I don't know what the future will hold, and whether or not we're going to be able to make it financially until I get my violin studio up and running. And yet another part of me feels incredibly guilty for not taking advantage of their generosity. I know that there are so many women out there that have to work, and would be so grateful for an opportunity like this, and I turned it down without knowing for sure whether or not I'm going to be able to make enough money without working outside the home. I guess what I'm hoping and praying for is that Heavenly Father understands my desire to stay home with dd and will bless us for that righteous desire, but my goodness, it's quite a leap of faith, and I'm scared!! Did I do the right thing ladies? What would you do?
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Before I got married I was working for a wonderful man who had been our home teacher as I was growing up. I made like 7.50 an hour. After I got married and then preg. I was sooooooooooooooo sick! Dh encouraged be to quit even though we really couldn't afford to. Well, I quit and we were blessed. When ds was about 18 months and I was preg. with dd we started to struggle financially again. So, I went back to work for the same person and he paid me a lot more. I was doing all of his payroll and accounts payable. After dd was born I quit again. He came to me when she was about 6 months old and asked if I would come back, and he would pay me more. I was only working part time and my sister was watching my dc. Last summer I just couldn't take it any more. Dh and I didn't want our dc to be raised by any one else either. (Even though it was my sister and only for 3 hours a day.) Dh started working nights so he could stay home with the babies during the day.

Anyways, we both felt strongly that I should be home with the babies and I told my boss I was quiting again I was making the same as Dh and I was only working part time!

My boss really didn't want me to quit and so he offered to start a day care there for my dc and he would pay for it. He is a great man and we have been so blessed to have him and his family in our lives. What it really came down to was faith that Heavenly Father would watch over us and the belief that I belonged home with our babies.

It has been a struggle, but we have been soooooo blessed! I love being home with my babies and I know that this is where I need to be.

Sorry this turned out to be so long!

Good luck and enjoy your time with your baby!

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