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Originally Posted by simplehome
Jenn-I can't remember if you've moved yet, but if you feel like making a trip to the Eastside, there's a blueberry farm right by my house in Bellevue, where you can u-pick blueberries for $1 per pound! And they're organic. It is on 148th Ave., just south of Main St. I walk there all the time and GORGE myself on blueberries!!!
Yep, right next to my office, and there's a raspberry farm on 124th in the valley - going there this Sat. mmmmmmmmmmm

I've been eating tons of hard peaches and cottage cheese - can't get enough of it.

edited to add - this totally is not my due date club but I saw the topic of food and couldn't stay away
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OMG are you guys Navy? We lived very close to Ala Moana!

You will love it there.
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Originally Posted by woobysma
edited to add - this totally is not my due date club but I saw the topic of food and couldn't stay away
: That's hilarious! Join on in!

Nope, we're not Navy.. just moving to be with family.
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Wow thats pretty cool! When we go back in a few years maybe we will get to meet.
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I'd love that Jennie!

Let's see, so yesterday I stopped at Emerald City Smoothies (I found it without knowing it was there and I was going to have a BlueBerry shake at Dairy Queen if I didn't find a smoothie shop.. thank you God!) and had a Berry mix smoothie with BlueBerry in it! It was huge and fabulous.. I only drank half but it was wonderful!

Lean Cuisine Pepperoni pizzas (on french bread) did it for me yesterday with colby/jack cheese melted on top. But now the house is empty again and I'm back to chips and dip so I'll be going to the grocery store later today! :LOL

Anything you'd like to share that you're digging for my trip to the store? There's a japanese sushi place about 2 blocks from here so I'm thinking of walking over there for lunch! California rolls here I come!
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Mexican today - and DH went to get it for me !!!
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Oh Jenn you are cruel! A berry smoothir and spicy california rolls would be SO good right now.

I will just make my own berry smoothie after I go berry pickin tonight :P
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