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Jenn nothing tastes right to me either right now. I usually gag at hotpockets but I was so hungry I had to eat something. I felt sick afterwards too

Last night I had to have a subway sub loaded with veggies. My poor DH is going to go broke trying to feed my appetite LOL
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With my other pregnancies, I ate everything in sight. This time is very different. For instance, I had some toast about 5:30 yesterday morning. Could not find a THING that I felt like eating the rest of the day. I ended up walking around a market in the afternoon and finally made lunch out of a cantalope. I don't have morning sickness--it's just that nothing appeals to me.
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Well at least I'm in good company! I wanted a Subway sandwich last night so maybe I'll get one today (chicken instead of deli meat).

Any other suggestions of something you've had recently that was decent??
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I believe I am an hour away from the nearest Subway, perhaps only 45 minutes. I am definitely 45 minutes away from Hot Pockets, so in general, I am left to satisfy my cravings with what's in the fridge and pantry. And it's so bloomin' hot here, I can't imagine a trip out. But on to the question -- my biggest craving so far has been butter. I even ate it off a spoon. It's hard to imagine that right now.
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Hmmmm I had these really yummy california rolls the other night half of them were spicy and oh so good! I need more!

I have also been craving fruit/berry pies and cobblers. Today I am going to pick some fresh raspberries and make a peach raspberry cobbler yummy.

Gale Force--ewwwww butter off the spoon? Its freaking hot here too and we have no a/c! I don't think I have ever drank so much water lemonade and gatorade in my life.
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I've been drinking a ton of water, too, but it isn't hot here, and I'm not really thirsty. I just WANT it! I guess that's a good thing to crave. Sometimes I feel like I'm floating, though....
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Well I tried subway and the salad was wonderful (even the fat free Ranch which I never like) but the sandwich was only ok. HOWEVER, I bought a jar (not a can) of peaches and Oh heaven! The funny thing is I love the juice and not so much the peaches! :LOL That's definitely hitting the spot!

Oh and I tried chocolate milk (organic) and it didn't taste so great.. *sniff*
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I am having a hard time drinking milk, the only kind I seem to be able to slightly stomach is chocolate milk :/

I made peach cobbler yesterday lol must have been a peachy craving day
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Jennie-I think you're right about the peaches! Last night I had my normal seltzer water, but added peach juice to it. Yum!
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I have a feeling I will be getting a lot of peaches and freezing what i can't eat lol

Which now makes me crave frozen blueberries...
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Oh don't say blueberries, I just spent $50 at the grocery store last night! Don't make me go back! lol

Last night (4am) I was up and hungry so I poured myself some frosted shredded wheat.. I couldn't make it through the bowl it made me feel so sick! So this morning I'm eating Low Fat Kettle Chips that are lightly salted and oven baked dipped in Hidden Valley Ranch dip that I made with fat free sour cream. It's actually really good!
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mmmmm....... chips........
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Jenn-I can't remember if you've moved yet, but if you feel like making a trip to the Eastside, there's a blueberry farm right by my house in Bellevue, where you can u-pick blueberries for $1 per pound! And they're organic. It is on 148th Ave., just south of Main St. I walk there all the time and GORGE myself on blueberries!!!
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jenn-- we have a blueberry farm just up the road. i think I need to go pick myself a few lbs. Freeze some and make a blueberry crumb cake for desert. This pg seems to have made me ver domesticated.
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I'll talk to Dan tonight when he gets home and see if we can go! We move in 10 days but Blueberries now sound great!!
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Get the blueberries while you can, Jenn. I don't know how many there are in Hawaii!
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Are you moving to HI? lucky lucky you!!

I go pick blueberries tommorow, they were closed today
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Originally Posted by TOmomma
Get the blueberries while you can, Jenn. I don't know how many there are in Hawaii!
:LOL I'm sure you're right! I'll try and make it up that way!

And yes, I move to Hawaii in 10 days.. this house isn't even close to ready!
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I am so jealous! We moved from HI last year and I really miss it. What part are you headed to?
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Originally Posted by Jenniebug
I am so jealous! We moved from HI last year and I really miss it. What part are you headed to?
Island: Oahu
City: Hololulu
Neighborhood: Ala Moana

I've never been!
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