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Whatcha Craving?

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I started out with veggies... lots and lots of veggies. But I'm too lazy now to prepare much... :LOL

Lately it's been non fat organic milk with chocolate nesquick. MMmmm! And add a wholewheat beagal with peanut butter... heaven! (Yes, beagal, my 2yo calls bagals beagals and it's stuck. :LOL)

I spotted a big bag of avacados at Costco and couldn't resist them... but I don't know how to prepare them! LOL Any tips?

What are y'all craving?
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Tomatoes and cucumbers! Tomato sandwiches, cucumber salad, whatever I can pull from the garden! Also bought a huge bag of mixed stone fruits at the farmers market! Yumm!
For avocadoes...you can make guacamole, avocado on your bagel or good sprouted wheat bread, in salads, etc. My 19 month old LOVES avos as he calls them!
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Fresh cukes, with parmesan peppercorn dressing .. and parmesan/garlic cheez-its ..
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I craved hamburgers with dd; this time I've been wanting a big steak, and lots and lots of chicken. I don't normally eat that much meat, so it's very odd.

I've also been craving Mrs. T's potato and cheddar mini pierogies. Yes, very specific!

I only wish I'd crave something like green veggies... I don't like ANY of them, and I know I need to eat them.
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Avocados! I've been just dicing them up and eating them with a spoon, or to make guacamole just do this:

Scoop the meat of the avocados into a bowl. Crush a bunch of garlic into it, squeeze a lime or a lemon into it, and mash it all up. Add salt and pepper to taste and eat it on things or with a spoon.

For more variety, you can add some diced fresh tomatoes, a little cayenne, some cumin, coriander, some dices chilies....you've got me wanting to go make some right now!!
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I've been craving bread and butter pickles, which I haven't had for YEARS because my husband hates them. I can't really find any good ones in the stores, so I'm going to have to run out and get my mom's recipe and hope that I still want them by the time they're ready to eat!!

Patchfire: I've found a really great way to eat kale lately, which I normally hate. I know that a lot of good things are lost by cooking it, but eating it cooked must be better than not eating it at all! I sautee some sliced onions in a little olive oil until soft, add a bunch of crushed garlic, then throw in chopped up kale (a lot of it because it shrinks). Cook this until it is bright green, then throw in a lot of chopped fresh basil. Salt and pepper to taste, then throw it on some whole wheat pizza dough (no red sauce, maybe a little olive oil on the crust if you want), then I choose to top it with cooked hot italian sausage, but it is wonderful without, too. Then throw on a little bit of cheese (I use the mediterranean blend from Trader Joes, but mozzerella is good too). Bake, and it is SOOOOOO good!!
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Tomatoes and cucumbers!
Me too! With vinegar and salt...mmmm. Also, soft baked french fries drenched in ketchup.
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jalapenos! it's the wierdest thing. pregnant with DS in CA i craved english comfort food, now I'm in the UK i want a great big bowl of nachos! luckily you can find some mexican food in england these days, but what i'd give for a trip to La Familia in Berkeley for one of their super veggie burritos .

i like eating avocados just cut in half with some vinagrette on them. or of course as guacomole inside a la familia super veggie burrito....AAARGH!
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Not much of anything m/s is too bad.

When I am not all green I am craving water, gatorade and sushi (not all at the same time)
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I had been heavy into grapefruit for a time (both the fruit and juice) but now I'm all about cantalope! Not so much because I like the taste, but because of its, um, effects on my digestive system (WAY too much info, but I lost about 4 inches around my waist after discovering cantalope, I was that constapated).

What a great season to be PG! I went to the farmer's market on Saturday and bought so many fruits and veggies. Yum.
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I spent $20 at the farmers market this weekend but forgot to get blueberries and I left my cucumbers

I will be back ther ein a few days and will probably drop another 420. But man you can;t get this good stuff any other time of year round here and most especially not in the supermarkets.
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When I am not nauseous I have been craving mexican food : I probably would had horrible hurt burn if I had some, but I might end up having it anyways...
What I can't stand? Sweet or sugary foods of any kind. Blarghhhhh (I still like fruits though)
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yeah i'm done with sweet foods too, which is reaaaallly wierd for me. i also couldn't stomach my morning cup of tea today.
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Just wanted to mention that I'm making Chicken and Garlic Rice-A-Roni at 8:30 in the morning! :LOL
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I thought I was bad with the ham n cheese hot pockets at 9am yesterday, and this was after eating 1.5 cups of pistachios!
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Originally Posted by muse
yeah i'm done with sweet foods too, which is reaaaallly wierd for me.
ME TOO! I'd never heard of this before, and it's never happened to ME before--I've got a huge sweet tooth usually. But this weekend I turned down Hershey's Kisses and chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting. Very, very weird. (Maybe I won't gain so much this time around?)
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Sweets (other than fruit) are also out for me. I normally LOOOOOOVE anything with sugar in it, but now I look at things in the grocery store, and just can't stomach the thought....I'm hoping that this lasts, because other than my sugar cravings, I normally have a really healthy diet! I'm THRILLED to have a sugar aversion!
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I'm jealous of everyone's healthy cravings!! all I can stand to eat is crappy white flour breads and junk food. :
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I'm like all of you... no sugery foods at all! The irony is one of my hobbies/side projects is cake baking and decorating!!! I'm hoping that the next cake order I fill doesn't send me over the edge! Even the smell is getting to me. A friend (male) recently offered to buy me a whoopie pie from this bakery where we grew up. Made me green just THINKING about it.

Other than that, no real specific cravings. Just FOOD! I'm hungry all the time. And WATER! I can't remember being this thirsty since I was nursing.

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I'm definitely thirsty too! I'm not totally against sugar but I'm not craving it either which is weird because I was craving it a ton before I got pg.

Someone here suggested Hot Pockets so I went to the store and bought 3 boxes (I had been hungry for 30 minutes which made me feel sick) and as soon as I got home I heated them up and ate them which still has me feeling sick! Darned if you do, darned if you don't! :LOL

The hot pockets weren't that great either, I have got to figure out something I like! Everything tastes weird or not as good.
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